Santa Took Them No one in Holly Brook IL has forgotten the horror that unfolded on Christmas Eve all those year ago and now as a terrifying blizzard descends upon the small isolated town and teens begin disappear

  • Title: Santa Took Them
  • Author: William Malmborg
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • No one in Holly Brook, IL has forgotten the horror that unfolded on Christmas Eve all those year ago, and now, as a terrifying blizzard descends upon the small isolated town, and teens begin disappearing one by one, it looks as if that gruesome night was just the beginning.

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    1. William Malmborg

      William Malmborg is the author of Jimmy, Text Message, Nikki s Secret, Dark Harvest, Blind Eye, Santa Took Them, Crystal Creek and Daddy s Little Girl Future works will include A Taste of Pain and an episode in the Linger series published by Braun Haus Media under the pseudonym Edward Fallon.

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    1. "I love William Malmborg’s writing. His stories are very easy to read. They flow extremely well and you can tell that he puts his heart and soul into everything he writes. This story proves beyond a shadow of doubt that he has the knack of writing a blood thirsty thriller that is full of the smartest and most intricate and imaginative ideas and plots."See here for the full review:Santa Took Them

    2. Interesting horror tale about a murderous evening ten years earlier on Christmas Eve in which an 8-year old girl is suspected of killing her entire family. Ten years later, the girl is released from a care facility only to have a series of similar murders occur which once again casts suspicion upon her. Clearly an homage to the old 80's slasher films like Halloween (the girl's doctor is named Loomis), the story is gruesome when necessary and otherwise suspenseful but is marred by the author deci [...]

    3. HO HO HOping to read more by this authorWow! What a book! It was definitely a page turner. The only thing that killed the vibe for me was the ending. It just felt off somehow it felt like the explanation for what happened was not credible enough. I think that was the weakness for me because otherwise I sped through this book. The many characters in the story were certainly well crafted. On that note, I have to give this author extra brownie points for naming the psychiatrist, Samantha Loomis. (F [...]

    4. I think it’s safe to say I have a new favorite holiday horror book. Santa Took Them is everything a guy like me could ask for in a Christmassacre – there’s disemboweling aplenty, randy teenagers running amok, dark secrets, and gift boxes filled with severed heads courtesy of a crazy axe-wielding psycho dressed up like St. Nick. Ho ho ho!Ten years ago, Michelle Harper showed up in her neighbor’s house carrying the head of her sibling. Now, at 18, she’s just been released from the childr [...]

    5. A very good short-ish horror novel which pays homage to HALLOWEEN in that an alleged killer who has spent her childhood in a mental institution is released back into society to live with her uncle's family. When they turn up dead, everyone is sure that the girl is heading back to the town where the original murders took placeeveryone but her counselor Samantha Loomis, who is sure of her innocence. (Does that name sound familiar? If you're a fan of HALLOWEEN, it should) What follows is a horror n [...]

    6. This started out as an excellent thriller, an homage to "Halloween" and a right-good whodunit. Thent so much.SPOILERS AHEADI found the premise to be great - did young Michelle kill her entire family one Christmas Eve ten years ago? And what will happen to her now that she's been released? The answer to the second question is not very much at all. She's a minor character from whom I expected more. The answer to the first question is easy to figure out quite early in the story. That Aha! moment th [...]

    7. If I could give this book 2 1/2 stars I would because the story was good and the plot worked. Unfortunately I found the writing to be stilted and really wish the author would just remove the words arrived and within from his vocabulary. Try doing a word search on those words and you'll see why, so overused. Phrases like "fear arrived" and constant use of "within her" and "within the house" rather than ever simply using in became so redundant it was difficult to continue reading. It would really [...]

    8. Not predictableVery pleased with this book, a nice addition to my seasonal horror indulgence. With a title like Santa Took Them, I did expect a more predictable turn, but Malmborg did so much better than that. Serial killers, mental health stigma, prejudice, teenage angst ramped up to the tens, plot twist after plot twist, this really fulfilled my wants in a horror novel.

    9. I’m obsessed with good Christmas horror and every year I try find a new one. This doesn’t disappoint. 80’s slasher homage in the way of Dr. Loomis. I only give it 4* because it was a little short and there were parts that seemed a bit rushed. That said, I’d read the sequel.

    10. Excellent This was a truly horrific yet gripping read. I love a good serial killer book but this one is truly amazing. Although quite sickening it was written well and had a good storyline and character's.

    11. Loved the storyLoved all the twists and the fact that it was written in a way that I wasn’t sure who the killer was until the storyline was ready to tell. A little confusing in the beginning just because it jumped to the perspectives of so many characters but overall I enjoyed it

    12. Great Book!The perfect book to take your mind of your worries. Looks like it could be the perfect story and ,the who worksheets the gi

    13. I had a really hard time with this book. I *wanted* to like it, I really did, because I think the overall plot has a lot of potential, but I just don't think the writing style was for me. Perhaps it is perfect for someone else, but not for me. It felt really jumpy to me, the way it went from one character's viewpoint to the next with only a paragraph of separation. I don't know why this bothered me so much in this particular novel, because I don't typically have an issue with "head hopping" (I'v [...]

    14. Want a quick, fun, trippy serial killer tale? Give this one a try. It isn’t perfect. There are bits and pieces of things that are never adequately explained. But on the whole it’s just a fun way to spend the afternoon. There’s Santa, there are killings, there are near-deaths and there are daring escapes. There’s a plethora of characters, some of whom think Michelle’s doctor Samantha might even be carrying out the murders, or at least helping Michelle to do so. There are some pretty mes [...]

    15. 'Santa Took Them' is a fun little read that pays homage to the 'Halloween' franchise. It's nice to see Malmborg getting back to his horror roots, and in this book, he offers plenty of suspense and gore to keep extreme horror fans happy. 'Santa Took Them' is much darker than Malmborg's last book 'Blind Eye' and as always, the author draws you in with realistic characters and a spellbinding story.To those reviewers who complain that it's too much like "Halloween," I say take this book for what it' [...]

    16. This book started out good and suspenseful and quickly went downhill. It's like one of those old horror movies where you have to wait thru 45 minutes of boring dialogue to get a 10 second glimpse of the monster. This book did the same thing. There was too much boring teenage angst before anything remotely interesting happened. I just lost interest quickly. Thank goodness I borrowed this for on the Kindle Unlimited plan. No money lost, just time.

    17. Interesting take on a slasher Santa. Some surprises as to the "why" behind it all happening (no spoilers!) as there were times I was kept guessing. Certainly not a story you'd want to read to your children on Xmas eve. I prefer a more psychological horror over a straight-up slasher story but this wasn't too bad as these things go. It also ends with the ability for a sequel if the author chooses to go that route.

    18. I thought the characterizations were so excellent in this novel, rendered so well I cared about characters I'd find repellent in regular life. The book opens shockingly and dramatically and continues to astonish all the way through. Even when I could guess what would happen next based on the hints tossed out, the author still added random elements that surprised and thrilled. I would definitely recommend this book to any fan of thrillers or horror.

    19. The book was so-so. This review won't be long. It had mystery suspense and horror theme but it just did not give me the thrill. I felt the author just tried time hard in this bookbut I give it 3.5 bloody knifes out of 5

    20. Great book.Brings a whole new meaning to the night before Christmas. Excellent story, great characters. A definite suspenseful read. Buy, rent or read for free, it is well worth it.

    21. Potentially great - but and it's a big but, weird behavior from the "normal" characters, plot weirldy off at times, editing in the final few chapters lazy. An example, Sarah all book, then during the fight with Samantha, she becomes Mrs Hines.

    22. Couldn't put the book down.This was a edge of your seat started reading and finished it in a few hours. I would highly recommend this book to everyone and I would definitely read more from this author.

    23. Could have been better but there were too many loose ends. I was not satisfied with the way things ended. The character deaths would have been fine if they made sense and contributed to the story, as it stands they were gratuitous.

    24. This book was great. Kept me on the edge of my seat. I absolutely loved the nods to John Carpenter's Halloween. A very fun read.

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