Zombie Lover Horrors and Hilarity Collide as a Vivacious Young Visitor to Xanth Faces a Fate Far Worse than Death Breanna a beautiful young newcomer to the enchanted land of Zanth must deal with a distressing di

  • Title: Zombie Lover
  • Author: Piers Anthony
  • ISBN: 9780812555127
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Paperback
  • Horrors and Hilarity Collide as a Vivacious Young Visitor to Xanth Faces a Fate Far Worse than Death.Breanna, a beautiful young newcomer to the enchanted land of Zanth, must deal with a distressing dilemma She has unwittingly attracted the affections of King Xeth, ruler of Xanth s Zombies, who yearns to make her Queen of the Undead Her quest to preserve her innocence, anHorrors and Hilarity Collide as a Vivacious Young Visitor to Xanth Faces a Fate Far Worse than Death.Breanna, a beautiful young newcomer to the enchanted land of Zanth, must deal with a distressing dilemma She has unwittingly attracted the affections of King Xeth, ruler of Xanth s Zombies, who yearns to make her Queen of the Undead Her quest to preserve her innocence, and find her destiny, takes her on an exhilarating excursion packed with perils, puzzles, and piles of puns Zombie Lover will provide a profusion of macabre merriment for Xanth s many fans.

    Zombie Lover Xanth by Piers Anthony Sep , Zombie Lover is the twenty second book in the Xanth series by Piers Anthony Breanna is new to Xanth, and now she s come to the attention of Zombie King, Xeth Zombie Lover Xanth, No Piers Anthony Jan , Zombie Lover is a cheeky new installment in Anthony s popular series about XanthAnthony combines Breanna s tale with a sweeter one, that of Jenny Elf s love for handsome werewolf Prince Jeremy He also revives several engaging characters from earlier novels to spice up the girls adventuresXanth devotees should be delighted. Zombie Lover Zombie Lover Xanth FANDOM powered by Wikia Zombie Love Apr , The musical Zombie Love tells the story of Dante, a year old zombie, who falls in love with Claudia, a mortal girl, after he saves her from an attack by two grave robbers Thinking that a zombie could never win her love, he changes his flesh eating ways in order to win the girl of his dreams. Zombie lover Etsy You searched for zombie lover Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one of a kind products and gifts related to your search No matter what you re looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options.

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    1. Piers Anthony

      Though he spent the first four years of his life in England, Piers never returned to live in his country of birth after moving to Spain and immigrated to America at age six After graduating with a B.A from Goddard College, he married one of his fellow students and and spent fifteen years in an assortment of professions before he began writing fiction full time.Piers is a self proclaimed environmentalist and lives on a tree farm in Florida with his wife They have two grown daughterscmillan author piersa

    749 thoughts on “Zombie Lover”

    1. I was given this book as part of a "Blind Date with a Book" promotion at the library at the college where I work.If this book had been a real blind date, I’m ashamed to say that in the middle of dinner I excused myself to the restroom then promptly climbed out the window and ran far, far away. I only made it through page 49.When I first unwrapped the book, I was happy to see it was a Piers Anthony novel, as I had enjoyed his Incarnations of Immortality and Bio of a Space Tyrant series when I w [...]

    2. Xanth is a fantasy novel that is based almost entirely on wordplay, specifically puns. The series occupies a strange space between silly and weird. Anthony has some odd opinions on themes, such as sex, racism, prejudice, growing up, and the use of magic in everyday life. The writing vacillates between heavy-handed condescending to extended analysis of magic, science, and the application of the rules of Xanth. Some love it, some hate it; I personally thought it was a strange read but harmless, al [...]

    3. Book 22 of the Xanth series is one of my favorites in the series, and though I am happy to have been able to reread it again, I am sorry that it is done.The book follows a young black wave girl by the name of Breanna as she is out exploring. Breanna is different from other Mundanes in Xanth because she was not born in Xanth yet she still has a magic talent - she is able to see perfectly in the darkness. When morning arrives, Breanna find that she is tired and settles down for a nap. Unfortunatel [...]

    4. More Piers punnery and exiting Xanthy tomfoolery. I always enjoy reading a novel in this series, no matter what he writes. And, I love that he has written SO many! So, by the by, Breanna, a beautiful young girl fresh to Xanth's magical realm, deals with a dire & distressing dilemma. She falls asleep at a love pavilion, gets kissed awake by the King of the Zombies who then wants to marry her!!Really, and that's where the fun really begins! She's unknowingly allowed the Demon Xanth to share he [...]

    5. This book is the point that I stopped reading Xanth. I never finished reading it, but I read enough to know that the draw of Xanth for me had come to end. It had become predictable, but still enjoyable several books back in the series. Xanth was one the first fantasy series I'd ever read, and to this day my Xanth collection is one my most beloved. Zombie Lover is the same story that many Xanth books follow, only not as well written. Mr. Anthony's series had become it's own worst enemy. Zombie Lo [...]

    6. This book was very awful. The sexual innuendo that started to ramp up with Dawn and Eve in the previous book is full blown in this one. I don't understand why Anthony went in that direction. Xanth had no place for it in my opinion. Ida's moons are back much to my dismay. The first visit there does nothing at all to advance the story. All it does is waste a few chapters on horrible reader submitted puns. The second visit was thankfully brief but still bad. The kings spend half the book looking fo [...]

    7. Inventive and page-turning, but sometimes really tedious with the puns and repetitious, excessive dialogue. The childlike fairy-tale narration was fun - until every other page was women in different states of undress and men unable to stop staring at them. Very weird preoccupation with summoning the stork.

    8. Xanth #22: Zombie Lover, by Piers AnthonyI think "Zombie Lover" was the first Xanth book I read, and it's a perfect book for getting into the series. Breanna, the main character, isn't a native of Xanth but instead migrated with the Black Wave; human migration into Xanth has always happened in waves of people. And so the readers see Xanth through Breanna's eyes, which is a great way to see it if you're new to the series. Not overfull of puns, as some of the later Xanth books are, "Zombie Lover" [...]

    9. "Zombie Lover" is another in the Xanth series, my favorite series of all time. Breanna of the black wave is the only one her age to have a magical talent, that of seeing in the darkness. That is because, unknown to her, she has allowed the Demon Xanth to share her dreams so he can learn how to dream himself (Demons don't dream after all) She falls asleep in a love pavillion and is kissed awake by the King of the Zombies who wants to marry her, and that's where the fun really begins!I love this n [...]

    10. Have to say, I don't love the whole Ida's moons thread that seems to be taking over the series, it's an intriguing premise, but one book about it was enough, and this one just seemed to stretch it out too much! I'm also getting a little tired of the puns, which seem to not have any purpose any more, they are just there because it's expected of Xanth, and just seem randomly thrown in, instead of being cleverly placed! That aside, I did enjoy the main characters in this, and their story, so wasn't [...]

    11. "Some things you just have to learn for yourself."At first glance, a typical Xanth novel, with Breanna of the Black Wave, having a pretty typical Xanth adventure. But as a non-native, she doesn't ask Good Magican Humphrey a question, but instead falls into her adventure after a zombie kissing her awake and falling in love with her.There's a fantastic lesson in this book in Breana's character development. She understands racism, as an African American (Xanthian?), but at the beginning she still d [...]

    12. This book is the height of awesome for me. I first read it about 8 years ago, and it has since been my favorite book EVER. Although it isn't as well written as some, this book has a certain excitement to it with an odd twist involving a tree who is tired of a boring life, a black wave girl who made a HUGE mistake, and yes, zombies. Although the title makes it sound like a bad horror story or softcore porn, it's actually a fantasy with a comedic twist. I sincerely applaud Piers Anthony for a book [...]

    13. This was the first Xanth novel I ever read, but it was easy enough to get into. I wasn't too confused by reference to other Xanth novels as they were minimal and were not much focused on. Some of the jokes were rather funny, and the plot had enough humorous twists in it (and a couple of cool surprises!) to keep me well-entertained. It was a rather enjoyable book, though I definitely like Incarnations of Immortality better. overall 3.5/5 stars.

    14. Zombie lover is a great book if you want adventure, drama, and plus, Xanth is like the coolest place on Earth! Everything is just hilarious and good. I loved this book a lot, Piers anthony is definately my favorite author. But, it did have somewell, a lot of things that are very innapropriate. But, that is partially what made it good, and there always is the adult conspiracy to protect children from knowing anything interestingyou just gota read the book.

    15. This was where Xanth and I parted. It was a good,if slow read. I did enjoy it but it just isn't the series I started. A bit much social justice for the number of laughs it got. Still a fun short read though and never let it put you off starting the series at the beginning or closer to the beginning then this.

    16. This was my first Piers Anthony book and thus, my introduction to the land of Xanth. I love this book. His puns, his off-humor's all great. I am actually trying to go back and read the books in order. But there are so many. We shall see if I actually ever succeed.

    17. First Xanth book that I remember. I loved the puns and the general light hearted-ness of the book. I had been reading some heavier fantasy and I enjoy taking a break with something that I know will work out well just for a change of pace.

    18. (I read all of the Xanth series between 2004 and present, so I may be off on the date I've read them. In case you were keeping notes) ZoMbiES!!!! Zombie Lover? What in the world can that be FIND OUT and read it. After you've read some other Xanth.

    19. Well, thematically it's in the right place -- the book spends its time shambling along without direction. The periodic blasts of truly barrel-bottom-scraping punnery definitely don't help.

    20. It annoys me when the plot is helped along by simple lack of common sense. Other than that it was a decent read.

    21. Yay! Justin Tree finds tru wuv! :) Breanna rocks! such badassery, and as always I suck at reviews, wutevs, this is for me so I remember.

    22. Charming and witty this lighthearted tale of never ending puns was an entertaining tale of personal growth. A tad dated in it's social commentary, but still a worthwhile read.

    23. This starts off rather funny, but then the puns become endless and dull. The ending is good, and I consider it worth reading if you can make it through all the lame jokes.

    24. My Rating System:* couldn't finish, ** wouldn't recommend, *** would recommend, **** would read again, ***** have read again.

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