Reds in the Beds A Novel of Golden Era Hollywood Hollywood history is than just colorful It s dripping with red As World War II ends a new boogieman emerges the Red Menace When a scandal accuses Tinseltown of being riddled with Communists MGM writ

  • Title: Reds in the Beds: A Novel of Golden-Era Hollywood
  • Author: Martin Turnbull
  • ISBN: 9781310473722
  • Page: 140
  • Format: ebook
  • Hollywood history is than just colorful It s dripping with red.As World War II ends, a new boogieman emerges the Red Menace When a scandal accuses Tinseltown of being riddled with Communists, MGM writing department head Marcus Adler needs to keep his reputation beyond reproach Unfortunately in Hollywood, nobody s past is spotless.While the House un American ActiviHollywood history is than just colorful It s dripping with red.As World War II ends, a new boogieman emerges the Red Menace When a scandal accuses Tinseltown of being riddled with Communists, MGM writing department head Marcus Adler needs to keep his reputation beyond reproach Unfortunately in Hollywood, nobody s past is spotless.While the House un American Activities Committee prepares to grill the brightest stars in town, gossip columnist Kathryn Massey is doing everything she can to shed the FBI informer mantle she carried during the war Desperate to avoid tangling with a notorious mobster, Massey may have to take on J Edgar Hoover himself to secure her freedom.The war killed Gwendolyn Brick s dream of opening her own store, but valuable secrets can creep into the strangest of places From behind the perfume counter at Bullocks Wilshire, Brick makes a shocking discovery that could revive her dream and change multiple lives for good.In postwar Hollywood, there are reds in the beds, the sharks are circling, and it s feeding time.Reds in the Beds is the fifth installment in the Hollywood s Garden of Allah saga, a series of historical novels set in Hollywood s heyday If you like authentic and richly detailed history, compelling and memorable characters, and seeing fiction and history seamlessly woven together, then you ll love Martin Turnbull s authentic portrayal of the City of Angels.Flip through the pages to see Hollywood s history come to life before your eyes.

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    1. Martin Turnbull

      Martin Turnbull has worked as a private tour guide showing both locals and out of towners the movie studios, Beverly Hills mansions, Hollywood hills vistas and where all the bodies are buried For nine years, he has also volunteered as an historical walking tour docent with the Los Angeles Conservancy He worked for a summer as a guide at the Warner Bros movie studios in Burbank showing movie fans through the sound stages where Bogie and Bacall, Bette Davis, Errol Flynn, and James Cagney created some of Hollywood s classic motion pictures.From an early age, Martin was enchanted with old movies from Hollywood s golden era from the dawn of the talkies in the late 1920s to the dusk of the studio system in the late 1950s and has spent many, many a happy hour watching the likes of Garland, Gable, Crawford, Garbo, Grant, Miller, Kelly, Astaire, Rogers, Turner, Welles go through their paces.When he discovered the wonderful world of biographies, autobiographies, and memoirs, his love of reading merged with his love of movies and his love of history to produce a three headed hydra gobbling up everything in his path Ever since then, he s been on a mission to learn and share as much as he can about this unique time.Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Martin moved to Los Angeles in the mid 90s.

    732 thoughts on “Reds in the Beds: A Novel of Golden-Era Hollywood”

    1. By far, "Reds in the Beds" is the best in Martin Turnbull's Garden of Allah series far. There's a final book, "Twisted Boulevard", but I must admit that I'm not ready to let go of these characters just yet. This fifth volume leaps out of the gate in only the first few pages and really never lets up with the tension until the end. Set in the latter part of the '40s, we have all the components that Hollywood was notorious for during this era: Communism, blackmail, the Black Dahlia, J. Edgar Hoover [...]

    2. This next installment of Martin Turnbull's Golden Age Hollywood series is a gem just like all the others. Action, drama, and surprising twists and turns make it a page-turner from start to finish. It's definitely part of an ongoing series, so I do not recommend starting with this book if you're just getting into this series. And while this book has a conclusion, it definitely leaves the story open for more.Martin seamlessly weaves his fictional characters and incidents in with the real history, [...]

    3. I just adore this series! I've been obsessed with Classic Hollywood since I was 12 years old, and being a rather voracious reader, I will read any book that has anything to do with the subject. Martin Turnbull's Garden of Allah series allows readers to jump right into the old photographs that we all gaze at longingly, wishing we'd been born in an earlier time. Reds in the Beds is his latest offering in the series, and it's just as packed full of action, fun, and drama as the ones that came befor [...]

    4. So Gwendolyn, Kathryn and Marcus continue living in a Hollywood filled with turmoil and whisperings of 'pinkos'. Gwennie still wants to open her dress shop, but as a regular working girl, the funding is hard to come by--or is it? Kathryn has mixed feelings about an FBI agent who forces her hand into spying on her famous friends. Does the name Bogie ring a bell? Marcus finally goes home after being thrown out by his close-minded father 20 years earlier. Happy reunion? Maybe--maybe not so much. Th [...]

    5. The series just keeps getting better and better, and more complex, as do our wonderful friends Marcus, Gwendolyn and Kathryn.Though the main substance of this book is the lead-in to Hollywood 10 and the HUAC hearings, and then up to the the development of the blacklistWas thrilled when costume designers entered the scene.Martin has taught me a lot about the resistance to the impending doom of HUAC (eg The Alliance for the First Amendment), as well as the countervailing forces, the role of the st [...]

    6. This is the best one of the Garden of Allah books yet. Turnbull has, so far, covered 20 years of Hollywood history and there in one more volume to go. I'm not going to lie to you, this is my favorite era in movies and MGM, that features in most of this series was the king of all studios. They not only had "all the stars in heaven" working under contract, but the best writers, costumers, and artists of every sort. Loving this and am not sure that I will be willing to let the characters go after t [...]

    7. REDS IN THE BEDS: ALLAH- BOOK 5As hard as they tried, THE HUAC , entered their lives also. Meaning the three main characters of course! Each one having to deal with that particular problem in their own way. Some interesting things come out about Marcus past and Howard Hughes makes a special appearance! As always, excellent read 😁

    8. Honestly, a bit unremarkable The main cast is getting older, and the whole "golden age" of Hollywood is coming to a close. Nothing truly memorable but it feels like the cast is getting a second gen with Doris and Arlene which I hope gets explored.

    9. I read two fantasy novels before continuing this series. I had forgotten how much time had passed in the story and was surprised that it had been twenty years since the main characters came to Hollywood. Reads like an historical novel.

    10. Another great book.I have read all five books in this series & they keep getting better. The stories intertwine the lives of three fictional characters with the cream of Hollywood. This book deals with the period that the government was sure that Hollywood was drowning in Communist actors, writers, and others. The story skillfully shows the problems that Hollywood had to deal with while weaving the lives of Marcus, Gwendolyn and Kathryn into the mix. Great plot, excellent writing. I can't wa [...]

    11. The trio of friends get into a few more hassles in this book. Hollywood is scared of being blacklisted. Gwendolyn tries to find her money. Kathryn just tries to stay alive.Now Hoover and Siegel are butting into the business of Marcus, Kathryn and Gwendolyn. There are plenty of stars in this book, but Bette Davis seems to be most prominent to me (maybe because I can see her acting JUST like her character was written). While I didn't enjoy this one as much as Searchlights, it is still a nice read. [...]

    12. Excellent seriesI enjoyed every book in this series from beginning to end. They are the type of books that you never want to end, and are sad when it is finally complete. I adored all the characters, felt like they were my best friends,cried when they cried, cheered when they cheered. Martin Turnbull is a terrific author and if you ever consider reading his books, you will surely not be disappointed.

    13. Martin has done it again! Three paragraphs in and already I was back in 1946 Hollywood with Kathryn, Marcus and Gwendolyn. Fast paced action has you looking up places and dates to see all of things that really happened in that town in those days. I really only put it down because I absolutely had to, but the characters were still in my mind. Thank Martin for another great book, looking forward to the next chapter at the Garden.

    14. I have Loved every book in this series since the beginning and just Love these 3 characters! I love Martin's style of writing and I am always riveted page after page never wanting to put it down. As with the first 5 I am now already excitingly awaiting the 6th installment and what will happen next to Kathryn, Gwennie and Marcus!!

    15. Absolutely loving the Garden of Allah series! As soon as I finish one, I'm onto the next one, so Twisted Boulevard, here I come!

    16. My only complaint is that this is the first book of this series I felt was incomplete. The rest of them never felt like a cliffhanger even though there were unfinished storylines. I loved it, though. I always enjoy how well done the research is.

    17. As the title implies, the Allah series slips seamlessly from WWII into the Hollywood Red Scare era. It seems the trio of friends - Marcus, Kathryn, Gwen - still can't get out of trouble but their stories make for engaging reading. This series has remained strong and I enjoyed it.

    18. I've enjoyed this series and these characters, but this book in particular (the Kindle version at least) could have used a second pass in front of the proofreader. Otherwise, a good story and I'm looking forward to the further (mis)adventures of Kathryn, Gwendolyn and Marcus.

    19. A dramatic twistThis is the most serious book of the series. Less high jinx, more politics. It is a satisfying read. Looking forward to more from this author.

    20. This book is just plain frothy fun. While the era (HUAC) is not so fun, the plot, characters and scenery are all fun! Enjoy and eat dessert more often!

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