Royally Deep Take one sexy quarterback Mix in one adventurous princess Add some serious sexual tension And you get the royal romance of a lifetime Kyle Young all star quarterback and lady killer thought he knew wh

  • Title: Royally Deep
  • Author: Virna DePaul
  • ISBN: 1230001452556
  • Page: 126
  • Format: ebook
  • Take one sexy quarterback,Mix in one adventurous princess,Add some serious sexual tension,And you get the royal romance of a lifetime.Kyle Young all star quarterback and lady killer thought he knew what he wanted out of life freedom, football and fun Then he meets Bella She seems like the perfect woman gorgeous, funny, and a huge football fan But what he doesn t know Take one sexy quarterback,Mix in one adventurous princess,Add some serious sexual tension,And you get the royal romance of a lifetime.Kyle Young all star quarterback and lady killer thought he knew what he wanted out of life freedom, football and fun Then he meets Bella She seems like the perfect woman gorgeous, funny, and a huge football fan But what he doesn t know Bella also happens to be Princess Arabella of Salasia.Yearning for adventure and romance before she devotes herself to her country and marries a man she doesn t love, Arabella can t believe her luck when she meets Kyle Sparks fly between the football player and the princess, and they begin an affair neither of them could ve imagined.Soon, however, duty and self doubt cause Kyle and Arabella to separate Can he become the prince she needs And can Arabella overcome her family s disapproval Or will their love transform back into a pumpkin at midnight, leaving them both without a happily ever after

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    1. Virna DePaul

      A former prosecutor, Virna DePaul writes heat, heart, HEA for Harlequin and Random House She is also a bestselling Indie author, with Bedding The Wrong Brother being a top 100 contemporary romance on with over 150 5 reviews virnadepaul

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    1. ***FULL REVIEW***4 ROYAL CROWNSI love a sports romance. There is just something I love about a sexy athlete taking all his or her dedication, stamina, and drive into a relationship and the bedroom. I also love a royal romance. Entering the world of decadence, rules, and expectations gets me every time. So when I saw that Virna DePaul's newest book would merge the two worlds, I couldn't resist reading it, and I wasn't disappointed!The characters of this book are what make it so delightful to read [...]

    2. A sweet princess undercover book. I enjoyed the story, a modern fairytale with some predictable moments but well worth a read.

    3. Virna DePaul never falls short of capturing an audience. Whether rocking out with the band, lusting after the bad boy, learning family secrets or searching out a new life and experiencing some long needed freedom, it's a forgone conclusion that each journey will be captivating. Royally Deep turns the aristocracy on it's head with a fearless princess and her unconventional Prince Charming. Bella is her own woman. A world of structure has bred a woman willing to break down those walls and create h [...]

    4. Princess Arabella has a problem. She loves football, especially quarterback Kyle Young. She manages to get to a game, even though she has to deal with bodyguards and all that security stuff. I thought she was sort of cute in her zeal for the sport. When she meets Kyle at the stadium, and the sparks immediately fly, I settled in to read this romantic fantasy. I really liked Kyle. He's a sweet guy and he clicks right away with Arabella. His thoughts are of all the things he wants to do with her, b [...]

    5. Excellent. My favorite so farArabella is a Princess from Europe, visiting New York. She loves football and the Bootleggers are her favorite team, especially Kyle Young. She goes to their game and runs into Kyle at the kiosk stand. Kyle is a famous football player, has had lots of women, but the moment he sees Arabella ( Bella ) he knows there is something different about her, one kiss and he’s certain she’s different from any other woman. Bella sneaks away from her bodyguard and spends the n [...]

    6. Kyle and Bella’s story is like a rollercoaster ride… it has so many ups and downs that it left my head spinning.Butterflies and passion is followed by separation and desperation. These are followed by reunion and cheer and those are followed by heartbreak and feeling betrayed… an seemingly unbreakable vicious circle…This modern day fairy tale lives from its awesome characters and the twisty plot!

    7. I received this ARC and am voluntarily providing my review. I loved everything about this book. Verna DePaul is one of my favorite authors and this new book did not disappoint. Bella is in New York about to attend an American NFL football game for the first time in her life and her favorite team, the Georgia Bootleggers, are playing. All she has dreamed of is meeting her favorite quarterback, as well as a little freedom from the responsibilities to her country before she must marry a man she doe [...]

    8. Kyle Young is an all-star quarterback who's on the injured list. During halftime, he strikes up a conversation with a cute young woman at the souvenir stand. Unbeknownst to Kyle, she's the Princess of Salasia and a HUGE fan of Kyle's team, only he catches her buying souvenirs for the opposing team. He purposely taunts her in hopes that she'll chase after him, then walks away. Bella finally catches up to him as he's buying nachos with tons of jalapeños. She fires back stats to him to prove she k [...]

    9. 4.5 StarsI have only read a couple of books by Virna DePaul and I haven't read book one in this series it made no difference to the enjoyment I got from this book so I would say you can definitely read this one as a standalone.What happens when a Princess looking for some fun meets an all star quarterback.Sparks fly.Bella better known as Princess Arabella is in New York attending her first American NFL game, she has followed the Georgia Bootleggers from her home country of Salasia never thinking [...]

    10. This is the second book in the Going Deep series but it can definitely stand on it's own. I have to say I really enjoyed the almost immediate attraction between Bella and Kyle. Bella, better known as Princess Arabella, wants to live her life as a normal young woman for at least a few days. An ordinary woman who can go out and enjoy a football game or meeting up with some players at a bar without having to worry about her bodyguard or anyone realizing she is royalty. But in her desire to hide her [...]

    11. Kyle is the star quarterback for his football team and is known as a lady killer. Bella is a princess from a country in Europe but she just wants to a normal 20 year old. Kyle meets Bella at one of the games and thinks she is just another groupie until he speaks to her and sees she is so much more. Bella can’t believe she is actually talking to Kyle because she is a really big fan of his and of football in general. The more time that they spend together they both know that they want more until [...]

    12. Who doesn't love a good princess story??? I do!!!! And this was definitely a good princess story. Princess Arabella of Salasia or Bella, is in New York to attend a football game as the guest of a team owner. Bella is a huge American football fan so this is a dream come true for her. If only her favorite player, Kyle Young, wasn't on the injured list so she could see him play. Kyle sneaks away to get some proper nachos at the snack bar when he meets Bella who immediately dazzles him with her vast [...]

    13. This is the first book I've read by this author and it certainly won't be the last. I read this book in one sitting, I was hooked from the first page. I loved how there was an instant connection between Bella and Kyle, even though Bella lives by the rules and protocol a good princess should, I loved that she was a normal girl even if it was for a short period of time. I enjoyed the romance between them and the chemistry between them sizzle the pages! I enjoyed the story line, you really feel Bel [...]

    14. Football players, especially NFL, are American royalty and are treated as such. When Kyle starts an innocent conversation with Bella he has no clue she's a blue blood. Their fame may or may not be a blessing, but it's a challenge worth accepting. Their connection was real, honest and exciting. DePaul manages to make these royal characters seem like our friends and it was disappointing to read The End. Always sexy, always captivating, and always fun I will always come back for more of her books. [...]

    15. Kyle Young's the star quarterback of his team. He's hot, sexy & also a ladies man who enjoys his life without commitment. That's until he meets Bella, who at first unbenounce to him also happens to be Princess Arabella of Salasia. She's a big football fan & at the games as a guest of the owner. Her future's mapped out for her, to marry a guy of royalty etc. When the 2 of them meet, it's an instant attraction. Will they get their HEA? I'm a new reader of Virna DePaul & I must say afte [...]

    16. 3.5 Stars ~ Entertaining lighthearted read, the princess gets her sportman. You can find love in the most unlikely places. Side note:Europe has way too many princesses looking for love. Be brave and love will guide you.• Detailed Review ~ Coming Jan. 10th -> closetgeekbookgroup.wordpress

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