Henry VIII and His Six Wives There were six of them three Katherines two Annes and a Jane One of them was the King s wife for twenty four years another for only a year and a half One died two were divorced and two were behea

  • Title: Henry VIII and His Six Wives
  • Author: Janet Hardy-Gould
  • ISBN: 9780194216845
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Paperback
  • There were six of them three Katherines, two Annes, and a Jane One of them was the King s wife for twenty four years, another for only a year and a half One died, two were divorced, and two were beheaded It was a dangerous, uncertain life.After the King s death in 1547, his sixth wife finds a box of old letters one from each of the first five wives They are sad, anThere were six of them three Katherines, two Annes, and a Jane One of them was the King s wife for twenty four years, another for only a year and a half One died, two were divorced, and two were beheaded It was a dangerous, uncertain life.After the King s death in 1547, his sixth wife finds a box of old letters one from each of the first five wives They are sad, angry, frightened letters They tell the story of what it was like to be the wife of Henry VIII of England.

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    1. Janet Hardy-Gould

      Janet Hardy Gould is a published author of children s books Published credits of Janet Hardy Gould include King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table Oxford Bookworms Starters , Henry VIII and His Six Wives Oxford Bookworms Library , and The Oxford Bookworms Library Stage 2 700 Headwords Henry VIII and his Six Wives Oxford Bookworms Library.

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    1. This book can be used in a history class, but more than that, it is just not helpful for those who are interested in the Tudor dynasty. For me this book was a complete disappointement. The focus is on King Henry's six wives but the writer failed to mention that the king's great matter stemed in the break with the church of Rome and its reperecussions. Well, yes it mentioned the break with Rome but in like one sentence!How can one talk about Henry VIII without talking about his governement. Besid [...]

    2. I can't remember how my passion for the Tudors started out or what was the spark of it, but what I still recall was that this book was the first Tudor book I read to learn more about King Henry VIII and his six wives and it immediately fueled the fire of my Tudor interest which to this day still keeps burning stronger and stronger.I was about 9 or 10 years old at the time of reading this and I found that it offered an amazing and terse summary of Henry and his wives. Not too deep yet balanced in [...]

    3. 1.Oxford level22. 6/23=40minutes, 5/24=40minutes3. wives, letter, six, king, divorce, maid, queen4. (a)I like the story of Henry's fifth wife, Anne of Cleves.(b)It is because the reason of divorce was funny. Anne's face was looks like horse, so Henry who likes beautiful women decided to divorce.5. There are many stories of his wives in this book. And most of them were terrible and unbelievable. However, I could learn about him and I was interested in history of England Kings.

    4. 1. Oxford level22. 10/10 40min, 10/12 40min3. King, wives, letter, son, divorce, angry, die, behead4.a)Please be kind to our daughter.Do not angry with her.b)This mother is very strong, because she tried to protect her daughter, when she was killed by him just before. I felt the mother's deep love to her daughter.5) I learned him when I was a high school student. He is one of the men who affect the England. He created the Anglican Church. However, he created it to divorce from his wife. He wante [...]

    5. Wow! I think this book took me about 4 months to read-- -eek! I am very interested in Tudor and English history, so this book title really grabbed me. However, I wasn't expecting a true HISTORY book. This book could be a text for a history class with all of its detail--- and sometime too much detail-- about Henry VIII and his wives (there was information about surviving records that detail the stench of the king's leg wound that ailed him in his later years). Despite the heavy text and detailed [...]

    6. 1. Publisher: Janet Hardy Gould Company: Oxford Level:22. Time: 6/16 11mins 21mins 9mins3. wife, die, love, friend, lonely,gold,marry4. Do you want to find a girlfriend or boyfriend like friend?→Yes and No.lol I think friendship is of course good between boyfriend and girlfriend. But in fact they love each other so,I want to find more good relationship than friendship.When do you want to marry??→ If I can decided the time, I want to do when I'm 27 years old.But I know that it's difficult for [...]

    7. 1 oxford level2 2 7/14=70 7/16=103 six wives, divorce, behead, die, angry, son, letters4 a)"Please be kind to our daughter Elizabeth. Do not be angry with her, because of me." b) This wife tried to protect her daughter just before she was killed. I think mothers are strong and great. I would like to be a kind mother like her. 5 I learned about this king so I could understand this story easily, but I didn't know he had six wives. I was disappointed at him because he was selfish. He divorved her w [...]

    8. This book is good, in terms of serving as a mirror to partly reflect what lives they were as King Henry VIII's wives. I've always been interested in learning more about this specific time of the Tudor, and the notorious King Henry VIII who had six wives. So I was very intrigued and fascinated to read this book, especially when the lives of those wives were presented in a short, but not without noticeable facts and biter endings, manner. The style of telling stories through letters is also a good [...]

    9. 1. Oxford level22. 12/8 60min 12/9 20min3. KingWivesDivorce BeheadedDiedBadStrong4. A "Henry was a bad husband, but he was a strong king of England"B he was a bad husband and also famous for killing people who made him angry. But he was strong King! I think King should be strong more than good husband.5. I like this book. It is written about Henry's wives. It was the first time to read about King's wives' stories. So I learned many new things. I was surprised that his fifth wife was thirty years [...]

    10. 1.Oxford Level 22.03/27=70 minutes;04/16=10minutes3.King,wives,die,divorsce,behead,box,old letters4.a)The sixth wife, Catherine Parr, introduced King of Henry the Eigth to Margaret. She is new maid in his palace. She was interested in his life, and wanted to listen to it more. So Cathrine showed her the letters of his wives.b)I like this passage. This is a beggining of this story. I was exited when I read this passage.5.I was very surprised when I heard this is true story. I can't think the King [...]

    11. 1 oxford lev22 4/16 45min3 history love Henry queens letters life England 4 a)And in the end, I had to marry Henry . b)" marriage " this words makes us come up with happiness, however this sentence looklike not happy. So I felt strange and found marriage was not free for women at that time.5 I couldn't find the interesting of history but this book gave it! I also found " woman" is really smart and tough!

    12. Oxford Readers, level 2. Time 5/20= 45min. 5/21=40min. total=85min. Seven word summary / a King, six wives, letter, death, divorce, behead, uncertain lifeQ. If you were a queen, would you marry this king?A. No. I don’t want to marry him because he has 6 wives! It’s too many.Because I have studied about this king, it was easy to understand the story of life. I think he is a very scary person.

    13. 1.janet hardy-gould 2rating2.4/29 15minutdms 4/30 25minutes3.katherine of aragon, anne boleyn, katherina howard,letter,children,wife,tower4.(a) i don't like the passage that henry divorsed his wives because they made him angry.(b)i thought that he was selfish and i don't like him.5is book'story is about henry's wives. the wives' life was full of hardships. because he loved them, they were killed or send to the tower of London. i felt sad.

    14. I can't really rate this book. It's basic. Super basic. Intended for educational purposes only and to gain very limited info in terms of King Henry VIII and his wives. Beginners in English will enjoy this "It's an Oxford edition, Stage II". If you are interested in attaining rich historic details you shall not find this book useful at all. However, if you feel like knowing some headlines without going through huge books, and just get the juice out of the fruit, then go for it.

    15. 1. oxford level2 Janet hardy gould2.7/15 85min.3. love kill divorce wives lonly angry behead4.a 【Henry was a king of England. He had six wives, but two wives were divorced and other two wives were beheaded.】b. 【His face was more like a potato than ever, and his eyes were always half-closed.】5. Firstly, I was surprised that Henry had six wives. Moreover, he divorced two of them and other two wives were beheaded. It is terrible and I can't understand that. I don't want to marry to him!!

    16. 1. Oxford / level22. 07/19=80min3. history, love, Henry, queens, letters, life, England4. "And in the end, I had to marry Henry." I think that a marriage is generally happy event, but I can't feel happy feelings from this passage.5. I enjoyed to read this book very much. If I have a chance to learn about Henry more, I want to know the details of him.

    17. I've watched a Anne Boleyn's movie and some Elizabeth's ones the other day and they were in this book. I'm interested in it but it is difficult to learn it. For me, this book is a good start to learn about it.

    18. This was actually a textbook, but I really found it a fascinating read. It gave alot of information that I didn't know about Henry VIII and his wives. It was hard to put down. The information was well researched by the author and was true.

    19. It's ok; a history book first and foremost - don't expect seeing stuff from the Tudors film series in here.

    20. Got this out of the library yesterday. Read on the train this morning. Now giving to my 6-year old! Didn't realise it was a children's book. Doh!

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