Stone Cold Magic Demon patrol officer Ella Grey was pronounced dead after an accident on the job but eighteen minutes later she woke up on a gurney bound for the morgue With no explanation for her mysterious resurrec

  • Title: Stone Cold Magic
  • Author: Jayne Faith Christine Castle
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Demon patrol officer Ella Grey was pronounced dead after an accident on the job, but eighteen minutes later she woke up on a gurney bound for the morgue With no explanation for her mysterious resurrection, she just wants to get back to life as usual But she didn t return to the living alone The soul of a reaper followed her back from the grave, and it s not just along fDemon patrol officer Ella Grey was pronounced dead after an accident on the job, but eighteen minutes later she woke up on a gurney bound for the morgue With no explanation for her mysterious resurrection, she just wants to get back to life as usual But she didn t return to the living alone The soul of a reaper followed her back from the grave, and it s not just along for the ride It s taking over her body and mind, trying to use her to continue its morbid work But it also gives her visions of her troubled brother, Evan, who disappeared years ago The reaper might be her biggest ally in her search for Evan if it doesn t eat her soul first.Torn between the instinct to survive and the realization that only death s eyes can lead her to her brother, Ella throws herself into a race against time to somehow outmaneuver the reaper.

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      299 Jayne Faith Christine Castle
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    1. Jayne Faith Christine Castle

      Jayne Faith Christine Castle Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Stone Cold Magic book, this is one of the most wanted Jayne Faith Christine Castle author readers around the world.

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    1. ➽ February 26, 2018: free today! Friendly warning: this crappy non-review is as uninspired as this book was unexpectedly and shockingly good. Be afraid, my Little Barnacles, be very afraid.I was SO sure this one was going to suck BIG time I didn't even bother adding it to my 'currently reading' shelf when I started it. Because, seriously: a UF book by two fairly unknown authors, available through Kindle Unlimited? Exactly. I mean, let's be honest here, 99.99% of Kindle Unlimited books are pure [...]

    2. A good book about a demon police officer who dies and comes back to life with a little extra. Interesting world building.

    3. Discovered the audiobook of Stone Cold Magic through the Hoopla app that my library pays for. Loved Amy Landon as the narrator. She did an awesome job bringing the story to life like usual ❤️

    4. Stone Cold MagicAn exciting magical mystery that left me guessing till the end. Ella came back from the dead but she didn't come alone. A creature from the other side hitched a ride. She finds herself in a race against time to not only save herself but also to find her missing brother and help a young girl to save her brother before it's too late.I loved the mystery and how the story flowed. It had an unique storyline and I liked the variation of paranormal creatures. This isn't your average fan [...]

    5. *** I got this book via Kindle Unlimited on as a tester of the service ***I like female characters in fantasy novels that are defined and it comes off from the first page. Ella Grey needed a proper warm up before it turned out who she really is.The story follows a low-level magic Demon Huntress, who works in a special patrol tackling minor demons. She comes back to service after being killed and coming back to life, which hints at her being special. We are dropped right into her adventure as sh [...]

    6. A bit repetitiveI was hoping for a stronger female lead when I started the book. Ella is pretty unremarkable. She lacks confidence and focus, so I found reading hard. She is lazy in mind-doesn't consider consequences of think through actions and seems to just stumble through life. She also has a history of bad romantic decisions which I feel she is repeating. There is no sex in book one-something I like-but the romantic interest is not a character I am interested in. And neither is Ella, which i [...]

    7. Well blow me down with a feather! Never would I freely have bought this book, it's not my genre and not why I read. I have plenty of fear, violence, horror and fantasy in the office daily, I really don't need to read it in my spare time. I did not know anything about the author, I still don't although I think she's/they're young. The language skips to colloquial parlance often but it is in keeping with the age of the protagonist. The plot is thin but interesting enough to hold attention througho [...]

    8. 3.5 stars Interesting readA little more polishing and this book would be five stars. There was quite a bit too much information repetition for my liking. It's not like I forgot that but if info in the last couple of pages. Other than that I feel like the MC could have used a little more background. Or maybe a bit more on the setting of the world.I like the characters though. They are an interesting bunch. I will say I wasn't to please on how the MC handled the situation there towards the ending. [...]

    9. I'm not going to rehash the plot, you can read the description for that. I picked this title as the author was compared to Kim Harrison. This story excited me as much as Harrison's first Hollows book. The comparison is valid.Excellent world building with a cast of familiar (and favorite) supernatural creatures.Well developed characters that now have me invested in what comes next. My only regret is stumbling on a new series that's still at the book one stage. I hate waiting but gladly will. Can' [...]

    10. This was just to boring for me. I also not a fan where the magical world and the human world combine and everybody knows about it. Another thing I am not a fan of, is futuristic timeline. I had a hard time with it all. This book just was something I would read at all. The reason I gave it two stars, was because it flows well. It was written really nicely, with just enough description to see the world Jayne Faith had created, without drowning the reader in details. That's always nice. It just did [...]

    11. I recommended this book before I even got to the last pageSo much fun and such a breathe of fresh air from the obnoxious YA drama I kept accidentally scooping up. I appreciate this serious for welcoming me into a very cool new genre. I love that the unexpected happens to Ella.The first person pov has drawbacks when I feel like dialogue with others could be developed more. A great thing about this author is the way she developed this world for us. I know the time period, the place, every detail i [...]

    12. Lovely on so many frontsAt this point, it's hard for me to find really great new-to-me authors of UF, so Jayne Faith's Ella Grey series was a delightful surprise. The writing is top notch, the characters fresh while still echoing many of my favourite tropes, and this book ended satisfyingly while still leaving ominous larger issues for further books in the series. I ran right out and bought #2 and am dying to dive in.

    13. I received an ARC from the author and have chosen to review it. I really enjoyed reading this book. I found it really interesting to see how Ella Grey went about her life after she had been declared dead for about 20 minutes and what she went through to find out what was going on with her and to deal with things from her past. It was really interesting to see and I can’t wait to read the next one in the series.

    14. This was a good Witch book, Im beginning to be swayed to the idea that they are the best.This story, its characters and characterisation was tight. The sleezy and predictable were just that. The friends and associates. Were likable cool with their own quirks or perhaps stories. The story life f!ows with some unusual and unexpected turns. I had to give it five, for it'd true value of a full well told storey. Leaving this reader keen for more.

    15. Loved it:!This was a free book but, it accomplished what the author set out to do. I am hooked on This series and will purchase the rest in the series. It is both creative and captivating. The characters are well on their way to being some of the best developed and interesting personalities I've ever read. (Hopefully Deb gets rid of her loser hung and Jacob has a spell fast to make him feel guilty for each and every atrocity he's inflicted on others) Just sayin.

    16. Not compelling enough to support the plotPossessed demon hunting cop is desperate to find her brother. She's so desperate for redemption of past mistakes that she helps a girl whose brother is trapped with a demon. Except there are no emotional scenes to support any deep feelings for any one in the story. Instead there are set ups for subplots or future series plots. It's a classic case of tell not show.

    17. The premise is great, I love the idea behind the book. That said the pacing is slow and the writing is weak. I read about a fourth then started skimming. At about the halfway point, I couldn't even do that and skipped to the end. There are so many good books out there, don't waste your time on this one.

    18. New Urban Fantasy for MeWow! Don't remember which author newsletter the recommendation was in but thank you. Great new UF series to add to my reading list. I have already bought the second in the series before I finished the first. Last time I did that was with the Dresden Files, umm or was it the Monster Hunters series?

    19. Truly a new view on paranormalElla is interesting, quirky and newly "gifted" with something that tagged a!long on her return from death. As she learns more about her "other" she is caught up in helping a girl get her brother and a new partner at work. Fascinating twists and turns in the story that keep you hooked.

    20. I picked this up on a whim after seeing it in the suggestions. I'm glad I did.The main character is an interesting, flawed person. She loves her friends, bucks authority, but is stubbornly oblivious to herself.The story is well textured, and small in scope but hinting at bigger things to come.I look forward to reading more about Ella and her friends.

    21. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to read an advance copy of this book, and I can tell you it wont disappoint. This is the first book of Jayne Faith I have read and it was great. I can't wait for the 2nd installment

    22. This is one I will remember. It ranks up there with The Hollows, Greywalker. There was a great story line. Didn't have half a book filled with just sex. I can't wait to get started on the next in the series.

    23. Great startThis was the first time I read this author's work and I must say it was a brilliant start to a new series. Ella Grey is a very intriguing character. The story holds the readers interest. Looking forward to the next book.

    24. For love of gargoylesThis supernatural delight was well balanced with all my favorite crafters, creatures,species and a few new ones. This story has a good moral code fighting with delicious wickedness. I'm eager to read #2

    25. Interesting world, moderately interesting supporting characters, but the main character behaves like a lunatic most of the time. Not planning to read the sequels.

    26. Good book to start series Well written first of series book. Engaging story establishing the backstory for books number two of the series. I’m looking forward to it.

    27. Something for EveryoneThis was the first of Jayne Faiths books I have read. I couldn't put it down. Lots of action, intrigue and a tiny bit of romance.

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