Sand Chronicles Vol Can the sands of time bury the pain of the past Ann and Daigo s LD long distance relationship is put to the test as time goes by and they find themselves spending and time with their childhood friends

  • Title: Sand Chronicles, Vol. 4
  • Author: Hinako Ashihara
  • ISBN: 9781421514802
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Paperback
  • Can the sands of time bury the pain of the past Ann and Daigo s LD long distance relationship is put to the test as time goes by and they find themselves spending and time with their childhood friends aristocratic brother and sister Fuji and Shika than each other Is it just due to proximity or are deeper feelings at play Twelve year old Ann and her divorCan the sands of time bury the pain of the past Ann and Daigo s LD long distance relationship is put to the test as time goes by and they find themselves spending and time with their childhood friends aristocratic brother and sister Fuji and Shika than each other Is it just due to proximity or are deeper feelings at play Twelve year old Ann and her divorced mother move from big city Tokyo to her mother s rural hometown How will Ann survive her exile from civilization Then, when her mother commits suicide, Ann has to grow up fast As the years pass, Ann learns to trust and depend on her new friends Daigo and aristocratic siblings Fuji and Shika But when Ann moves back to Tokyo to be with her father, will she be able to maintain a long distance relationship with Daigo And do Fuji and Shika harbor romantic feelings of their own that might rip their childhood friendships apart

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      335 Hinako Ashihara
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    1. Hinako Ashihara

      Debut with Sono Hanashi okotowari shimasu in 1994 on Bessatsu Shoujo Comics GenresShoujo 17 Romance 14 Drama 11 School Life 6 Slice of Life 5 Sports 2 Comedy 2 Historical 1 Mystery 1 Mature 1 Gender Bender 1 Japanese name

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    1. see full review @ Katie's CornerRight now, as I’m writing this review it’s the end of December, though I’m sure it will go live either in February or in March. I started reading it back in November during my midterms and because there are only 7 volumes uploaded on mangafox (it’s licensed right now so go to mangahere), I had to wait until Christmas to get the remaining 3. However, the main story ends at vol.8 and the last 2 volumes are bonus stories.I remember I was quite reluctant to st [...]

    2. A few days ago Oyce asked me what I thought of the series so far."Well," I said dubiously, "Ann cries an awful lot." I may have been inappropriately amused when this became a plot point.

    3. The way I see the fourth volume of Sand Chronicles by Miss Hinako Ashihara is like a ladder. As the characters climb higher, the steps behind them disintegrate. Ann, Daigo, Fuji, and Shika are farther from where they were before. Their lives are moving forward, but the past seems to haunt them down. Sand Chronicles is full of emotions, and readers can hear each characters' heart without reading what they say. From their actions to their facial expressions, they say everything. But for readers to [...]

    4. There's a lot going on in this one, but it's not my favorite so far. The ending was pretty okay, but the rest of the in-between was just heartbreaking.

    5. When I began reading manga (which was only two months ago), I never expected to read something that was truly touching. I thought it would all be fun and cute. This series changes my mind completely about the type of manga I like. Sure, I enjoy reading funny manga like Special A or cute manga like Fruits Basket, but I enjoy reading manga with a realistic story line and deeper meaning much more. It’s just better that way. That’s what this series was for me and I can only hope I’ll find more [...]

    6. This volume is a mixture. You have normal teenage antics, love, sadness, anger, betrayal, and more. The volume starts of with Fuji's disappearance. He hasn't been seen in days, then weeks, then months. There's an undercurrent of worry. Then you have some innocent, fun playtime when Ann comes home for the holidays. The old group of friends get together for Christmas parties and even a failed attempt at dogsledding. It's a rare influx of levity and humor into the series.Most of the volume focuses [...]

    7. lesangdeslivres/20La couverture est superbe, encore mieux que celles des tomes précédents. Les couleurs sont toujours aussi bien assorties et donnent encore envie de nous plonger dans son histoire.Dès le début de ce tome, nous sommes à nouveau confrontés à la suite d’une fin assez angoissante et tragique.Nous comprenons la dévotion de notre personnage principal malgré l’accord qu’elle à passé avec son petit ami. Nous comprenons surtout dans ce tome, que l’amitié à une place [...]

    8. Ann and Daigo's relationship is put even further to the test as tensions rise when Daigo finds out Ann had been secretly meeting with Fuji for three of the months he was missing. Not only that, but Ann has an outburst at Daigo in a fit of despair, putting them both in a place where one must think carefully before making a move from now on. With things so different, awkward, and the two so far apart, will Daigo be tempted to betray Ann when Shika makes her move?This one was soo emotional, and I c [...]

    9. One thing I really love about this series is that it truly captures the essence of a first love. Things happen, you fight, you feeling different but you don't understand why, and you fight and fight and hope and pray that it's going to last forever. Like most first loves, things probably won't stay truebut you still want things to work, even when you've both changed or said horrible things to each other.Daigo and Ann are the epitome of a first love. It's refreshing to read and watch their love s [...]

    10. The non-spoiler note: I was so glad that the very large thing which happened in the first volume has come around again.(view spoiler)[ To be more specific, I am glad Ann did not just 'get over' her mother's suicide; it is a huge thing, the loss of a parent, and even larger that Miwako chose to abandon her daughter. Much of the shoujo manga that I have read would have smoothed this over by now, having some scene in which Ann 'lets go' of it and forgives her mother, but this is realistic, she is a [...]

    11. I loved this manga especially, because although Daigo and Ann's relationship issues weren't resolved, their discussions seemed to have become more reasonable. Daigo has straight out told Ann that she shouldn't cry so much, (which I've been saying the whole series), and they have decided to think hard about their relationship.I still am rooting for Ann and Daigo to work out their complications, but the way this has been going it doesn't seem likely.Fuji's part in this story was very interesting, [...]

    12. An Emotional Roller coaster!This manga series is upon one of the best that have ever been drawn. The story is so realistic to the point where you wonder if whats going on is going to happen to you. This is a story about a girl who falls in love with a boy, then the boy falls in love and then they think they will fall in love forever but *SPOILERS*All I have to say is that this manga has LOVE, BETRAYAL, ADULT-STUFF, and DRAMATIC DRAMA!!and I am not surprised that the author has won the 50th Shoga [...]

    13. In this volume, the issue of Fuji's love for Ann and Shika's feelings for Daigo finally come up. Daigo and Ann are having relationship troubles. Fuji finally contacts Ann and several interesting things happen. This book doesn't really go beyond kissing although there is a bit of innappropriate older guys in a gentlemen's club. They say some things and touch Ann's arm and leg, but other than that it is pretty clean of sex. There are a couple of punches and slaps and a few curses, but nothing too [...]

    14. This book does not fail to reach attention of others. Its love story of Ann and Daigo fits perfectly together with the other volumes. The sad and happy love story is enough to make you get emotional about the characters life. It will make u have feelings for the characters.I still recommend this book to people that enjoy love story manga's. This heart warming manga that will touch your heart. Its a nice story for anyone that enjoys this type of manga.My final thought are perfect from my perspect [...]

    15. The story continues with Ann in Tokyo and Daigo back at home. The strains are starting to show in their relationship as each begins to move in a different direction. Fuji runs away from home, thinking he is the bastard child. Meanwhile, someone is showing very close is showing an interest in Daigo. I tend to like my Manga to have fights and explosions, but there is a bitter sweetness to this story that keeps me coming back.

    16. Ashiahara's storytelling ability continues to improve as she draws the readers deeper and deeper into the emotions of her character. She's still no Yazawa Ai (in storytelling or art), but she's certainly coming into her own since her early series as well as the beginning of Sand Chronicles itself. The pacing of the volume was fluid and slow, and yet I found myself turning the pages rapidly, devouring each conversation and pluck on my heartstrings.

    17. This Manga series is getting a little heavy, and sad. Though I am actually starting to get into it. The first one was awful so I was sure I was going to regret choosing this series to read to the girl I take care of. She seems to be liking it too, though I do not think she is 100% sure what is going on. We will be finishing the series, so I look forward to reading the next one with my girlie. Not too bad!

    18. I love all these characters so much. I feel like that girl in the Mean Girls movie who said: "I wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy" Be happy, wonderful characters! Be happy! 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。(I know it probably only get more depressing, but still!)

    19. I picked this back up at the library, knowing perfectly well that it would be sad, but it always catches me off-guard. It's tough to really like any of the characters, but I never feel like I need to slap any of them. My "like" for this isn't at the 4 star level, but the story pulls you in, in a way that I just have to respect.

    20. Another thing I sort-of-own because of Shojo Beat Magazine!Ann Uekusa is splitting her time between Shimane and Tokyo. But things are getting rough with her boyfriend Daigo and her best friends Shika and Fuji. Will she survive?

    21. This is the best installment so far. The writing captures the feelings of first loves, heartaches, and all the confusion surrounding these emotions.

    22. I wasn't to impressed with this series. I really thought I would like it more but nothing about it impressed me very much. Overall the only thing that was good about this magna was the drawing style.

    23. But I liked Shika and Ann's friendship! D: Don't want it to go away! Don't toss away your female friends for the sake of d00dz, Shika. It ain't worth it.

    24. What surprises me is how much I like Fuji as well as Ann and Daigo; it actually makes the love triangle work for once.

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