The Influence Sometimes evil refuses to die Rowan s great aunt Queenie is dead After all the misery she caused her family while she was alive most of them are secretly relieved But Queenie did not want to die and

  • Title: The Influence
  • Author: Ramsey Campbell
  • ISBN: 9780025211605
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sometimes evil refuses to die.Rowan s great aunt Queenie is dead After all the misery she caused her family while she was alive, most of them are secretly relieved But Queenie did not want to die, and she will do anything to live again including possessing young Rowan She haunts the child s nightmares, taking her over bit by chilling bit As her soul is drawn inexorablySometimes evil refuses to die.Rowan s great aunt Queenie is dead After all the misery she caused her family while she was alive, most of them are secretly relieved But Queenie did not want to die, and she will do anything to live again including possessing young Rowan She haunts the child s nightmares, taking her over bit by chilling bit As her soul is drawn inexorably into a cold darkness, can Rowan hope to reclaim her life from the evil dead

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    1. Ramsey Campbell

      Ramsey Campbell is a British writer considered by a number of critics to be one of the great masters of horror fiction T E D Klein has written that Campbell reigns supreme in the field today, while S T Joshi has said that future generations will regard him as the leading horror writer of our generation, every bit the equal of Lovecraft or Blackwood.

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    1. Me pasó con Chuck Palahniuk, y me pasó ahora con Ramsey Campbell: en el primer intento capturaron mi corazón por completo. Pero con Ramsey fue aún más fuerte el asunto, simplemente quería saber qué pasaba en cada capítulo que finalizaba. A pesar de haberme tomado mi tiempo para leerlo, lo disfruté al máximo y sin duda es de los mejores libros de terror que he leído, al menos en este 2015. La prosa del autor es directa y no va con vueltas, lo que me lleva a recomendarles a todos los an [...]

    2. I loved this book, it was so vividly detailed and incredibly creepy! It played out much like an old 1970's TV movie and has everything from possessed kids to witch-like old ladies to beautiful descriptions of the English seaside. If you like mystery and horror books, The Influence is definitely one you've got to check out!

    3. Wow! I read this in one night. A spooky page-turner ghost story starring a creepy old lady & an 8 year old kid. Wait for the amazing chase sequence through the abandoned train.

    4. This is indeed a horror story, of a will making itself stronger than death. It also draws on that fear in all of us of losing our identities, of being swallowed up by some unknown terror which replaces us so we're no longer recognizable by friends and family, becoming a stranger to those we love. It can also be seen as a metaphor for the transitions experienced in childhood, when a child grows and becomes more aware of himself in relation to the outside world, and becomes an individual no longer [...]

    5. EXCELLENT. One of the smartest things Samhain has done is re-release Ramsey Campbell's backlist. Easily one of Campbell's best - emotional, horrifying - quietly - and satisfying resolution at the end. The best thing about Campbell's work is this: subtract the supernatural element, and you still have moving, tense emotional dramas. Just very, very good.

    6. Sometimes I am impatient and think ahead to how such a small book could get up to slow little for so long and then BAM! In typical Ramsey Campbell style, the action kicks in and becomes an unrelenting force all they through to the last few pages. A real thriller and page-turner after the book sufficiently lulls you into a curious reading half-stupor. The final forty pages come with a crash to awake your senses and reveal the purpose to the earlier pacing.A good time.

    7. Me considero una neófita en prácticamente todos los géneros de literatura, me hace falta muchísimo por conocer y explorar. Ramsey Campbell para mí es parte de la exploración, más concretamente del género de terror – horror. Siento que este libro fue una buena aproximación al género, y es que creo que, en estos tiempos modernos y post modernos, lo más difícil es asustar y hacer reír. El miedo que produce Ramsey Campbell no es del tipo que te va a catapultar el corazón del pecho, e [...]

    8. First published back in 1988, Campbell’s psychological horror ‘The Influence’ delves into the world of the spirit and the afterlife. He quickly sets the situation of the book down, with the introduction of the very close-knit Faraday family, then slowly builds the tension as the story unfolds. Campbell’s characterization of the family is superb, making the characters believable and their personalities involved. The character of Rowan in particular is easily liked and draws upon your emot [...]

    9. I'm done. I have now abandoned the second of the five Ramsey Campbell novels I read -- or didn't read as the case may be.Lured in by the fact that the Oxford Companion to English Literature refers to him as "the most respected living horror writer," I gave him my best shot. Perhaps the stories neither age nor travel well.This time out, the scary great aunt dies and attempts to take over the soul of her young grandniece. If this had been a made-for-tv movie now making the rounds of Chiller Networ [...]

    10. I rated this 3/5 because the huge plot point was glossed over in a way that I found incredibly aggravating. He went through all that work to lead up to it, and then basically skipped over it as though it weren't important at all to the story. Seriously? My other grievance is the fact that Rowan's father doesn't seem to notice that there's something off with his daughter. He thinks she's just in shock when it should have worn off. Her mother and grandmother realize something is wrong, but he can' [...]

    11. This is my third time round with The Influence and it remains one of my favourite horror novels. I first read this when I was doing my A-levels and it hadn't been long since I'd discovered Campbell's work. I also read it for my BA dissertation on modern horror.The theme of possession is sensitively and intelligently handled. This, at its heart, is about the mistakes of adulthood being visited on the next generation and though it is overtly supernatural, this isn't a simple spook story. It is a s [...]

    12. Todo los clichés aquíTípica película de "terror-misterio" de después de comer en antena 3. Una narración agil, pero con un tema muy machacado y sin nada de terror.

    13. Loved it! The Centipede edition - nominated by the publisher in one interview as perhaps their most beautiful book - is really lovely. J.K. Potter is a genius :-)

    14. When it comes to Ramsey Campbell, I don't read many reviews of his novels anymore, I just pick one based on whether I think the plot sounds interesting and read it.I've read enough of his books to know I always enjoy them, even when I don't think they're masterpieces. And I've read enough reviews to know some people like him and some never will. I do, and it seems every six months or so I get an itch to read another of his books.Unfortunately out of the seven novels I've read by him I'd have to [...]

    15. Poor Rowan! Her great-aunt Queenie has died and she has been told that her birth was an accident and her parents didn't want her and can't afford to keep her. Although Rowan loved her great-aunt, Queenie caused so much misery to the family, that most in the family are glad she is dead. But Queenie was so domineering and did not want to die, so she sets her sights on young Rowan and sets out to possess her after death. She uses Rowan's fears and uncertainties as she takes over her body bit by bit [...]

    16. -Nada nuevo bajo el sol… perdón, bajo las tinieblas.-Género. Narrativa fantástica. Lo que nos cuenta. La desagradable y dura Queenie, ya anciana, muere en su propia casa y es enterrada con un camafeo bastante antiguo y que contiene cabello de la hija de su sobrina Alison, Rowan, que tras el deceso casualmente conoce a una nueva amiguita, Vicky, bastante inquietante y con ideas contrarias a las que Alison y su marido, además de cualquier otra persona en sus cabales, tendrían.¿Quiere saber [...]

    17. Nightmarish and creepy, of course, but in The Influence, Ramsey Campbell strikes a raw nerve about children, parents, and their relationships together. With Rowan, we feel a young child's isolation and confusion as her young mind struggles to process the complex emotions of her life. Campbell puts us right in the minds of two parents terrified that they may not be able to protect their daughter from all the dangers out there. These are all very real fears, and just by themselves make an absorbin [...]

    18. When I find stories that get under my skin, I soak them up and savor them because it's not every story that can do that. Vividly written, The Influence is definitely a new favorite of mine. An old woman who refuses to die may not seem like much to be scared of, but the way Ramsey Campbell writes, it becomes everything you are afraid of. As the reader, you know what is taking place and you yearn for the other characters to see the truth, you long to leap into the story and warn them, but instead [...]

    19. Es una historia un tanto particular, como que no me terminó de cerrar que la cataloguen como novela de terror. Terror hay, pero sólo en un par de escenas, el resto es un drama en fin, no sé que pensar de Ramsey Campbell. Sus cuentos de los Mitos de Cthulhu son buenos, pero en lo que se refiere a novelas (ya me había leído antes su "Luna Sangrienta") creo que al menos, a mí, y conozco otros casos, no me termina de llegar. Y eso que dicen que Influencia es su mejor obra. Un 6/10

    20. Qué manera de remontarme al pasado, me hizo recordar el miedo irracional y hasta mágico que sentía de niña cuando nos juntábamos a dormir en casa de alguna amiga y sentadas en medio de la habitación contábamos historias de terror y el menor sonido nos alteraba de sobremanera. Es una historia que juega con los miedos de una forma que se disfruta bastante, la recomiendo ampliamente a todos aquellos que quieren pasar un buen rato sintiendo ese terror que te hace reír de los nervios.

    21. Aunque tengo la impresión de que no es su mejor libro, debo decir que la narrativa de Campbell me ha conseguido fascinar, tanto por el estilo como por el contenido. Consigue crear una atmósfera claustrofóbica y opresiva a traves de elementos cotidianos a los que llena de contenido y valor terrorífco, sobre todo cuando se trata del uso psicológico de la oscuridad o la disposición de los elementos espaciales (la casa de Queenie, el errar casi astral de Rowan perdida en el agresivo paisaje de [...]

    22. Reseña: fabulantes/2013/06/influencia"() En Influencia, Campbell remueve nuestras entrañas a base de pervertir emblemas de la candidez o de la fragilidad como la niñez y la ancianidad. () El desconcierto surge de la toma de conciencia de que no hay una bondad preexistente: la anciana es malvada (por soledad) desde el primer momento, y su objetivo es la atormentada Rowan Faraday, su sobrina-nieta de 8 años que terminará por corromperse, por “pudrirse” (expresión que aquí alcanza “tan [...]

    23. Campbell no hace nada esencialmente nuevo en Influencia: una señora mayor se muere y su "espíritu" comienza a acechar a la hija de su sobrina (y al resto de su familia). Lo que mola es, por un lado, el mal rollo de muchos capítulos, la tensión, el suspense Y, sobre todo, cómo utiliza algo tan manido para acercarse a los demonios de una familia; cómo pueden afectar incluso a los que no los conocen. Lo mal que muchos padres llevan el paso de sus hijos de la infancia a la pubertad. Cómo hace [...]

    24. Una historia en la que una niña con tan pocos años de edad se ve envuelta en una trágica muerte por parte de su tía-abuela. Una vez más, Ramsey Campbell plasma su manera de escribir terror en dicha historia en la que nuestra protagonista (Rowan) vive en carne propia lo que es el acoso por parte de un fantasma, inclusive siendo su tía-abuela la que la acosa desde la muerte. Unos padres desesperados por saber qué es lo que está pasando con su niña una vez que se les ha perdido en Gales. U [...]

    25. Classic Ramsey Campbell. I don't think I've ever read anything by him that I haven't loved and that remains true after finishing this. Some genuinely creepy moments that had me turning lights on as I made my way round the house at night, just to make sure there weren't any scary kids or malevolent old women lurking in the shadows. I would have preferred the ending to be a little darker than it was, but it was still thoroughly satisfying and true to the spirit of the book. Recommended for anyone [...]

    26. I don't know why, but I can't seem to get through a Ramsey Campbell novel. This is the second one I've tried and it just doesn't work for me. Something about his writing style causes me to think about all kinds of other things rather than the book. Just didn't grip me. Oh well, some will like it I'm sure.

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