A Bedtime Yarn Like a well worn snuggly blanket this sweet bedtime story about a little bear who s afraid of the dark and his mother s creative solution will warm and comfort readers big and small Frankie is a lit

  • Title: A Bedtime Yarn
  • Author: Nicola Winstanley Olivia Chin Mueller
  • ISBN: 9781101918081
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Like a well worn, snuggly blanket, this sweet bedtime story about a little bear who s afraid of the dark and his mother s creative solution will warm and comfort readers big and small.Frankie is a little bear who has a hard time falling asleep The dark is scary, and he hates to be alone So his mother gives him a ball of yarn to hold when he goes to bed, and she keeps theLike a well worn, snuggly blanket, this sweet bedtime story about a little bear who s afraid of the dark and his mother s creative solution will warm and comfort readers big and small.Frankie is a little bear who has a hard time falling asleep The dark is scary, and he hates to be alone So his mother gives him a ball of yarn to hold when he goes to bed, and she keeps the other end in the next room, working it into a surprise for Frankie.Every few nights the yarn color changes, and Frankie dreams in all the colors that he and his mother pick out One night he s swimming in turquoise water, another night he s in a cool gray fog He plays with a marmalade kitten and eats delicious chocolate cake Eventually Frankie and his mother create something special and Frankie learns that he s always connected to those he loves, even when he s alone in the dark.A beautiful story of love and crafting, A Bedtime Yarn will appeal to knitters, sleepy little bears and any parents dealing with their child s fear of the dark.

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    1. Nicola Winstanley Olivia Chin Mueller

      Nicola Winstanley Olivia Chin Mueller Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the A Bedtime Yarn book, this is one of the most wanted Nicola Winstanley Olivia Chin Mueller author readers around the world.

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    1. Adorable.Such a cute and delightful bedtime story!The illustrations were beautiful and colorful.I loved to read about the connection between the little bear "Frankie" and his mother, and the yarn dreams were vivid and imaginative.I read it to my 5-year-old sister, and she loved it so much! I definitely need to add this one to her picture book collection.*Thank you to NetGalley and Penguin Random House Canada for providing me with this ARC in exchange for an honest review*

    2. A BEDTIME YARN by Nicola Winstanley and illustrated by Olivia Chin Mueller published by Penguin Random House Canada will be released on September 26, 2017. I love this beautiful hardcover book that tells the story of Frankie, a little bear, going to sleep every night while holding a ball of yarn attached to his mother's knitting. Over time Frankie held many different colours of yarn while his mother knitted and every colour had a story. When he was old enough to sleep without holding the yarn, h [...]

    3. I received this ARC from Netgalley for an honest review.Bear struggles to sleep at night. It's dark and he is scared. To help him, his mother gives him one end of a piece of yarn and she has the other end. Each night the colors change and so do his dreams. Each color offers a different dream. In the end, his mother has been creating a gift that will allow him to sleep a little better each night. Great concept, cute story, and a wonderful idea.

    4. A Bedtime Yarn by Nicola Winstanley. Illustrated by Olivia Chin Mueller. A quintessential bedtime story with wonderful art and color in this cozy and endearing dreamtime adventure about a growing bear and the comfort his wise mother bear provides him in a very unique way. Especially likable is the young bear, his colorful dreams and the family’s wide-eyed kitty. Sweet. Highly recommend. Thanks to NetGalley, Penguin Random House Canada and Tundra Books for providing this ebook for review.

    5. 4.5 stars.So. Sweet.Frankie is afraid of falling asleep and dreaming, without a ball of yarn in his paws. His mother knits from the ball while he sleeps, dreaming up vivid dreams inspired by the color of the yarn that night. Although he wants to see what his mum is making, she won't let him see it until he can sleep without the yarn. When Frankie finally feels he's ready to sleep without the yarn, he wakes up to a big knitted surprise--(view spoiler)[a huge knitted blanket, encompassing all the [...]

    6. An arc was provided generously in exchange of an honest review via Netgalley.*Beautifully written and illustrated. This story shows that there is nothing to fear when you are surrounded by your dearest. Sweet and perfect as a bedtime story.

    7. This book is cuteness overload and not in a cheesy way at all. You can sense the spirit of love in every page as it pours from a concerned mother bear's heart into her little cub when it's his bedtime.Frankie does not like to go to sleep. When darkness descends and he's put into his bed that is when his fears come out to play and taunt him. He becomes scared and fights sleep every inch of the way. His wonderful Mother finds the perfect solution to ease his anxiety. She simply hands him a ball of [...]

    8. Frankie has trouble falling asleep so his mother gives him a ball of yarn to hold as she knits in the other room. Each colorful ball is replaced and takes Frankie to a new wondrous place. When he is ready to sleep on his own, his mother reveals the beautiful quilt she has made for him. Gorgeous illustrations bring this story to life as young readers learn about colors’ and growing up. A great bedtime read aloud for children ages 3 to 7.

    9. ~Disclaimer~ I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affected my opinion of the book, or the content of my review. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A little bear sleeps holding onto a ball of yarn every night. In the other room his mother knits with the yarn from the ball. Every night he has has dreams based on the colour of the yarn he is holding. Before he began sleeping with the yarn he had been afraid t [...]

    10. Frankie is a little bear who is afraid to fall asleep, he thinks he will float away in his dreams. His mother comes up with a solution, she gives him a ball of yarn to hold onto when he sleeps. Mother holds the other end and knits with it. This yarn not only holds Frankie to his bed, but it keeps him connected to his mother that he loves. It also gives his dreams colour. Every couple of nights, he gets a new ball of yarn to hold and whatever colour he is holding is what he dreams about. It could [...]

    11. I read this to my girls at bedtime and they loved it saying it would give them good dreams; although the both want a ball of yarn to sleep with now.It’s a rewarding story that will help kids who feel vulnerable about trying to fall asleep in the dark. The themes of bravery and facing their fears are really good lessons to instill early on as well as finding ways to cope. The story helped my girls open up and talk to me about what scares them.We all loved the adorable illustrations which helped [...]

    12. What a gorgeous book of connection with our dreams, and our knitting together of reality. I love how this book knit together a story of dreams and overcoming unknowns. Frankie is a sweet little Bear who holds his mother's yarn ball to feel connected to her as she knits in the living room. He imagines beautiful scenes with the vivid colors of the yarn. I was pleased that the author chose to use colors that are not basic like red, blue, green. The author used vibrant, detailed colors like "morning [...]

    13. Really sweet and simple book for reading to your little ones last thing at night. A young bear needs to hold the ball of yarn his mother is knitting with each night in order to get to sleep; every colour sends him off thinking of different things. The idea of a young child losing their comfort blanket has never been done quite like this before. The colours are lovely, the text simple, and it's all really rather charming.

    14. This is a wonderful story about a bear and his many balls of yarn. He uses his yarn as a snuggle in bed. The color helps him have amazing dreams and know that he is always anchored, and never able to float away. This was a masterfully told story, that were kicked up further by the amazing and colorful illustrations.

    15. I can't stop thinking about this book! It is so simple and so magical at the same time. Thank you NetGalley and Nicola Winstanley for sharing your sweet story.Review at tonceuponashelf/20

    16. A Bedtime Yarn is a delightful bedtime tale of comfort and a mother’s ingenuity. When young Frankie has trouble falling asleep at night, his mother devises a creative solution to help him relax and drift peacefully into dreamland. Each night Mama Bear gives Frankie her ball of wool to hold as he snuggles in his bed and she sits by the fire to knit. The click, click of her knitting needles lull him to sleep as the balls of wool slowly unravel in his paws. Each yarn color holds its own story and [...]

    17. As a mother of three reluctant sleepers, I can appreciate the mother bear's efforts to comfort her little one. She has a wonderful idea to let her son hold a ball of yarn she is knitting from to connect them while he falls asleep. He has beautiful dreams with vibrant colors, the same as the yarn. A Bedtime Yarn is a lovely story with gentle parenting. The illustrations add so much to the story and I adore the yarn winding around the pages.

    18. As an ARC member for Netgalley, I got this book to review with my four year old daughter.The story is very imaginative and an easy read. My daughter enjoyed the story and the illustrations.I love the story of what happens with the yarn and the things that Frankie dreams about with each new ball of yarn. Incredible story and beautifully written, I look forward to reading more from this author.

    19. *thank you to Penguin Random House Canada and Netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*4 stars.Such a beautiful book! The illustrations are gorgeous and I love the colouring and the softness to them. The story is comforting which makes this a very good bedtime read. Its got a magical feel to it. Would definitely recommend this for little bubs.

    20. ARC copy warm and imaginative. I did very much like the theme of the act of holding yarn balls to soothe the nerves at night akin to ship's anchor and how all the colour swirls into imaginative adventures each night for the bear. It all weaves very nicely in the end too.

    21. oh my goodness everyone please please read this sweet and adorably heart warming story about a little bear fighting his way through scary nighttime with the help of his mother's knitting yarn. SO CUTE. 5 stars.

    22. Thank you to NetGalley for the digital copy.This is a very sweet story with delightful illustrations. I'll be buying a copy once it's out!

    23. A Bedtime Yarn by Nicola Winstanley is a very charming tale about a little bear named Frankie who has trouble going to sleep. To help him overcome fears of being in the dark alone, his mother gives him a colorful ball of yarn to hold tight while he sleeps and dreams of adventures. Each colorful ball of yarn Frankie holds marks a different adventure for this little bear. And while each adventure is beautifully illustrated, the special prize is at the end of this very sweet book.This is a wonderfu [...]

    24. This book was cute. I plan on getting it for my daughter. She will enjoy exploring the colors and other items mentioned in the book. I also love the story behind the yarn and what it turns into. Definitely a great book to read at bedtime.

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