Uma Quest o de Sangue Por vezes o crime afecta nos directamente Habituado a mover se no submundo de Edimburgo o inspector John Rebus apanhado entre dois casos que lhe est o mais pr ximos do que gostaria Ele parece estar

  • Title: Uma Questão de Sangue
  • Author: Ian Rankin
  • ISBN: 9789724149042
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Paperback
  • Por vezes, o crime afecta nos directamente Habituado a mover se no submundo de Edimburgo, o inspector John Rebus apanhado entre dois casos que lhe est o mais pr ximos do que gostaria Ele parece estar de alguma forma envolvido na morte violenta de Fairstone, um psicopata que atormentou a sua colega Siobhan Clarke e um massacre numa escola vai revelar ter em Rebus maisPor vezes, o crime afecta nos directamente Habituado a mover se no submundo de Edimburgo, o inspector John Rebus apanhado entre dois casos que lhe est o mais pr ximos do que gostaria Ele parece estar de alguma forma envolvido na morte violenta de Fairstone, um psicopata que atormentou a sua colega Siobhan Clarke e um massacre numa escola vai revelar ter em Rebus mais do que apenas um investigador.Incapacitado devido a graves queimaduras nas m os, Rebus tem de se apoiar mais do que nunca em Siobhan, cuja coragem e determina o em resolver sozinha o ass dio de que foi alvo, n o foram suficientes para afastar o seu voluntarioso colega Mas quando Fairstone encontrado morto num inc ndio cujas circunst ncias s o bastante suspeitas e Rebus aparece com queimaduras e sem qualquer explica o convincente, todos questionam o seu envolvimento Apesar de ningu m querer acreditar numa vingan a sangrenta, n o ajuda nada o facto de o inspector n o revelar o que sabe Na verdade, esta uma das ocasi es em que a ligeira inclina o paran ica de Rebus para ver liga es em tudo o que o rodeia parece ganhar contornos mais precisos ou ser tudo isso fruto de uma imagina o algo demente Retrato soberbo de uma Edimburgo onde a modernidade confrontada com privil gios antigos e mis rias bem actuais, Uma Quest o de Sangue um romance sobre sangue, fam lia, amizade e trai o tamb m a hist ria de dois homens um pol cia e um assassino unidos por um passado comum.

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    1. Ian Rankin

      AKA Jack Harvey.Born in the Kingdom of Fife in 1960, Ian Rankin graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 1982 and then spent three years writing novels when he was supposed to be working towards a PhD in Scottish Literature His first Rebus novel was published in 1987 the Rebus books are now translated into 22 languages and are bestsellers on several continents.Ian Rankin has been elected a Hawthornden Fellow He is also a past winner of the Chandler Fulbright Award, and he received two Dagger Awards for the year s best short story and the Gold Dagger for Fiction Ian Rankin is also the recipient of honorary degrees from the universities of Abertay, St Andrews, and Edinburgh.A contributor to BBC2 s Newsnight Review, he also presented his own TV series, Ian Rankin s Evil Thoughts, on Channel 4 in 2002 He recently received the OBE for services to literature, and opted to receive the prize in his home city of Edinburgh, where he lives with his partner and two sonscmillan author ianrankin

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    1. The 14th book in the Rebus series. This novel delivers and it's packed with plots and events. When a man who was menacing DS Siobhan Clarke is found dead in a fire; all eyes and fingers are pointing to DI Rebus and his suspension is imminent. Yet at the same time, a lone gunman enters a school and shoot and kills two students and injured a third one why would a soldier go into a school and shoot some students A solid novel, Rankin doing it again and delivering a novel that's interesting both in [...]

    2. Edinburgh’s infamous D.I. John Rebus must find out why an ex-army loner walks into a private school and shoots three people dead, including himself.Scotland wants new gun control laws. The police believe the crime to be a post-traumatic, stress-related shooting. Rebus has a military past and he doesn't agree. He believes the killer was after the victims as he identifies links between them. Two military investigators in plain clothes arrive and convince Rebus he’s on the right track.However, [...]

    3. A Question of Blood by Ian Rankin.Inspector Rebus has been accused of possibly being involved in the murder of Martin Fairstone. Fairstone was found burned to death while tied to a chair. Rebus's hands had been severely scorched and remain bandaged leaving the detective in considerable pain. It was thought to be a revenge killing for threatening Detective Siobhan Clarke, rebus's partner. Two boys at a private school had been shot to death and another wounded by Lee Herdman. Herdman had stormed i [...]

    4. Ας ξεκινήσουμε τη χρονιά με μια ξεχασμένη κριτική από το 2016…Πολύ καλό αστυνομικό μυθιστόρημα, το οποίο χωρίς να ξεφεύγει από τις γνωστές νόρμες των αντίστοιχων βιβλίων, καταφέρνει να ξεχωρίσει και να γίνει σημείο αναφοράς. Ο Ράνκιν γράφει πολύ ωραία και στρωτά και σε βάζε [...]

    5. This is he 14th adventure of John Rebus, a police detective in Edinburgh, Scotland. Rebus is a somewhat dark, occasionally violent, always acerbic, hard working copper. He is also usually in trouble with his superiors for crossing some line or breaking some rule that he – and the reader – usually finds both aggravating and irrelevant. A bull in a china shop may be overstating his actions but Rebus is driven to stop bad guys one way or the other. That he is not a one dimensional cardboard pro [...]

    6. "Não há mistério nenhum."Acreditem quer não é assim que começa este thriller misterioso que se desenrola na cidade de Edimburgo. Preparem-se porque "Uma Questão de Sangue" é surpreendente até à última página."Sangue espalhado pelo chão e pelas paredes. Sangue por todo o lado. Sangue com histórias por contar."O Caso Port-Edgar tem inicio numa Terça-feira e termina após nove longos dias. Uma escola é o palco de um massacre. Um psicopata faz três vitimas e, em seguida, suicida-se. [...]

    7. This was my first foray into the Rebus series, one which I had been eying for a long time—not least due to its Edinburgh setting. Funny then that the one I picked to start with didn't actually take place in Edinburgh at all. No matter, though: A Question of Blood was a nice introduction to the character and his backstory, I think, even though it is a rather late entry as far as I can tell. I finished the novel pretty snappily, without finding myself bored or distracted and wanting to jump over [...]

    8. Just got a pile of these on sale, in what will doubtlessly be a futile quest to scratch the Cornwell/Kellerman/James itch (P.D. James wrote BAD JANE AUSTEN FANFIC. Not getting over that, never ever) or at least serve as methadone til the next French/Cain books. I'll have to read more books in this series to be sure, but sadly, am not too impressed so far. Rebus, with his drinking problem, disrespect for authority, and wisecracking, is clearly Marlowe in Black Watch, although he's modernized to t [...]

    9. From BBC radio 4 - Drama:Thriller by Ian Rankin. Dramatised in two parts by Chris Dolan.1/2: When a known criminal dies in a house fire the forensic evidence suggests he was murdered before the fire started. Rebus - the last person to see the victim alive - becomes the main suspect.Meanwhile, a fatal shooting at a private school near Edinburgh unexpectedly leads Rebus to an army helicopter crash on Jura in a case involving diamonds and drug smuggling.2/2: Three pupils are gunned down by an ex-SA [...]

    10. This is one of the better entries in Ian Rankin's Inspector Rebus series, which in turn is one of the best crime fiction series going. The always cantankerous Rebus is asked to assist in the investigation of a particularly horrible crime. An ex-serviceman has invaded a school, shot and killed two students and wounded a third before taking his own life.The case seems open and shut, but Rebus will not let the matter rest until he knows what prompted the killer to act. As is usually the case, Rebus [...]

    11. God I hate Rebus. Fifteen years ago my friend finagled his way into being a character in one of Rankin's novels. I had to start at the beginning of the series and read them all, roughly one a year, until I found my friend. I'm delighted to say he finally showed up on page 78, half way through shul on shabbat, and reappeared periodically throughout the book as a bit of a thug. Makes it all worth while really. I have the next in the series already in my TBR pile. I guess I'll get to it some time i [...]

    12. I did not find this book as good as some of the previous ones in the DI Rebus series. The plot, I felt, was too much like a Hollywood thriller and there was something distictly un-Rebus about the whole thing. It seemed almost as if the plot was trying to be complex for complexitys own sake, ending up being too scattered and not as polished as others before it. Finally, the ending left me a little disappointed. Might just be too many things getting wrapped up (more or less) too fast.I did enjoy t [...]

    13. Ο Τζον Ρέμπους, ο κεντρικός ήρωας του μυθιστορήματος, είναι ένας ολοκληρωμένος χαρακτήρας σε τέτοιο βαθμό που μπορεί να συγκριθεί και με το Χάρι Χόλε του Jo Nesbo. Ωστόσο, η συγκεκριμένη ιστορία, η οποία είναι και η πρώτη με πρωταγωνιστή τον Τζον Ρέμπους που διαβάζω, έχει αρκετέ [...]

    14. This was my first time reading Ian Rankin and I thoroughly enjoyed this light, crime read. I will certainly be reading more of his books.

    15. Okay so this was my first book from the series and I have to say- I'd kill to have a bad-ass attitude like Rebus and then kill another to have the confidence of Shiobhan.The book starts with DI Rebus lying in the hospital with twoscaldedhands whileadvisingon a case while on suspension following a murder investigation being held against him for a man who was burned in his apartment. But of course, DI Rebus pleads not guilty. But Is he really? Well, that's the question you'd have to find the answe [...]

    16. Detective Inspector John Rebus straddles the line of nice guy doing the borderline naughty things we fantasize about doing, and manages to keep himself out of serious trouble, although he does pay the price in small doses of hangovers or raised eyebrows from his superior officers or invective or physical incursion from those he treats uh, discourteously. He doesn’t suffer fools gladly, and only rarely bites his tongue to keep them at bay. Rebus and Siobhan Clarke, Scottish police officers take [...]

    17. The 14th book in this wonderful series, and it is just as fresh now as at was at the beginning. It's even better though because we've had 13 books to get to know the irascible Rebus and his sidekick Siobhan. This book starts out with Rebus and Siobhan trying to figure out what caused an ex-SAS soldier to walk into a private school and kill two boys and wound another and then turn the gun on himself. As Siobhan says, "There is no mystery here". But it turns out that there is indeed a mystery here [...]

    18. I'm sure if I had read this entire series I would love this book. I picked it up for its subject matter: An aging detective and his younger female partner, Siobhan, are helping investigate a school shooting. A former military member (set in Scotland so an SAS member) opens fire at a private school killing two boys and injuring another. They do this while being investigated for the death of a troublesome man in Siobhan's past. For the first few chapters, I truly enjoyed the story. Then, for multi [...]

    19. Not my favourite Rebus novel, mostly because Ian Rankin seemed to want to make Rebus an unsympathetic character here. He mostly succeeded. I like Rebus fighting the suits at headquarters but he's a bit too insolent this time around. A senseless murder/suicide at a private school involves Rebus, who is himself being investigated in a mysterious death. And why is he wearing gloves suddenly? A loud Scottish parliamentarian, thugs at a housing project, lots of bars and pubs, it's a Rankin book after [...]

    20. Rebus is just too offensive and impossible to work with. At the end (which is the worst type of ending for crime fiction as far as I'm concerned) I found myself convinced that he prevented more murders from being solved with his obstructionist methods than he solved with his "genius".I'm not going to read any more of this series!

    21. Really enjoyed this book, one of Rankin's better Rebus one's. The storyline is excited and well thought out and loved learning more about the characters other than Rebus. Terrific ending as well. what happens next?!

    22. This book is seriously bloated. It could be reduced to a third of its size. Even at that, the story is not that interesting, and the subplot is annoying. While interviewing a shooting victim, he takes some of the kid's painkillers! What cop would do that?

    23. This is the first book I've read by Ian Rankin. He is very popular in the U.K. I always like a good mystery.cially this one because it is set in Edinburgh, Scotland. I enjoyed reading it and appreciated that it wasn't too graphic.

    24. This is another one of my Friends of the Library book sell bargains. It was enjoyable. It has a good plot and characters are intelligent if a bit one-dimensional.

    25. AUTHOR IAN RANKINCHARACTERS. John Rebus,Bobby Hogan,Lee Herdman,Siobhan Clarke, Anthony Jarvis, Derek Renshaw, James Bell, Jack Bell, Marty Fairstone, Peacock Johnson, Steve Holly, Gill Temper, Doug Brimson and others.LOCATION SOUTH QUEESFERRY,EDINBURGH ((SCOTLAND))GENRE SUSPENSE SYNOPSIS . When two students ((Anthony Jarvis,Derek Rensaw)) were killed, and another ((James Bell )) seriously injured at the Edinburgh 's posh, private academy, everyone cluding Detective Inspectors John Rebus and Sio [...]

    26. There has been a shooting at a private school in the small coastal town of South Queensferry near Edinburgh. A man has killed two students, injured another and then killed himself. The gunman, identified as Lee Herdman, turns out to be an ex-army loner. The common theory is he “lost it”, like many who left the forces with memories of difficult experiences and killed the students he met randomly before turning the gun on himself. Rankin is sympathetic to this thinking. He too was in the milit [...]

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