A Monstrous Place Things live between awake and asleep In the moment after your eyes grow too heavy to stay open but before the dreams take you Molly lives with her Mother in a large creaking house that she wishes we

  • Title: A Monstrous Place
  • Author: Matthew Stott
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Things live between awake and asleep In the moment after your eyes grow too heavy to stay open, but before the dreams take you Molly lives with her Mother in a large, creaking house that she wishes were haunted There may be no ghosts, but what about monsters Monsters with an unending appetite that like to steal people away in the black of night When, one morning, MoThings live between awake and asleep In the moment after your eyes grow too heavy to stay open, but before the dreams take you Molly lives with her Mother in a large, creaking house that she wishes were haunted There may be no ghosts, but what about monsters Monsters with an unending appetite that like to steal people away in the black of night When, one morning, Molly wakes to find her own Mother missing, she discovers she has a potentially fatal task ahead of her With only her dead Gran and a retired adventurer by her side, Molly must travel to a dangerous and untrustworthy land somewhere between awake and asleep, before her Mother finds herself planted in a most monstrous garden.

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    1. I got completely fed up with this one. Took a break, came back got even more fed up.Tips for authors:1. Learn how to punctuate before you publish a book.2. Kids are not stupid. Don't write down to them.3. If you haven't captured my attention by 10%, you've lost me. You've also probably lost your target audience.DNF at 10%

    2. Ok so I know that literally not even one week ago I was hanging out here on complaining that 'you can't even read 10 fantasy story summaries without half of them saying the author is the next Neil Gaiman' but isbookremindsmeofneilgaiman. There, I said it. I would describe this story as a cross between Coraline and that one Hannibal episode where the people are mushrooms and it was a very good time. I really liked Molly and the story was just the right balance of average every day stuff and cree [...]

    3. This is horror aimed at 9-14 age group. Ye Gods it was scary. Yes I'm a woose - cannot cope with monsters under the bed - or living next door. ***shiver***

    4. Another debut this month, and just in time for Halloween, here comes A Monstrous Place, Matthew Stott's first book in his new Tales From Between series, aimed at early teens upwards. First thing you notice is the striking cover art, which for me always ramps up my expectations of what's inside.A Monstrous Place tells the story of Molly, a young girl who finds herself caught in a nightmarish world, as her friends and neighbours start to go missing. After a visit from her grandmother's ghost, she [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this book even though lists it's target age group at 9-14 and I am an adult. It is creepy in such a way, I'm glad I read it during the day and not at bed time. The main character a girl named Molly and she and talk to her Grandmother, who is dead, when she is asleep. When children in the neighborhood start to disappear Molly's grandmother warns her of a danger that she needs to avoid in the "in between".The "in between" is the point between awake and asleep. But how can she fin [...]

    6. Ten Second Synopsis:When Molly's best friend Neil goes missing, it is up to Molly to investigate. With the help of her ghostly Gran, Molly must brave the world of Between and unravel the mystery of her missing friend.This is an exciting, original new fantasy series for middle grade that has the potential to explore all sorts of spine-tingling and imaginative situations. I stumbled across this when the Kindle store threw it up as a recommended read, so I took a chanced have subsequently bought th [...]

    7. When I was a kid I LIVED for creepy horror tales. I'm still the same as an adult, and I especially enjoy finding books that would have gotten child-me really excited. A Monstrous Place was for sure one of those. It contained just the right amount of creepy, even for an adult, but didn't feel too much for a child who is already familiar with this genre. Child-me might have had a few nightmares after finishing but that's the fun, right? If a horror novel doesn't give you nightmares it isn't doing [...]

    8. I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review and I enjoyed how brave little Molly Brown was in saving her mom. Something is thing is taking people in the dead of night, and only after her mom goes missing does she cry in her dead Gran's bed, fall asleep, and wakes up to see her Gran's body all in dead gray. Her grandmother told her that her mom had been taken and that she must hurry before the monsters took her life also and to be brave, easier said than done by a little girl, but she ha [...]

    9. I received this book from the authors in exchange for a fair and honest reviewA monstrous place tells about one young brave girl named Molly. Peoples and her neighbors keep missing until one day her own mother is missing too. So she must visit the world of between to rescue her mom from the evil monsters that had done the horrible things. Her adventures start here.well, i can say the story is creepy. I love the idea about the monstrous garden.i find my self want to keep reading since i started r [...]

    10. This book was just not for me. I did not like or sympathize with the main character, and the ending seemed to come out of nowhere. With things ending the way they did for no good reason. The one positive was the horror aspect of the book. It was genuinely creepy and horrifying at times.

    11. really enjoyed this despite the fact I'm 31 great idea and great story. Very much targetted for a young audience though.

    12. Primo di una serie di tre racconti lunghi/romanzi brevi, tutti con una copertina molto carina devo dire, A monstrous place si apre con una situazione spiacevole.Alcuni bambini spariscono di notte, e nessuno sa dove siano.Uno di questi è Neil, amico di Molly, la protagonista. Lei vive nella grande casa che era di sua nonna assieme alla mamma. Mr adams, vecchio soldato in pensione è loro vicino, assieme a due vecchietti un po' strampalati, che danno nomi propri alle piante del loro giardino.Ma q [...]

    13. A strange tale of the world between awake and asleep. A world where the monsters true forms reside. Where they can hide from being found. It is a place which you can be dragged into and find the dead you miss living alongside these monsters. This is a story of a girl on the hunt for her mother after being dragged into this world. I found it a compelling and fast paced story that keeps you interested. There are times where you feel like you are being talked down to or having things over explained [...]

    14. Monsters lurk in the dark and live where things aren't always what they seem as you travel between being awake and asleep in Matthew Stott's A Monstrous Place. To read this, and other book reviews, visit my website: makinggoodstories.wordpress/.A few of Molly's classmates go missing without a clear answer to what happened to them, but when her mother disappears Molly becomes quite startled. Being pulled to the Between with her dead Gran's assistance, Molly learns the scary truth about her odd, [...]

    15. When a young girl realizes her nightly dream visits from her Gran are more than just imaginary it starts an adventure to save herself, her mother and more from monsters. The Between is where these monsters exist and are vulnerable and as Molly gathers just enough strength to face it, the Between steps in and mixes things up.I thoroughly enjoyed reading this not being able to put it down after starting. The mix up of a young girl being a hero and the monsters being the least likely people made fo [...]

    16. Awesome, captivating, and wonderfully different was this story. I loved the main character's personality -- though only a young girl, she had plenty! The "other" place was THE BEST. Absolutely loved the dark quirkiness of it and what/whom she found there. Lots of creepiness, spookiness, and good-old-fashioned macabre yet at the same time a light-hearted and endearing story. Definitely recommend for anyone looking for a clean, safe (no dirty language or smut), delightfully mysterious and spooky r [...]

    17. I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I know it was for younger readers (I'm 49) but that has never stopped me from reading a book! I liked that the kids involved in the story were very brave even though they were scared. No matter what age you are this speaks to you because adults face things that scare them too.The story was supremely well written and brought the reader into the world between awake and asleep. I highly recommend this to readers of all ages.

    18. This grabbed me from the first page. A whimsical horror novella that reminded me of Gaiman's children's stories and the new series Stranger Things. Stott does creepy well: I was definitely transported to the Between. (I may have left a light on while sleeping last night.) Can't wait to read more of his work!

    19. This books was a creepy, fun read! This is a story of the “between” a place between awake and asleep where monsters dwell and some pretty decent things too! You really wanted to cheer on the main little girl and hold her and tell her how brave she was while she tried to save her mom from the things that lurk in “the between”. It was a fast read and it held my attention!

    20. This was so great! It was creepy, eerie, and full of heart. The writing style was really smooth and easy to read, and I completely enjoyed this. It was absolutely perfect for Halloween, and I recommend everybody pick this up.

    21. I am a great fan of Matthew Stott. Excellent story, contains humor, mystery and an impressive creativity. When you believe to know what will happen, he gives a twist and leave you perplexed. I highly recommend it.

    22. Another masterpiece from Matthew Stott. This is a riveting scary story of terror. A good book to read during g the Halloween season. Or if you want to find out what lurks outside looking like simple vegetation but is it?

    23. Monstrous!Creepy neighbours and a brave little girl makes this an exciting read. It is well paced with plenty of action and twists in the story, with a good kick at the end.I really enjoyed this sweet yet gruesome book.

    24. This is a deliciously terrifying novel for tweens. It is quite as scary as Coraline, by Neil Gaimon, with creepy otherworldly villains and a very plucky heroine. Truly spine tingling! Caution: it is NOT for the faint of heart.

    25. OkThe basic plot is generally ok. The part that drew me in to rate this book 4 stars instead of 3 is the suspense. If you like suspense, action, and kinda out of this world stuff then this is the book for you!

    26. A little dark, but good strong female protagonist. Good YA story for 12-13 year olds who are comfortable with the concept that death/kidnapping can happen to children.

    27. OkThis book was ok but is definitely geared towards older children not adults like I thought when I purchased it.

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