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  • Title: 50 حقيقة ينبغي أن تغير العالم
  • Author: Jessica Williams
  • ISBN: 9953298742
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Paperback
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    • Best Read [Jessica Williams] ☆ 50 حقيقة ينبغي أن تغير العالم || [Fiction Book] PDF ↠
      432 Jessica Williams
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      Posted by:Jessica Williams
      Published :2019-03-14T20:08:49+00:00

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    1. Jessica Williams

      Jessica Williams Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the 50 حقيقة ينبغي أن تغير العالم book, this is one of the most wanted Jessica Williams author readers around the world.

    905 thoughts on “50 حقيقة ينبغي أن تغير العالم”

    1. This book really taught me a few things. It was scary the stuff I didn't know. For instance : 25% of lemons are sentient. That should change the world right there! Or at least the world of bartending. Here's another one : over 40 recipes die out every day, as the last person to cook them forgets how, or is shot whilst cooking. Fact : all official FIFA footballs are made from the toughened skins of the anaconda, which is the second most endangered snake in all of Uruguay. It was facts like this w [...]

    2. عندما قرأته قلت أنه كتاب رائع قرأت ترجمته باللغة العربية عام 2006rclub/?p=54ولكن الحقيقة أنه لم يتحدث عن كل المشاكل الحقيقية التي ينبغي تغييرهاهناك مشاكل أكبر خصوصا منها الأخلاقية والسياسية والإنسانية بعيدا عن التوجيهات الإعلامية والسياسية لمفهوم الإنسانيةمثلا اضطهاد الشواذ لي [...]

    3. Global warming already kills 150,000 people every year There are 44 million child labourers in India Brazil has more Avon ladies than members of its armed servicesIn this new edition of her bestseller, Jessica Williams tests the temperature of our world and diagnoses a malaise with some shocking symptoms.Get the facts but also the human side of the story on the world?s hunger, poverty, material and emotional deprivation; its human rights abuses and unimaginable wealth; the unstoppable rise of co [...]

    4. Here is another example of the bad job done by the mainstream media in informing Americans about the state of the world. This book presents a number of facts, with accompanying essays, that will not be covered on the evening news.In 2002, more than 80 percent of the world’s executions took place in just three countries, China, Iran and America. Black men born in the US stand a one in three chance of going to jail, while white men have a one in seventeen chance of going to jail. Because of the [...]

    5. Having just finished this book, I realized that the world is indeed a messed up place. I believe a potential criticism to this book is that it is politically charged. Sure, maybe it is, but the issues are still there. Ms. Williams has her own view on the world and how to solve it, if you don't agree, excellent. That's what this book is intended for, to put problems out there, engage people, and come up with a solution.I personally am not up to snuff as much as I would like to be for world issues [...]

    6. Thoroughly sobering and it parts deeply distressing. Bite size chunks of statistics that will make you ask yourself why are things the way they are. It might be a little dated now, but many of these facts remain true, and some will have become even harder to swallow.Could be considered required reading at secondary school.

    7. Interesting but not engaging. Shocking how many of the issues raised here are probably still relevant today, but at the same time as it's ten years old there aren't any mention of whether some issues have had resounding success stories or failures.I would have recommended this book in 2010 when I first found it but, having finally gotten round to reading it, I can't recommend it in 2018.

    8. It took me a long time to read this book, but I think that's fine. It's not the kind of book you can read at one sitting for a couple of reasons. The first is that there's just so much information in it. The second is that you have to allow time to reflect on what you're reading and your reaction to it.As the title would suggest, the book is composed of 50 chapters each containing a single fact as a headline which is then explored in more depth during the chapter. Some of the chapters are less s [...]

    9. Think the description on good reads is of the wrong book. The book I read left me unfulfilled. Lot's of numbers, but if you consider yourself a worldly liberal person you already know that there too many guns in the world, that farm subsidies in the west are not helping developing world farmers, that big coffee shops squeeze the bean producers. It might change your behaviour a bit (have since sworn off Starbucks) but the actions are pretty limited - to write your local politician and avoid packa [...]

    10. the stats in this book were really overwhelming, but good to know. it's a bit outdated as it was published in 2003, and i would really like to see this information with current figures. i have a feeling it would be even more depressing. but it was still a good book and covered a wide range of issues facing the world. i would highly recommend it.

    11. Interesting in parts, tedious in others. Most of the facts present a depressing picture of the modern world - such as every cow in the EU receiving more in subsidies each day than the average African lives on. Thought-provoking and worth a read.

    12. I learned the world is a cruel and strange place from the facts listed in this book. I'm doubly glad to be American, even if sometimes American means arrogant and one of the third largest executioners of citizens (Chine and Iraq are the other two, not good neighbors).

    13. ** 4.5 Stars **Very impactful and amazing collection of facts/stories. I read this book for an anthropology class, and I remember re-reading many of the chapters for many years after I took the class. I do not have the book anymore, but it changed the way that I view the world around me.

    14. Facts that would make you think and take a different look a the world you live in . Both impassioned and well researched. Essential for any good and conscious citizen.

    15. Reading these facts juxtaposed together can be surprising, frustrating, fascinating, and occasionally appalling. I wonder what the second edition brings to light.

    16. From domestic violence in Russia to millions of missing in China, take a tour of the world and share William's outrage that the acknowledged does not translate to action.

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