The Beatrice Letters Who is Beatrice the woman to whom Mr Snicket dedicates every book There is no question often asked by fans of Lemony Snicket Now this captivating collection of letters between Lemony Snicket and Beat

  • Title: The Beatrice Letters
  • Author: Lemony Snicket
  • ISBN: 9781405227483
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Who is Beatrice, the woman to whom Mr Snicket dedicates every book There is no question often asked by fans of Lemony Snicket Now this captivating collection of letters between Lemony Snicket and Beatrice provides the answers.

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      Lemony Snicket had an unusual education and a perplexing youth and now endures a despondent adulthood His previous published works include the thirteen volumes in A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Composer is Dead, and 13 Words His new series is All The Wrong Questions.For A Series of Unfortunate Events lemonysnicketFor All The Wrong Questions lemonysnicketlibrary

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    1. If I were to rate this book on the design alone I would definitely give it 5 stars, but for me the letters didn't do much for me. I would have rather read a book about what the Baudelaire's are up to. I'm happy to have this book though as it's BEAUTIFUL.

    2. The end is near. Followers of “A Series of Unfortunate Events” know that the thirteenth, and last, book of the series, titled “The End”, is out on the thirteenth day of the tenth month on the fifth day of the week. A confusing phrase which here means: Friday, October 13th, 2006.Lovers of the series have devoured each book and Lemony Snicket, the series’ elusive author, has earned himself quite a following. A phrase which here means a LOT of happy readers who like to devour every word t [...]

    3. My Dearest Darling,I received all two hundred pages of your book explaining why you cannot marry me, and I gave the carrier pigeons as much seed as they could eat, and I brushed their feathers with my trembling fingers, and bathed their beaks in my tears. I had to read the book three and a half times before I could write to you.I will love you if you don’t marry me. I will love you if you marry someone else, and I will love you if you have a child, and I will love you if you have two children [...]

    4. It was nice sort of revisiting the world of ASOUE but now I have many more questions. I think a new series with Beatrice would be an awesome addition to this world. :-)With all due respect,Richard Denney

    5. Spoilers for this book and The End I would recommend reading this book after reading all of the other ones first.(view spoiler)[Letters from Lemony and Snicket to the first Beatrice Baudelaire (the kids' mom) and letters from the second Beatrice Baudelaire (Kit Snicket's orphan who was raised by the Violet, Klaus, and Sunny on the island).What I gather from this book and its "accessories":The two-sided poster has some clues. The first side is the ocean with a shipwreck in the rocks. It is the bo [...]

    6. Can we just talk about all the feelings I have after reading this book? Seriously. My favorite part of the ASOUE series was Lemony Snicket's relationship with Beatrice. Actually, while I was reading the series, I wished there was a book that put more emphasis on their story, and this book does exactly that. It's incredibly heartbreaking reading Snicket's letters to Beatrice. I don't even want to get into his letter proclaiming his love for her, because I was in chills and near tears the whole ti [...]

    7. In conjunction with A Series of Unfortunate Events, this is a book which reminds us that kids aren't as dumb as we often blame them to be. Lemony Snicket (Daniel Handler) is one of the few authors who has created a no-nonsense children's series with plenty of delightful nonsense. The Baudelaires are what children protagonists should act like: reasonable, noble, intelligent. This book hints at a story that is much bigger than any of us realize in our daily reading, writing, and secret volunteerin [...]

    8. Reviewed by Me for TeensReadTooIf you've been following Lemony Snicket's A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS, then you've undoubtedly read of Beatrice Baudelaire. Who she is, exactly, is a mystery. And although this book is entitled THE BEATRICE LETTERS, don't think that you'll finally learn who Beatrice is. You won't. In fact, there's not a whole lot you'll learn about anything or anyone having to do with the series. Don't get me wrong. THE BEATRICE LETTERS is fun. It's gorgeously packaged. It comes [...]

    9. "I never want to be apart from you again, Beatrice, except in the restroom, at work, and when one of us is at a movie that the other does not want to see." This mysterious collection of letters (both post and alphabet) doesn't do much to clarify Beatrice, but it's classic Snicket. Includes the most epic love letter ever on a double fold-out page; I read parts of it as a reading at a friend's wedding. "I will love you until the bird hates a nest and the worm hates an apple, and until the apple ha [...]

    10. ***SPOILER ALERT******SPOILER ALERT***I still have no answers. What the BLEEP was the point of that?? There's more than one Beatrice?? She's a Baudelaire?? I'm so confused! And the Beatrice letters they spell out Beatrice Sank but who the BLEEP was she in the first place? Or I guess who were they, technically. Did anybody else understand this more than I did? Message me with some answers pleeease because I'm just confused. :(

    11. Picked up a copy of this at the antique store a block away over the weekend -- they had it on their $2 cheapo table and I got it for FREEEEEEE. Connections ftw :) Still need to read the original series. Then again, maybe I'll just watch the Netflix series ;)

    12. The Beatrice Letters is a short book in A Series of Unfortunate Events by American author, Lemony Snicket (aka Daniel Handler). It consists of twelve items of correspondence between Lemony Snicket and Beatrice Buadelaire, who is apparently the sister of Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire, and a letter to his editor. While it is difficult to make any sense at all out of this, frankly, bizarre collection, Snicket does display his love of whacky definitions and wordplay like puns and anagrams. The [...]

    13. If it weren't for this book, I'd be a bit more pleased with the overall ending of the series. I just didn't like how the last letter in The Beatrice Letters was so CONFUSING to me! I couldn't figure out what the heck Lemony Snicket was doing. I know he never gives straight answers, but he could've alluded to finally agreeing to meet the other Beatrice and helping her track down her family. I don't need every answer to every question, but I do like some resolution, and I feel like that book made [...]

    14. Finally completed my collection!A great add to my collection. Still didn't contain real answers to the many questions that was left in my mind when the series ended, nonetheless it was a great read. Like Lemony Snicket's The Unauthorized Autobiography, The Beatrice Letters may leave you scouring for clues, wanting to get into solving the huge mystery enveloping the Baudelaire children. I love how the book had a Lemony Snicket feel to it. I love how it wasn't an ordinary book. When you open it, t [...]

    15. "In spite of language, in spite of intelligence and intuition and sympathy, one can never really communicate anything to anybody." - Aldous Huxley, Collected Essays As a fan of the A Series of Unfortunate Events books, I like to seek out other related works by Lemony Snicket in order to get the whole picture. First off, this book is inteded for a younger audience as there is an interactive element to it. An element that you may not get to take part in if you've borrowed your copy from the librar [...]

    16. This is to be read after completing the entire Series of Unfortunate Events. It’s been some years since I read them, so some details are fuzzy. Original series spoilers follow.The book is wonderfully artistic; visually delightful. It comes with two folder pockets, each labeled “Letters.” One is for written letters, and one is for letters of the alphabet and a fold-out poster. The written letters booklet contains punch-out letters as a puzzle for you. The letters Lemony writes are to Beatri [...]

    17. I suppose that when an author has sold millions of books in a very short amount of time, it becomes possible for him to convince a publisher to produce a most unconventional book. It’s certainly what Daniel Handler, pardon me—Lemony Snicket, has done with the Beatrice Letters. Perhaps “book” isn’t the correct word. It’s far closer to a puzzle or a bookshelf game than a mere book of black and white pages. Released on Sept. 6, 2006, the Beatrice Letters are said to contain clues to the [...]

    18. If you have read all thirteen of The Series of Unfortunate Events and Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Biography, then I would highly recommend you read The Beatrice Letters, which is also by Lemony Snicket. All these books are full of adventure and are dearly loved by people all around the world. The Beatrice Letters is a series of letters that was a conversation between Lemony Snicket and Beatrice Baudelaire. The Beatrice Letters reveals a lot of information that is usually asked by the reader [...]

    19. If you like "interactive" books that make you think and you have read A Series of Unfortunate Events, then I would say definitely check this out. I loved how as you read the series, you get more and more clues as to who this mysterious Beatrice woman is who Lemony Snicket dedicates all of his books to. Of course, when I saw The Beatrice Letters sitting on a shelf in Borders, I had to buy it. Inside, it's not like a normal book. It has two different file holders, one for letters and one for lette [...]

    20. This book is invaluable to anyone who has read the entire Series of Unfortunate Events. *spoilers*It is important to note that the Beatrice Lemony Snicket is writing to is the Baudelaires' mother, whereas the Beatrice who is writing to him is Kit Snicket's child. There is also a poster contained in this collection on letters, which I believe is meant to imply that the Baudelaires have died. Ah well. 'Twas The End after all.

    21. Want to know how I feel about this book? I want to go outside, throw it in the street, then go run it over with my dad's work truck. That's how I feel. You know the cliffhanger at the end of "The End"? Well, this just makes it a thousand times worse. It really made the whole series a waste of time.I'd give it no stars if I could.

    22. I loved this book for the simple reason that it never revealed the whole truth at any give time, which left you to ponder yourself, the answers to the many unanswered questions raised throughout the story.I also loved the pop-out letters which could spell many different words referred to in the book, which helped to further the themes of mystery and the search for the truth.

    23. Top secret only for readers deeply interested in the Baudelaire case. How I pity these readers.With all due respect,Lemony Snicket

    24. The cover still blows my mind. ICYDK: if you look to the left of Beatrice’s hair you can see an outline of young Beatrice!!!

    25. Slight supplementary material/postscript for 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' which, like 'The Unauthorised Autobiography', answers fewer questions than it raises. Serving as both prequel and sequel to ASOUE, I wonder if Handler was experimenting to see which direction offered the most promise: of course he decided it would be the prequels (the very good 'All The Wrong Questions' series). Probably the right decision: there's little indication that he knows what to do in the post-ASOUE world, whe [...]

    26. I cannot read this book without bursting into tears, slipping into extreme introspection of experiencing a dull heartache that lasts a whole evening afterward. It gets me, every single time .

    27. This book answers questions with more questions, and contains the most stirringly detailed love letter ever written.

    28. Anyone who has read all 13 books ofA Series of Unfortunate Events knows that (view spoiler)[there a two characters that bear the name Beatrice: Beatrice, mother of the 3 orphans and Lemony Snicket's object of affection; and Beatrice, who is born in the final book, the daughter of Kit Snicket and Lemony Snicket's neice. This book consists of correspondence between L.S. and both Beatrices, but the letters aren't laid out in a way that makes it automatically clear which Betrice is writing, or recei [...]

    29. I read "The Beatrice Letters" twice - I read it before "The End" the last book in Lemony Snicket's Unfortunate Series of Events and I read it again after reading "The End". I enjoyed the word play in the book the first time I read it, especially in the letter where Snicket tell Beatrice how long he will love her. Snicket also has great fun with the word "letter" as in letters of the alphabet and letters you write, often mixing the two until the reader is thoroughly confused. There are tons of an [...]

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