D aulaires Book of Greek Myths For any child fortunate enough to have this generous booke kings and heroes of ancient legend will remain forever matter of fact the pictures interpret the text literally and are full of detail and wi

  • Title: D'aulaires' Book of Greek Myths
  • Author: Ingri d'Aulaire Edgar Parin d'Aulaire
  • ISBN: 9780385071086
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Hardcover
  • For any child fortunate enough to have this generous booke kings and heroes of ancient legend will remain forever matter of fact the pictures interpret the text literally and are full of detail and witty observation Horn Book The drawingse excellent and excitingly evocative The New York Times For any child fortunate enough to have this generous booke kings and heroes of ancient legend will remain forever matter of fact the pictures interpret the text literally and are full of detail and witty observation Horn Book The drawingse excellent and excitingly evocative The New York Times.

    • Unlimited [Self Help Book] ó D'aulaires' Book of Greek Myths - by Ingri d'Aulaire Edgar Parin d'Aulaire ✓
      399 Ingri d'Aulaire Edgar Parin d'Aulaire
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    1. Ingri d'Aulaire Edgar Parin d'Aulaire

      Ingri d'Aulaire Edgar Parin d'Aulaire Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the D'aulaires' Book of Greek Myths book, this is one of the most wanted Ingri d'Aulaire Edgar Parin d'Aulaire author readers around the world.

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    1. This is the very first book I remember reading all by my little self when I was three and I have read it a million more times. My copy is old (stolen from my elder brother, in fact; it was his first), taped back together, missing it's covers, and extremely well-loved. It has inspired a lifelong fascination with mythology and the ancient world and probably played a large part in my obsessive need to learn everything about everything--not that that's possibly, but it's fun to try. The stories have [...]

    2. I remember taking this book out of the library at my elementary school, Queensland Downs Elementary School, when I was in Mrs. Sanders' class for grade three. We were in the library for a library period, and I asked Mrs. Dalgliesh, our groovy librarian, for a book. I can't remember if I was the one who suggested Greek Mythology or if it was she, but I do remember her aiding me at the card catalogues, then she sent me off to the shelves to track down "292 DAU [JUV]."That little journey changed me [...]

    3. This book is amazing. The retellings of the myths are vibrant and fascinating and the illustrations are mild enough for a child to enjoy but compelling enough to interest an adult.When I was a kid, I used to take this book out of the library over and over and I would read it when I was at a friend's house and they had a copy. Naturally I had to buy my son, Archer a copy of the book because I wanted him to love it like I did. Kids don't always love what their parents love, however, so I put it on [...]

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    5. This book introduced me to Greek mythology and I've yet to find its equal in the genre. I first read this in grade school, having found the hardcover version in my school library. I checked it out several times--though it's an oversize book and was therefore as a hardcover a bit heavy to drag home and back, I always felt it was worth it.The artwork is incredibly detailed and beautiful, and the written portrayal of the various gods and goddesses, heroes and monsters is highly sympathetic toward a [...]

    6. I discovered this book in the 5th grade in my school's library. I would sit cross legged right on the floor by the bottom shelf where it was kept, spread out the huge, thick book on my lap and read while I looked at the wonderful drawings. When we moved I semi-forgot about the book, not remembering the author's name; when I was in college I was walking by a bookstore in a mall when I glanced at the display case to see a book with the same style of drawings. I immediately went in to discover the [...]

    7. Everyone, no matter what his or her age, should read this indispensable retelling of the Greek Myths, a foundation stone of the Western tradition.I feel immensely fortunate that I was exposed to this title by my parents at a very young age.It does, however, have two drawbacks, one I can forgive and one I almost cannot. First, the myths are a little bit bowdlerized. But since this is a book for children (albeit one which doesn't hesitate to stretch the vocabularies of younger ones), I can excuse [...]

    8. I know this is like everyone's favorite childhood mythology book (including mine, I think), but I don't like it. It does that thing where rapes are glossed over as "marriages", which is horrible to read if you know what actually happens in the myths. I know that they can't actually talk about rape in a kids book because we can't ever bring up anything sex-related in a kids book, but it makes me really uncomfortable, you know?Also, my brother and I were flipping through this book the other day, a [...]

    9. I found the slant of these tellings somewhat disturbing, i.e. how they were made "appropriate" for children. On the one hand, pretty brutal violence (plucking out livers, tearing someone apart, immolation) was a-okay, while all of Zeus' lady friends (read: women he sexed and those he raped) actually voluntarily married the jack off. This includes Leda. So, violence is fine for kiddies, but rape is really sex, which means it's too naughty to talk about. Editing Medea to not kill her babes was als [...]

    10. Not only is this a five star book. I have to add it to my list of best books ever. Every kid should read this one. These are stories full of all the things we love in tales---action, adventure, love, cruelty, war, friendship, fighting---all the things that make us human.#bookaday

    11. 6/23/13:I read this again and again as a child. My intimate knowledge of the stories helped enormously in my high school English classes. It breaks my heart a little that my son is, for some perverse reason of his own, fixed in the idea that he doesn't like Greek myths.Update of 8/9/14:Now reading this aloud to my son, slightly against his will, as it was clear he'd never read it on his own. He was engrossed by the first section, and the text when read aloud flowed better than I'd expected it to [...]

    12. Hands down the best book of Greek Myths ever, this classic is a good introduction for kids and holds up as a principal reference work for adults. Beautifully illustrated with pictures that fascinated and haunted me from the first time I saw them, this book is also scrupulously researched and written in clear but evocative language that translates the power and importance of these stories. Thorough, almost every Greek god and major or minor myth is represented here, with the Trojan War and all th [...]

    13. As a kid I read constantly (probably 4-5 books a week), and this was one of my favorite books to re-read. I don't know how many times I've read it, but every single story and illustration felt intimately familiar when I opened it now, 20 years later. This book instilled me with a great love of mythology and classical antiquity that I still have to this day. I bought my own copy this Christmas for sentimental and nostalgic reasons, and I'm so glad I did. Looking at it with adult eyes, I see now t [...]

    14. This is the most gorgeously illustrated book of Greek mythology I have ever read! I was going to check it out from the library to read with my 10 year old twins, but when I looked through the pages on , I knew I had to own this book. The collection of myths are grouped together in such a way that stories build on top of one another which makes it both easier to understand and often more exciting. They are incredibly readable with the stories flowing easily one into the other. I’d highly recomm [...]

    15. My father got this from the library and read it to me when I was in elementary school. I checked it out over and over again to reread the stories and admire the artwork. This introduced me to the ancient world and started my love affair with history and archaeology. I occasionally wonder if I would be the person I am now if I hadn't discovered this book at such a young age. Do you have kids? Do them a favor and introduce them to these stories. You don't know how much it may change their lives.

    16. I am a hugeeeeee greek myth fan. I loved them even before I got into Percy Jackson. This was an interesting collection. The stories were presented well and I really liked them, some more than others so that's why I'm rating it 3 stars. I highly recommend this if you are a greek myth fan or a PJO fan because it was super great!

    17. The English ABCs of D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths (with two Ms and some subtractions) by Miloš & Brontë:A -- Apollo: He is the god of music, so I kind of like his music. I know that I haven't heard it, but I can tell it is probably pretty good. And I like that even with that guy with the bones of that instrument that didn't work upside down, I love how he beat that guy.B -- Bellerophon: Hey! Isn't that the ship in Forbidden Planet?C -- Calydonian Boar: Brontë: It was very fierce, kind o [...]

    18. This collection of Greek myths is just as good the second time around ten years later and in audio book format. I am currently reorganizing a friend's library and she gave me liberty to borrow whatever I please. I found this gem, considering she did not have any other audio books that I found and my ancient car only takes cassettes. I am an absolute fan of Greek myths for I read this book ten years ago in paperback format and it has stuck with me ever since.I have only recently delved into the w [...]

    19. In second grade I checked this out of the school library thirteen times in a row; my name may still be there on the card in the back, like a warning to those who come later, a wandering column of repetitions in clumsy pencilled cursive. Glancing over others' reviews of the book, it's kind of heartwarming to see how many other people had the same experience with it. Poring over it, again and again.This was my foundational text for Greek mythology, the original from which every other version felt [...]

    20. D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Mythology continues to be my favorite Greek myth book. I remember reading it for the first time in 5th grade in Miss Bento's class. Each week she would read a story to us and then we would have to write the story out from what we remembered. I remember that I would get so wrapped up in the story that I couldn't switch gears to write after I had listened. We check this book out from the library often - Isaac is a huge myth lover. My biggest peeve with this book is that t [...]

    21. This is a surprisingly meaty book for essentially a children's take on Greek mythology. The most obvious nod to being aimed at children is the use of "married" for what many classical scholars describe as rape (i.e. the rape of Europa of the rape of Persephone).May really enjoyed this book and I was happy to have her see some of the original Greek myths. May has been getting into crytozoology and monster stories via Dragonology: The Complete Book of Dragons, Monsterology, and Voyage of the Basse [...]

    22. সুন্দর :)!বইটি পড়তে পড়তে আরামে ঘুমিয়ে পড়া স্বর্গীয় ব্যাপার। ছবিগুলোও অনেক সুন্দর। গ্রীক মিথ শুরু করার জন্য পারফেক্ট বই। অনেক সময় লাগিয়ে পড়লাম, ভেবেছিলাম সময় বেশি নিলে বেশ কিছু চরিত্র এবং গল্ [...]

    23. I've had this book for most of my life. I've read it so much that at a point in my childhood I knew exactly what page would follow the one I am on, what picture I could expect to see, what words I could expect to read. (Even though I've memorized all the myths by heart thanks to this book.)I love the illustrations, so soft and the colors don't want to murder your eyes.This is one of those books I will make sure my far-in-the-future kids have access to. Of course the this book doesn't go terribly [...]

    24. I read this book over and over and over and over as a child, and I still own it - albeit with Scotch tape along the spine to keep it from falling apart. It's accessible, informative, and well-illustrated; if you know a child with an interest in mythology, give them this.

    25. One of my all-time-favorite books to read! Each myth story is only a couple of pages long, so you can pick it up and read any part at any time. Very useful to know these ancient greek myths later in life. Know what Narcissistic means? you will if you know the myth of Narcissus!

    26. I can't say enough about this book. It is still my favorite book on Greek or Roman mythology, even though I first read it in third grade. If you love mythology, find a copy of this book.

    27. I'll let you in on a secret: if you want to be an expert in anything, read a children's book on the subject first. You'll get a clear, well-written overview plus pictures - what could be better than that? The d'Aulaire's book of Greek myths is a perfect case in point. Here is a brilliant introduction to Greek mythology with transcendently beautiful color lithograph illustrations. I come back to this one with pleasure whenever I can't remember who was who in the Pantheon.

    28. A beginner’s guide to Greek MythsHave you been one of those who have been tormented with endless characters of Greek mythologies, all those weird guys with weird names? Or are you the one who keep messing up Orpheus, Oedipus and odyssey? Or always in a dilemma as to who copulated with who and what came out of whom? Which creature killed which hero or which hero did what? Fear not for there comes a solution- D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths.This book is your ultimate guide to the basics of Greek [...]

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