The Shadow Door It s bad enough when Max Rebecca Noah and Theo just think Grandpa Gabe s house is haunted But then the old movie projector in the library opens a passageway to a world of monsters and creatures mad

  • Title: The Shadow Door
  • Author: Nykko Bannister Carol Klio Burrell Corentin Jaffré
  • ISBN: 9780761339632
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s bad enough when Max, Rebecca, Noah, and Theo just think Grandpa Gabe s house is haunted But then the old movie projector in the library opens a passageway to a world of monsters and creatures made of shadows a place of secrets and dangers set loose when the sun sets The only weapons to fight them lie in the land on the other side of the Shadow Door

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    1. Nykko Bannister Carol Klio Burrell Corentin Jaffré

      Nykko Bannister Carol Klio Burrell Corentin Jaffré Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Shadow Door book, this is one of the most wanted Nykko Bannister Carol Klio Burrell Corentin Jaffré author readers around the world.

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    1. I read the first five books in this series in one sitting, simply because they were short, I had the time, and I had them all out from the library. There will be NO SPOILERS for the rest of the books, rather, I thought I'd just give my overall thoughts about things in general.First off, I hope you can actually find this series; it seems my library placed a huge order for all sorts of graphic novels for kids recently but not many people can find them at their own. If yours has a section like mine [...]

    2. Creepy, funny, sad and hopeful are the words I would use to describe this series of books. I picked them up at the library when I was waiting for Emma the other day thinking she would like them, but the cover for The Parting was slightly creepy so I decided to read them first. Good thing I did!I've seen the books recommended for ages 7+ and also 9+ and I think the 9+ is more accurate. The books deal with some heavy issues, like death, child abuse and terminal illness. Nothing too graphic, but he [...]

    3. This graphic novel felt like it was written by a screenwriter. The scenes were very cinematic. Great story. The art was pretty good too. The only problem was that great dialogue for a movie doesn't translate very well to comics. I found myself confused more often than not. Since the voices in my head all sound the same, I had trouble figuring out who was saying what and what it meant. I'm all for realistic, conversational dialogue, but comics need to be more about the art and less about the litt [...]

    4. Very enjoyable, but not a stand-alone story. The writing was a bit rushed, although the story itself was interesting. The artwork was good but not great. I think the overall series may end up being better than this part, because the story may make sense by then.

    5. Graphics a little too dark and I mean the pictures are dark not so much the plot. But other than that the storyline was interesting and pulled me along. I may read on

    6. Translated from the French--I wonder if it suffers from losing something in the translation?--even the series name in French translates differently "les enfants d'ailleurs" ("the children from elsewhere"). Why didn't they just call it that? Why the name change? *le sigh*The story-line is tres bumpy and feels at times like there are sections and whole pages missing. I had to keep double-checking to see if I had missed a section, but non, there was the panel I had just read. I plowed on through th [...]

    7. The translation isn't that great the artwork is good, the story could be better but the dialogue is what hurts. It feels like panels are missing. The characters art flat and all blend together.Ok for younger kids.

    8. Not one of my favorites but would like to read the second one to see where this story is going to go. Maybe I will end up liking this series better.

    9. I really like the art, but I'm not really connecting to the story or the characters. The story jumps around and I feel like I'm missing pages.

    10. interesting start to the series. I enjoyed the characters. I thought a few of the panels might be a bit scary for a younger middle grade reader. Reminded me of Amulet a little bit.

    11. Have you ever been trough a warmhole if you havent and you want to see where it might take you. I think this book is sciense fiction because of what the story is about.I tought this book was pretty interestung because of what happens when you press just a button thta looks like a tape recorderand how a type of monster is scared of the light. The setting of this book is a house where a man they call old man gabes because he died they wanted to go check it out so they went and got a surprise it al [...]

    12. This is the first book in The Elsewhere Chronicles series of graphic novels by Nykko and Bannister. I discovered the first couple of books at our local library and our oldest liked them so much, I put the next few on hold right away. The story is a bit disjointed (perhaps something was lost in the translation), but it's very dramatic and engaging, too. I liked the interaction between the characters, and even though I'm not exactly sure what's going on in the story yet, I'm drawn into the tale. I [...]

    13. I like where this is going. The dialogue felt a bit lurchy or slightly off at times, but I couldn't quite put my finger on why. The first book in the series definitely jumps right into the story, and the plot is attention grabbing. I'm hoping for a bit more character development (in terms of backstory/context) in the following books. Not sure how to summarize the tone of the book. The spirit of adventure kind of gives it an upbeat, energetic feel, but there is clearly some dark subject matter/de [...]

    14. This was a fast-paced story, as in once the action started it slapped you around until the book abruptly stopped. It was fascinating and seems to have the potential to be pretty epic. There's a good possibility that some intense themes are going to play a part of the storyline. Also it looks like the alternate dimension is going to have some great history. It looks like there is going to be quite a huge ensemble of characters, and they look to be pretty well done. Obviously this is a series and [...]

    15. The first in a trilogy, this gorgeously illustrated fantasy introduces how three boys meet Rebecca and end up finding a door to another world through an old movie projector in an empty old house. Being the first book, we meet all the characters, are given enough backstory, some foreshadowing and a cliffhanger ending. Following the format of the traditional graphic novel/comic serial, this is a great book for younger ages to get started on a graphic fantasy series. Four very enjoyable main charac [...]

    16. Rebecca Dellile is in for quite a mysterious adventure. When she attends her estranged grandfather’s funeral, she makes friends with Theo, Max and Noah. She is soon informed that her grandfather’s house is known to be haunted. The children decide to go in and check it. They find themselves to be way in over their heads when inside, a danger light goes off. The children sprint out only to return the next day. It is this day that Rebecca gets taken into another realm with Max. Will they every [...]

    17. Public library copy. I read this at the behest of my youngest daughter who picked up 4 books in this series over the weekend. She expressed to me she loved the series so much she expected I would too. She's right, I did wind up liking this book. The funny thing is, I could have sworn I got these for her in the past, but for whatever reason she didn't like the art or the reading bug never got a hold of her, or some other excuse. Now she states just the opposite. Well, in the words of Gilda Radner [...]

    18. The first volume of what seems to be a fun exciting fantasy series. According to the publication information, this was originally published in Belgium and since it also has a translator, I'm assuming this was originally written in either Flemish or French.As exciting as the it is, I would not recommend this for children 8, as some of the creatures drawn seem to be of the stuff of nightmares. Somewhat of a Secret of NIMH vibe. But if they can handle it, then they're in for what seems to be the be [...]

    19. I'm not actually sure when I read this, but I'm fairly sure it was sometime in 2010. I'm also not sure why I didn't record it here - I think because I read it at the library, without checking it out. That means I didn't take it home with me. That means it got pushed out of my brain by whatever else I took home with me.In any case, this series is AMAZING. I get distracted by pretty art, which this has in spades, but I think the writing (translation?) is there too. In any case, I gobbled it up.

    20. The Shadow Door introduces the Max, Rebecca, Noah and Theo. They are all curious about Grandpa Gabe's haunted house and discover that it actually has a projector that opens up another world. Long on plot development, the action really begins toward the end when Rebecca and Theo are ripped out of their world into another. Vivid graphics, short dialogue, and a quick pace make this a winner for kids getting into graphic novels.

    21. Rummaging through our graphic novels at the library at the beginning of the new fiscal year I decided to check out some titles I had not been involved in purchasing. This one is a good tale about kids finding themselves in an alternate world and their friends realizing that the machine that took them there needs to be fixed before they can ever see them again. Rather small lengthwise I wish it was a little longer, maybe look for collections of the "books" next time. Great for readers 8-up.

    22. What’s so scary about Old Man Gabe’s house? Maybe it’s the shadows or all the strange stuff in it: so many old books, the huge movie projector, his journal filled with scary stories, or all the unusual toys? Maybe it’s because Noah, Theo, Max, and Rebecca visit it for the first time right after his burial? Maybe it’s because the stray dog barks and cowers before its gate, or is it the strange voice that shouts out, “DANGER! LIGHT! TURN ON THE LIGHT, FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE!”

    23. I think this is the best graphic novel for young readers (grades 3-6) I've seen. Intentionally slighter than a novel, it takes its time and doesn't lack for depth or dimension yet has plenty of action and intrigue. You might call it Gregor the Overlander with fewer words (pictures instead), except with 4 distinct protagonists. Natural dialogue. Really nice art. I'm ready to read the next one and see where it goes.

    24. Perhaps as a function of my only just beginning to read graphic novels with any regularity, I had a hard time following the story line/plot of this one. It seems like an interesting setup, though, with a potentially haunted house whose recently deceased owner had some definitely strange inventions. I'll see what happens with the next one - maybe I'll start to get into the style a bit more.

    25. Rebecca’s grandfather has just been buried. She wants to visit his house. Max, Noah, and Theo (locals) tell her it’s haunted. As they explore his library, a movie projector is found. This movie projector transports them into another world filled with creatures, and the action begins. This is a graphic novel full of action and excellent drawings.

    26. As far as graphic novels go, this was good. The action followed the format of an adventure film, with good characterization of the four young heroes of the story. The worked well together, and the story was well-presented in the graphic novel format. This is a good read, and I recommend it to everyone that enjoys this genre.

    27. Great novel for younger readers! There's is a lot of action and when this whole series is done will be great. The characters all have a bit of depth to them. the dialogue between each other seems realistic and not stilted. The drawings are very detailed and very very well done. Definately takes it's time developing a plot but it's worth it.

    28. En fait j'ai lu les 6 premiers tomes (disponible sur deux tomes cycle I et II). Lecture sympathique, sans prétention. On aime bien suivre ces petits jeunes dans leur aventures fantastiques mais l'histoire ne laisse pas une trace indélébile dans 'es esprits.

    29. This is a great creepy Graphic Novel. A girl comes for her grandfathers funeral and makes friends with three guys. But when they go to her grandfathers haunted house they find more than they expect. There is action danger and intregue. Very Cool first collection. Grades 4+

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