Days to a Well Mannered Dog The Loved Dog Method Widely regarded as the anti Cesar Millan by dog owners and experts Tamar Geller s nonaggressive approach to dog training is based on love play and mutual respect between dog and owner much like how

  • Title: 30 Days to a Well-Mannered Dog: The Loved Dog Method
  • Author: Tamar Geller Jonathan Grotenstein
  • ISBN: 9781400118984
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Widely regarded as the anti Cesar Millan by dog owners and experts, Tamar Geller s nonaggressive approach to dog training is based on love, play, and mutual respect between dog and owner much like how a wolf plays with its young Using a combination of child psychology and animal behavior science, Geller revolutionized the way Americans train their dogs and has won the appWidely regarded as the anti Cesar Millan by dog owners and experts, Tamar Geller s nonaggressive approach to dog training is based on love, play, and mutual respect between dog and owner much like how a wolf plays with its young Using a combination of child psychology and animal behavior science, Geller revolutionized the way Americans train their dogs and has won the approval of the Humane Society, for which she is a longtime adviser Now she expands on her play training methods and offers a day by day, easy to follow plan for raising a happy and well mannered canine In this step by step guide, Geller gives dog owners all the essential training instructions, insights, and tips, including housebreaking, socialization, commands, hand signals, games, developing a routine, and much Throughout, Geller explains theories on how dogs think and breaks down dogs basic needs in simple yet engaging language She also makes fascinating connections between raising a puppy and the process of nurturing a toddler that will shed new light on dog training Whether it s a new puppy from the pet store or a rescue dog from the pound, this is the ultimate go to reference for anyone who decides to bring a new dog into their home or improve the behavior of the family dog in just one month Turns out, you can teach an old dog new tricks

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    1. Tamar Geller Jonathan Grotenstein

      Tamar Geller Jonathan Grotenstein Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the 30 Days to a Well-Mannered Dog: The Loved Dog Method book, this is one of the most wanted Tamar Geller Jonathan Grotenstein author readers around the world.

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    1. An inconsistent blend of common sense, traditional instructions and milder forms of correction. The corrections she does choose to present are ones I do not object to, though other reviews have, however, one has to question the means by which the author makes the decision which to approve and which to pooh-pooh. It really is kind of a puzzle what she opts to promote and (in most cases) what she opts to speak out against. She's got it all wrong when it comes to defining terms like "alpha", "domin [...]

    2. This book would be better titled "30 WEEKS to a Well-Mannered Dog," but that probably wouldn't sell as many books since people these days want the magic bullet to instant results.However, I've been incorporating some of the philosophy with my impossible dog, Goober, and have gotten fantastic results. I've even taught him how to speak on command, something I've never even attempted before. He's coming when I call him much better from out in the yard (Goober is a devout backyard hunter) and he's q [...]

    3. This is a great dog training book! I liked it because of the emphasis on love as opposed to dominance and submission that is so trendy these days (and is quite awful). Tamar's perspective is probably the closest to my own. Her advice is simple at times and is probably a bit too much so for some "experienced" dog owners/trainers but it's always nice to add a little to your repertoire. There are some issues with the book, though. She glosses over some things that probably need a little more explan [...]

    4. There was a lot of good information on positive ways to interact with and train your dog in this book. I like that. However, the frequent name-dropping of Hollywood clients, such as Oprah, got more than a little tiresome. Also, the narrator’s cloyingly sweet tone in the audiobook became annoying quickly. I believe in positive training methods, I really do. However, this trainer implied that changing aggressive and troublesome canine behavior was simply a matter of getting your dog to love you [...]

    5. This book is wonderful. I've read a lot of dog training books, including a few by Cesar Millan and the Monks of New Skete, and this would be the one I'd recommend. I think it's really important that Tamar's methods are 99% positive reinforcement. Those are the kinds I've had the most success with, both in terms of dog behavior and bonding with my dog. Pat Miller's books are also great, but the organization of this one is just fantastic. It's also well-written and an easy read.In this book Tamar [...]

    6. This book would have been at minimum four-star - maybe even five star, except for two things. One, the interminable name-dropping. It's very useful for the author to share real-life training sessions to illustrate her points - but who really cares if the dog involved belongs to Oprah or Brad Paisley, or Joe the janitor down the block? The fame of her clients does not make me more confident in her methods - we all know how many crazy, goofy, and/or dangerous things celebrities become involved wit [...]

    7. I plan to use this book, along with Cesar Millan's "How to Raise the Perfect Dog" to train my new puppy. Geller says that you don't need to force your dog into submission, you want to win him over by fulfilling all of his needs and making him want to do what you want because he loves you so very muchke children want to make the right decisions to appease their parents. She recommends "making a party" for your dog when he does something well at first--giving him a "jackpot" of treats and giving l [...]

    8. Was really impressed with this book and it's recommendations until I got to about Day 27. Ms. Geller would hate for someone who wasn't an expert in her field to start giving training advice. Yet, she gives potentially dangerous veterinary medical advice. It is hard enough teaching my clients that raw diets are potentially dangerous to them and their pet and have no proven benefits. It is especially hard convincing them that recipes that have not actually been reviewed by veterinary nutritionists [...]

    9. I loved this. It was all about positive reinforcement and bonding with your dog, rather than correcting behaviors I think it helps build trust and strengthen the bond between humans and their canine companion(s). Must read! I have to say, it's more humane / loving to teach dog tricks with this (since I always need a treat and a positive state of mind, as opposed to intimidating a dog with harsh tones and maybe physical reinforcement) and it makes sense. I like the respect the author has towards [...]

    10. I found this book really inspiring.I won't use everything, but the basic concepts made such s difference! My new dog sits for food and to go out, and will generally stay calm on the leash. Making great progress with staying calm when meeting other dogs on walks.The basics were really just about how to connect with my dog, to understand his needs, and how to use treats to create positive associations with me, home and desired actions. It sounds so simple, and it really is, but I would never have [...]

    11. She relates dogs back to their "wolf ancestors" frequently which if she simply changed the wording on would be fine, like saying a dog's instincts. And she has a few weird ideas about eating first or winning a certain amount of times in tug of war. Aside from those few minor criticisms I like her. I am for "the loved dog method" over alpha dominance any day. I think there is some good direction on training in here and found the book overall useful.

    12. "I believe that we were put on this Earth for bigger reasons than to merely control and use nature. I believe that we are alive in order to grow, not only as people, but also as souls, learning patience, kindness, gratitude, and to be in awe of all that we cannot understand."Just as when I finished The Loved Dog, I was blown away by Tamar Geller. I can't put it any more plainly than that.

    13. I volunteer with a national cairn terrier rescue group and frequently recommend this book to adopting families. Especially since rescued animals who are starting a new life must know that being loved is possible. That love means loving discipline, long walks, treats, belly rub, car rides, just being with their person. Tamar Geller talks about all of that in such an endearing way - so very memorable. Read it, then love your pet!

    14. She name drops way too much but I like her philosophy. She lost some credibility with me when she started hailing Monty Roberts. There are plenty of lesser known horse trainers who have more subtler approaches that have lasting results. She is very much into current fads and I feel not all of them have been well-researched by her.

    15. I LOVE my dog. Ringo the Dog is a half lab/half border collie weighing in at 80 pounds, who thinks he's a lap dog. In her book, Tamar gives some great ideas for positive training and reinforcement. I've tried many of the exercises with Ringo, and he's really had fun. It's always fun to teach your pet something new--and they enjoy it, too.

    16. I love this whole method of training dogs. It really does work. Yesterday puppy Moose turned 10 weeks old. I've had him 3 weeks now, and I think I can safely say he's house trained. He rings the bell to go out, which is great, since yesterday he ate something unauthorized and ended up going out a LOT. Training this way makes it fun for him and for me--it's all play. Thank you, Tamar Geller!

    17. I did learn a few things but there was something irritating about the author. I don't think she was correct about some things and she came off a little too preachy. This might have been better in a hard cover or paperback format so I could go through each of the 30 days one day at a time. It would also work as a training reference manual than just reading it straight through.

    18. I love her methods and philosophy but the name dropping got kind of old. Also, while I like her approach she lost some credibility with me when she started proclaiming Monty Roberts as one of the best horse trainers in the world. She appears to be into fads without doing all her research.

    19. This is a readable dog training book, but it isn't groundbreaking. Ms. Geller seems to set herself up as the "antidote" to Cesar Milan's dog training methods. In truth, I think they share quite a bit in common.

    20. If you want to train your dog to be a great companion, loyal, obedient, loving you know all the things your X wasn't, this is the perfect book. Hell, send one to your X. Might help them too.(I've read several dog training books. This one is one of the best)

    21. I loved this book and will be looking for my own copy. I found her emphasis on positive training very encouraging, and the steps very clear. We used the directions in the book to teach our adopted dog "sit" "down" and her new name. So far, so good.

    22. Yes, my dog's manners are slightly improved and yes I am growing to love my dog more and yes my dog LOVES me (treats are a great way to a dog's heart) I just wish the dog would love the kids more! :-)

    23. A lot of information that I already knew but also a lot of good tips and games that I have already started implementing. 2015 Reading Challenge - Number in the title

    24. If you have a dog, this should be added to your library of learning to understand dogs and work with them.

    25. This is a thoughtful and logical alternative to Cesar Milan. I like Geller's methods and have been using them with some success on our dear calamity Jane :)

    26. I would Tamar Geller to come and spend some time with my dog. Unfortunately I don't have a private jet to fly her out on as some of her clients have.

    27. Lots of name dropping. I'd prefer a more straight forward dog training book, but she goes into all the celebrities she's worked with and their dogs.

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