Engines of Desire Tales of Love other Horrors Death and pleasure Freud s Todestrieb his statement that libido has the task of making the destroying instinct innocuous and it fulfils the task by diverting that instinct to a great extent outwards

  • Title: Engines of Desire: Tales of Love & other Horrors
  • Author: Livia Llewellyn Laird Barron
  • ISBN: 9781590213247
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Paperback
  • Death and pleasure Freud s Todestrieb, his statement that libido has the task of making the destroying instinct innocuous, and it fulfils the task by diverting that instinct to a great extent outwards.The instinct is then called the destructive instinct, the instinct for mastery, or the will to power Few authors have spun stories of Thanatos and Eros as skillfullyDeath and pleasure Freud s Todestrieb, his statement that libido has the task of making the destroying instinct innocuous, and it fulfils the task by diverting that instinct to a great extent outwards.The instinct is then called the destructive instinct, the instinct for mastery, or the will to power Few authors have spun stories of Thanatos and Eros as skillfully and powerfully as Livia Llewellyn In his introduction to this volume, Laird Barron writes Scant difference exists between exquisite pleasure and pain An orphan girl with a mind for anthracite falls into the hands of a cult worshipping an entombed god In the Pacific Northwest, evergreens lull prepubescent girls into their trunks to serve as wombs A suburban housewife troubled by her present encounters the sixteen year old girl she ached to touch in her dreams These ten stories promise to indulge a reader s sensibilities, their fears and desires.

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    1. Livia Llewellyn Laird Barron

      I was born in Anchorage, Alaska, and spent my childhood in Tacoma, Washington And now I live on the East Coast I m not quite sure how that happened.By day I m a secretary I file papers, create spreadsheets, update calendars, sort papers the usual secretarial things.At night, I write about lonely young girls who can speak to engines, Nikola Tesla s secret journals, long horned demons lost in Northwest suburbia, giant biomechanical insects, mothers who are good monsters, monsters who are good mothers, lots of consensual human creature sex, and even broken hearts.You can also find me on my website, where I talk a lot about ants too many , coffee too little , and cheese never enough.

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    1. This 10-story collection by relative newcomer Livia Llewellyn features dark stories in several genres (and mixed genres). After a short & sweet introduction from author Laird Barron, ENGINES kicks into high gear with the apocalyptic HORSES, which tells the tale of Angela Kingston, a missile facilites technician dealing with an international nuclear exchange. This one goes from bleak to bleaker and (literally) leaves you in the void (if you don't like your fiction extra dark, now would be a g [...]

    2. Livia Llewellyn's Engines of Desire: Tales of Love & Other Horrors is a superb first collection. It's a dark delight to read, and introduces a major voice in horror fiction.Engines offers a very diverse set of tales and voice. Llewellyn offers stories of post-apocalypse survival, futuristic space war, sexual longing, alien gods, hybrid machine/flesh monster machines, parallel worlds, mass murderers, mining, and trees that devour girls. No story is formally alike, either. "Engine of Desire", [...]

    3. I have been writing sincewell, since I could hold a pen. I always that I was a decent writer. That is until I discovered Livia Llewellyn and realized I have a long fucking way to go!

    4. This is one of those places where, for me, numerical rating scales for subjective experiences really break down. How do you rate a really great book that just wasn't for you? I dunno.Here's the thing, Engines of Desire is pretty great, as you can tell by all the great reviews its getting, including this one over at Innsmouth Free Press, from Jesse Bullington. But it's also harsh and brutal and unremittingly bleak, which isn't exactly my thing, generally. My friend J.T. Glover described the openi [...]

    5. These ten dark phantasmagorias, ranging from short-shorts to epic novellas, form a stunning debut by an author every reader of horror and dark fantasy should become familiar with. Llewellyn seasons her stories with hidden gods, strange creatures, an indifferent universe, and dangerously obsessed characters, making her work akin to that of Lovecraft, only with much deeper characterization and emotion. Many of the stories feature a dark sexuality to them as well. Highly recommended, but not for th [...]

    6. Livia Llewellyn's Engines of Desire: Tales of Love & Other Horrors is a unique and unforgettable collection of dark fantasy and horror stories, which will linger in the reader's mind long after reading them. The stories in this collection are both disturbing and thought-provoking and they demand quite a lot of attention from the reader for they aren't easy and light stories.As a big fan of quality horror and dark fantasy, I must confess that I fell in love with this collection. I read these [...]

    7. A potent blend of sophisticated dark erotica, weird fiction, SF/F, and horror in equal doses. Excellent.

    8. These stories are best read slowly and savored. Often they are surreal to a level worthy of Lautréamont and Cisco. There's a lot of grim dystopian stories; tales of totalitarian or dysfunctional futures and toxic wastelands. Many of these stories are about girls who have been knocked around by the world and have special powers and connections with the natural world.The sexual element is stronger in this collection than in "Furnace." Both collections are excellent, but I think I slightly prefer [...]

    9. Engines of Desire is comprised of ten stories, including two novellas and two novelettes. It’s stunning enough even without the knowledge that it is Livia Llewellyn’s debut book. Llewellyn, whose catalog of published work stretches back to 2005, has clearly demonstrated more dedication and patience than many of her peers, this reviewer included, and it shows through in every page of Engines.Several pieces stand out from the pack. The collection leads off with ‘Horses,’ one of the novelet [...]

    10. Dark, disturbing, and brilliant. If you like your short fiction to hurt, to take your breath away, to leave you hollow and shaking, read this collection. You won't be disappointed.

    11. If not for a recommendation on Laird Barron's blog, I might never have picked up this excellent collection (to which Barron provided a foreword). Prior to the release of this collection, all I'd seen from Livia Llewellyn was "Brimstone Orange," too short a piece to give much of a sense of this writer's capabilities. I'm very glad I didn't miss what turned out to be one of the best single author short story collections I've come across in recent years. Llewellyn's prose style is strongly visual a [...]

    12. I was very impressed with the reviews of Ms Llewellyn's second collection of short works, "Furnace", and wanted to read it. But as is my wont, I ordered both books and began with this, the first. No doubt, with blurbs from the likes of Laird Barron, this is weird fiction. Ms Llewellyn moves from very short pieces, to what could almost be considered novellas. Her influences are clear, Lovecraft, Barron, Kiernan, Fort, Chambers, Poe and others. She writes beautifully, even when describing the most [...]

    13. This was a set of dark, horrific tales that traverse the entire length from insensitive cruelty to hard-edged lust. I couldn't stop reading it because it was a train accident, the type you slow down with morbid fascination in hopes of seeing a body twisted and managed. In this case, the accidents are the crippled emotions, callous evil, and unthinking cruelty. And I loved it.This is not a story for Fluffy. It has rape in it. It has blood. And beatings and anguish. And they tie beautifully togeth [...]

    14. I bought this collection because I had read a story in an anthology that I liked, but I think the stories probably benefit from some time between reading one and the next; the Lovecraftian influence and transgressive sexual elements are effective in small doses, but I have a tendency to say I'm just going to read one story and then devour them all in a great gulping rush, and the cumulative sense was one of oversatiation on vaguely icky sex and tentacled sea monsters. I still find her to be a ta [...]

    15. 2.5, rounded up.This book is filled with stories of sex and violence. Sometimes both at once. It's very unflinching in the way it discusses these things. And sometimes, that can be a good thing. Here, it just doesn't work for me. I like to read "dark" books, or "weird" books, or whatever you'd like to call books like this. I like them a lot. But this book, much like American Psycho just feels like it tries too hard and has nothing to say. There's a lot of sex (consensual, rape, incest) and viole [...]

    16. Livia Llewellyn's first collection of stories, Engines of Desire, features works originally published from 2005 to 2011. Within the confines of the horror short, they're a diverse bunch. They range in length from novella to flash fiction. Some are erotic and, in one case, outright pornographic. Some are explicitly weird or supernatural though others merely allow for the possibility while functioning without that element.There's a bit of Lovecraft in it, a fair bit of Barker, some King and a hint [...]

    17. well then the introduction by Laird Barron seems like a massively overhyped piece, and then when you get to read the stories you realize he is dead fucking right these tales are visceral and sensual and dark and tainted and erotic and just off, somehow, but lovely all the same a couple were a bit long in the telling, but the best of them made up for this minor shortcoming whew, reading this grabs you, squeezes, slides up and down and in and out, lets go for a second, then comes back stronger and [...]

    18. I bought this collection originally because it contains ‘Her Deepness’, which was included in the British Science Fiction Association’s list of top ten novellas. I was so impressed that I read all the stories here and recommend them to anyone who likes their fiction deep, dark, strange and compelling. Be warned though, one of these stories, ‘Horses’, makes Cormac McCarthy’s ‘The Road’ read like chick lit. Yes, that upsetting, but no matter.The language is rich and resonant, wring [...]

    19. A good collection of short stories, the genres ranging between weird fiction, science fiction, steampunk and erotica. All of it is very dark and dystopian. My favorite was the playfully Lovecraftian "Take Your Daughters to Work", with other standouts being "Omphalos" and the intensely sexy "The Edge of Ellensburg".

    20. Midway through the second story and all good so far. First story was fine postapocalyptica. Second story is erotica. Author either has a very healthy sex life or watches a lot of porn. (I wish I had met her in college.) Nice work. Still looking for the sickness in the second one. Brings to mind "Wetlands." I once knew a furnace of a girl from Alaska. Her father was a preacher.

    21. Beautiful and brutal and wrenching and poetic and I could go on. These are the kind of stories that leave you simultaneously hollowed out, and filled with ghosts. They linger and haunt, both for their incredible use of language, and their painful subject matter. This isn't a collection that will appeal to everyone, but for those who can stomach the dark, this is well worth the read.

    22. The book's subtitle is "Tales of Love & Other Horrors" which nicely encapsulates the stories lurking within sensual, disturbing goodness. These often erotic, always twisted, beautifully written tales will mess with your mind.

    23. A new voice in weirdnessI tried Llewellyn on because Laird Barron recommended her. I'm glad I did. Her work has a different tone and texture than many of her contemporaries. If you're into Barron or Langan or their ilk I highly recommend her. You won't be disappointed.

    24. Harrowing short fiction written in often luminous prose. For me the weirder tales worked better than the science fictional, but a great collection. I hesitate to say enjoyable, because it often isn't, but it's always gripping.

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