A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled years ago no one died of stress we invented this concept and now we let it rule us We might have evolvedto be able to miraculously balance on seven inch heels but as far as our emotional developm

  • Title: A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled
  • Author: Ruby Wax
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  • Page: 138
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • 500 years ago no one died of stress we invented this concept and now we let it rule us We might have evolvedto be able to miraculously balance on seven inch heels, but as far as our emotional development is concerned we re still swimming with the pond scum If we don t advance our human qualities then we re doomed evolution wise to become cyborgs, with an imprint of500 years ago no one died of stress we invented this concept and now we let it rule us We might have evolvedto be able to miraculously balance on seven inch heels, but as far as our emotional development is concerned we re still swimming with the pond scum If we don t advance our human qualities then we re doomed evolution wise to become cyborgs, with an imprint of an Apple where our hearts used to be Ruby Wax shows us a scientific solution to these modern problems mindfulness.I know what you re thinking what if I don t want to stare at a butterfly wing or hear the single ting of a wind chime My definition of mindfulness isn t about sitting erect on a hillock, legs in a knot, humming a mantra that s probably the phone book sung backwards, it s something that can help us all learning to notice your thoughts and feelings so you can truly experience life.Outrageously witty, smart and accessible, Ruby Wax shows ordinary people how and why to change for good With mindfulness advice for relationships, for parents, for children and for teenagers, and a six week course based on her studies of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy with Mark Williams at Oxford University, A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled is the only guide you need for a healthier, happier life.

    Getting Started with Mindfulness Mindful Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what s going on around us While mindfulness is something we all naturally possess, it s readily available to us when we practice on a daily basis. A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled Feb , In A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled, Ruby Wax shows us how to de frazzle for good by making simple changes that give us time to breathe, reflect and live in the moment It s an easy to understand introduction to mindfulness, weaved together with Ruby s trademark wit and humour. A Simple Guide to Mindfulness for Beginners In traditional mindfulness, we are taught to do all this while sitting with eyes closed, observing the breath This is hard to do, especially as beginners, because as you sit observing your breath, the thoughts often seem to get louder. How to Practice Mindfulness Complete Guide to How to practice mindfulness, simply and easily a complete guide Will show you everything you need to know about the benefits of mindfulness, how to practice mindfulness and how to make mindfulness a part of your lifestyle Have you ever felt stressed, anxious, Mindfulness A Practical Guide on Mindfulness Jan , Mindfulness can help us to improve our physical and mental wellbeing by helping us to improve our awareness of ourselves and our surroundings As a tradition, mindfulness has deep roots, stretching back to thousands of years into the timeless wisdom of the East. Live True A Mindfulness Guide to Authenticity Ora Feb , Live True A Mindfulness Guide to Authenticity Ora Nadrich on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Live True vividly illustrates and breaks down the philosophy of Mindfulness, and what it means to live in the present moment authentically Mindfulness and authenticity are inexorably linked It keeps us honest

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      Ruby Wax arrived in Britain in 1977 to pursue an acting career She says I really could never find my niche I was a terrible actress, I couldn t sing, I couldn t do characters, I couldn t do an English accent and I lived in England, so I was narrowing it down.She met French and Saunders at a party and worked alongside them a number of times, on television in Happy Families, at charity events such as Hysteria and notably the sitcom Girls on Top Ruby played Shelley Dupont, a stereotypically loud American dying for a career in show business Not a huge hit, Girls on Top nevertheless gave the trio the chance to find their feet in comedy.Ruby eventually got a chat show after drunkenly interviewing Michael Grade who was head of Channel 4 at the time in a tent at the Edinburgh festival She subsequently made a range of programmes, many revolving around her as an interviewer Her popularity in terms of comedy came from her interviewing technique she was always forthright, brash and loud, conforming to the British stereotype of an American Her physical appearance matched this image, with red hair and blood red lipstick.In 2002 Ruby Wax wrote her memoir, How Do You Want Me , which became a bestseller Her 2010 stand up show Losing It deals with her experience of bipolar disorder She founded Black Dog Tribe in 2011 in response to the audience reaction from her theatre show In September 2013, she graduated from Kellogg College at Oxford University with a master s degree in mindfulness based cognitive therapy She had previously earned a postgraduate certificate in psychotherapy and counselling from Regents College in London.These days she promotes understanding of the brain and campaigns for greater mental health awareness and destigmatisation summarised from Dawn French Online, and her website

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    1. I was very impressed with this book. I found it a witty, relatable and, constructive response to the author's own mental illness, and thought it deliver sound advice on how the reader could attempt to nurture their own.

    2. I'm not quite sure where to start with this review. I made a start on Mark Williams' Mindfulness: A practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world quite some time ago but got a bit bogged down, so when my doctor diagnosed me as a tiny compacted ball of stress and said I should look into mindfulness, I sagged at the thought of trying again with the Williams, in spite of its good reviews, then found this at a bookshop and thought I'd give it a go. And it's really very good. It's extremely rea [...]

    3. It's all a bunch of tree-hugging hippy crap!' - The philosopher/poet Eric CartmanBut is it, Cartman? Is it really?Now, I'm not normally one for all this New Age fiddle-faddle. Homeopathy is clearly bollocks, ditto for Reiki, and you can shove your crystals where the sun don't shine. Mindfulness, thoughWell, as sceptical as I am (and, believe me, I am)from reading this book it seems to me that 'mindfulness' is just another way of saying 'be present in the moment, actually experience your life rat [...]

    4. I've never really understood or found the appeal of mindfulness. I've listened to podcasts, read other books, talked to people who do it but never understood the benefit of it. I find that most people write about the issue but never come up with a solution. Something I'm always looking for (even though I know there's no real solution for a mental health illness). I didn't really have high hopes going into this book but I do like Ruby Wax and thought I'd give it a shot as I'm on the lookout for a [...]

    5. I very much liked Ruby Wax's first book "Sane New World: Taming The Mind" which was a very interesting read insightful and funny but this tried to be all things to all women/men as a guide to mindfulness and so included chapters for teenagers and children etc, but for me it felt very much like a retread of her first book with some additional information specific to mindfulness and specific about her own experiences with mental illness which although interesting was not why I bought the book.Also [...]

    6. Well Ruby Wax clearly knows her stuff - this book combines her acerbic wit with her studies about the mind. I've enjoyed her comedy but didn't really expect this book to work. Drawing on her own personal experiences, it is a combination of anecdotes, simple psychology and some practical exercises to help bring mindfulness to life. I probably wouldn't have picked up this book if it hadn't been recommended to me -- and I have to say that some of the exercises just don't work for me. I would like t [...]

    7. I've done a lot of mindfulness through dialectical behaviour therapy and so I'm already fairly knowledgeable about the subject, but this book was still useful to me. It was also funny. I found it useful to read how mindfulness practice can help make long term changes, including to the brain. I practice mindfulness a lot and it's reduced my suicidal thoughts big time. Through reading this book I'm also hopeful that continuous mindfulness practice will make me stronger than my thoughts and stronge [...]

    8. A more structured follow up to Sane New World, with a little more 'science' behind it and a six week course of mindfulness exercises. As you would expect, it's well put together, funny and a occasionally little manic (just like Ruby). I found myself almost mouthing 'how does she know that I do this?!' in parts of it, which is actually a pretty cathartic affirmation that it's not just me that loses my absolute shit about things. Stupid trivial things I have yet to try the six week course, to see [...]

    9. An insightful and wickedly funny look at mindfulness, but mostly the anecdotal look at the author's experiences with depresion. This book, as well as being mostly a fun read (when it's not being raw and real about the authors more troubling experiences) is filled with interesting information about the brain and mind.Sometimes I thought it almost breathed sadness then other times I laughed out loud. It was honest and true. Sarcastic but not spiteful. The only thing I would say is that it came off [...]

    10. I found parts of this book really easy to read, but faltered at chapter 5 and the mindfulness exercises. I'm conscious that the problem I had with this section of the book was that I was reading for leisure rather than as a deliberate decision to practice the exercises. As such, they were dry and interrupted the flow of the book for me. I ended up skipping this chapter and this allowed me to finish the book. I may well re-visit this section and work through the exercises when I feel able to do s [...]

    11. Bit of a genre-bender this one. And I know Ruby Wax has gone through a lot of transformation from comic actress roots to Oxford psych scholar. Still, this is a self-examination &/or deprecation missive with hefty doses of behaviour psychology, self-awareness & brain science thrown in, so I'm saying it reads like the Stand-Up Spawn of the subjects' grand masters: Wayne Dyer and Russell Brand. Which, for a Saturday night, isn't bad company at all.But stretched out over several reading sess [...]

    12. I have already done some mindfulness and try to practice regularly. I watched an interview with Ruby Wax during the online Mindfulness Summit in October and was interested to read her book to get her perspective on things. She has a masters in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy so this is not a case of jumping on the bandwagon, she does know her stuff.This is an easy read. She throws in some humour here and there, and also tells some personal stories of her journey. There is a 6 week mindfulnes [...]

    13. A book that brings rewards as you listen. There's a 6 week course in mindfulness in the middle, bookended by the author's experiences before and after her own Masters (don't you know!) at Oxford which brought her a realisation to the benefits. Wax was everywhere on telly when I was a teenager and I personally wasn't into her manic approach to comedy. That said she reads her book brilliantly and there was so much to enjoy. The final chapters around her personal challenge of a week long meditation [...]

    14. Ruby makes a compelling case for mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, which she has taken a Masters in, and which I think is a better descriptor than mindfulness meditation, because as she says, you'll get the best out of the technique if you can do it anywhere, not just cross legged in silence. Also I think the word meditation sets expectations which can put some people off, (hello Mum), possibly especially that mindfulness takes time, but MBCT can be done in moments, and while you eat. Interes [...]

    15. I was gonna give this 3 stars as there wasn't any new info for me but with Ruby's unique delivery, it will be one of those 'the right book for the right person at the right time' so i'll keep it in mind for future recommendations. And for someone so insecure that they head straight for the most popular person in the crowd in order to feel validated by making them laugh, she should frame and hang the picture of her and HH cracking up together in her living space and mind's eye as a reminder for h [...]

    16. Like a lot of these self help books it can be massively improved by replacing the name for the technique it is promoting, in this case mindfulness and MBCT, with the phrase "sticking a cucumber up my ass". Once the concept is explained it gets a bit repetitive with each chapter merely restating the concept with advice on applying it, it is no surprise that the most interesting chapter is about the depression she suffered during the writing of the book, elsewhere it comes across as promotional gu [...]

    17. The bit I liked most was the description of a mindfulness bootcamp in Snowdonia - right at the end. But the rest of it I had difficulty with because I don't identify with Ruby Wax's view of the world: one where you are under endless self-inflicted pressure to compete. But I AM interested in reading her book about her upbringing. Sounds like it takes dysfunctional to a whole new level.

    18. I have been interested in Mindfulness for some time but haven't really made the effort or taken the time to get into it. This quirky book has certainly spurred me on. I didn't find all of it relevant to my own circumstances but as a guide to how and why to try it , it's refreshing and enlightening.

    19. After a few months of occasional mindfulness practice I was fascinated to read about the neuroscience, cortisol, etc, and the effects of this stuff on ourselves. Ruby is very engaging. I had a few lightbulb moments.

    20. Let me begin by saying that I'm an unequivocal fan of Ruby Wax's mindfulness work & think her OBE for services to mental health is well deserved. As Ruby herself says, she is talking to the 5% of the world's population which is adequately housed and fed and which has worked itself into a state of anxiety & frazzlement. You may remember Ruby as a comedian on TV - I do. She also wrote much of Absolutely Fabulous with Jennifer Saunders. She's funny in my book. What she also is is very very [...]

    21. If you're completely new to mindfulness and would like a book that is serious but doesn't take itself seriously then this is a decent one. I'd already experienced/practiced the particular system that she shares in the book, so for me so the how-to information on the method was less useful.I suppose the book might be helpful for those who think that people with depression are "folks who seem to be just moping should just adopt a positive mindset". The author isn't a kumbaya-singing convert to med [...]

    22. I absolutely adore Ruby Wax, ever since I listened to her Ted Talks about addiction to hormones released by our brain and I've been exposed to her purely scientific approach to mental illnesses, my general outlook on my own mental health changed. I'm so fascinated with this very specific and still experimental brunch of knoweldge, that I looked into what the requirements to get a degree in psycology with a focus on neuroscience were (I never found out if I was too stupid to do it, but I think it [...]

    23. I've just read Ruby Wax's book Frazzled. I also read her previous book 'taming your mind' and they have been life changing for me. As a person who's had depression with anxiety since I was 20 and a major post partum illness 5 years ago, I have lots of experience in the various ways to challenge negative thinking, anxiety, depression etc via therapies and medication etc. But these two books have given me access to the bit of the story that for me has been the missing link, and have done so in a w [...]

    24. If you haven't yet read anything by the new invented Ruby Wax, i would definitely give this one a go. After suffering a mental breakdown that put her in hospital, Ruby decided to reinvent herself and took herself off to university where she worked towards and achieved a degree in Psychology - well done!This book is part psychology - how the brain works, and part mindfulness - how the mind works. It is packed full of facts, personal experiences and even a chapter on Mindfulness practices and how [...]

    25. Mindfulness is quite the hot topic at the moment. I bought ‘Frazzled’ after hearing Ruby Wax speak about its benefits. She related her personal experience of it, and I was sold!I took my time over the book, absorbing it in a ‘mindful’ manner. There were sections which weren’t relevant to me (mindfulness for children/teens) so I skipped those parts. I do think that it has gone some way into grounding me and directing me away from the congestion of haphazard thoughts and stresses which s [...]

    26. I was so pumped to read a book by the writer of Absolutely Fabulous, one of my favorite TV shows of all time. I was particularly excited that this would be a good read because I wanted a perspective on what exactly "mindfulness" is and how to apply it in my life. While I still ADORE Ruby Wax herself, I was left wanting in this book. The MPDG (manic pixie dream girl) approach to this subject was not a good fit for this material, and Wax's generally strong yet spunky style seemed farcical in this [...]

    27. This is the only book of Ruby Wax's I have read, though I know she has written others. I picked it up thinking it might be a new or different take on mindfulness practice: I was attracted to the info that she had studied mindfulness-based cognitive therapy during her Masters degree. I have read quite a bit on mindfulness so did not really learn anything new (Sam Harris set the bar for me, really), but it was still interesting reading. The best bits were her personal stories about her struggles w [...]

    28. I listened to this book using Audible and it was great that Ruby Wax wrote and read this book. I have been interested in mindfulness for a while and I think the opportunity for an easy to access mindfulness guide is something that everyone should read. It gives a short mindfulness course and a way to do mindfulness with your family as if people do it from an early age they can get into good habits. Wax is an authority on the subject as she has done a mindfulness masters degree and the best thing [...]

    29. After poring through countless dry books about mindfulness, it's a relief, really, to listen to a book that doesn't take the subject too seriously. Still, Wax's witty repartee may not suit more impatient readers who want "just the facts, thank you very much". On top of that this book has a tiny identity crisis of sorts in that it's not a straightforward how-to guide, but is also a memoir and comedy reel. I adore it though, Wax's Noo Yawk accent and wry delivery just made me LOL. I'm not sure if [...]

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