Alpha Fighter Part Two The series is now complete Enjoy the final installment of Alpha Fighter Savannah Santos did the one thing most forbidden to her she fell in love But just after opening herself up to love and losing he

  • Title: Alpha Fighter - Part Two
  • Author: Ava Ashley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The series is now complete Enjoy the final installment of Alpha Fighter Savannah Santos did the one thing most forbidden to her she fell in love But just after opening herself up to love and losing her virginity to MMA fighter Cooper Quin, the skeletons in her closet come knocking Forced to make a difficult decision between life and death, both for herself and her lovThe series is now complete Enjoy the final installment of Alpha Fighter Savannah Santos did the one thing most forbidden to her she fell in love But just after opening herself up to love and losing her virginity to MMA fighter Cooper Quin, the skeletons in her closet come knocking Forced to make a difficult decision between life and death, both for herself and her lover, Savannah goes on the run again But once in love, the heart cannot forget Weeks before the biggest MMA tournament of the year, returning champion Cooper finds himself in a position he never could have anticipated Not only did he fall in love with a beautiful girl, but now she has left him and, try as he might, he can t get her out of his mind The title he has worked to defend all year is his to win again if he can let her go, or he could pursue the damaged girl who just might be his one true love Savannah s past is catching up with her and she knows that she cannot afford to slip up again, even if that means she has to abandon love Nowhere is safe for Savannah, and following her could cost Cooper much than a title Her deadly secrets could cost him his life.

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    1. Ava Ashley

      bestselling author Ava Ashley may look like the girl next door, but her steamy romances reveal a very naughty side Raised in small town Ohio and now living in Homer, Alaska it s amazing that she hasn t increased the average temperature in her area of the state with her steamy writing And she loves reading new adult romance novels as much as she enjoys writing them.Ava likes spending time outdoors and does a lot of hiking and cycling with her husband and four children When she can get away on her own, she ll often take pen and paper along, find a secluded spot and let the environment inspire her Of course, that inspiration frequently results in characters tearing each other s clothes off, but you would expect nothing less from a romance writer.

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    1. DNF at 60%I'm so sorry to DNF a fighter's book, (I believe this is my FIRST one) can you fuckin believe this! I'm still in shock!since the fighters are my fave characters besides mobsters and rockers, this pains my heart like a bitch!!!the story of the second book followed the plot given in the first book BUT it was so lame and cheesy and sickening soapy that even I couldn't deale characters acted like puppets in some childishly ridiculous manner and my dear God, even my fighter wash, I can't ev [...]

    2. 3.75 Stars!Same issues as with the first book. Last 1/4 things seem to tighten up and get better. I like the story, and the characters, just needs a few things tweaked. Will read more from this author.

    3. Ok I promised a review of book one and twoThis review will cover the OVERALL story from start to finish.I really hate these reviews, but I'll do itAGINATION TIMEpicture Sopranos/Sons of Anarchy. That's the only thing I can think of. SERIOUSLY this book is silly entertainment really. Even during the "drama" I was chuckling. Yup, in the back of my mind I had a whole lot of questions running around in my mind, and none of them had anything to do with the story.My number one question iswhy the motor [...]

    4. Nope. No. Don't do it. I gave the first book a chance and bought the second book before reading the first one. I think this was worse for me. There was so much fluff and very contradicting personalities that I couldn't wait to finish reading this book so I could just move onto another. First off, Savannah runs away at the end of the first book and Cooper finds her instantly. He has already professed his love for her after knowing her for what? 2 weeks? Come on! There was no character development [...]

    5. Savannah is on the run. Again. She's no stranger to this, but this time is harder than the others. This time she had to run away from the man she loves. Knowing that it was a life-or-death choice doesn't make it any easier; and now she has to hide from two things: her past and her heart.Cooper has been fighting to retain his MMA title all year, and now it all comes down to one more fight. Problem is, he can't get Savannah-the girl who stole his heart and then ran off with it-out of his head. He [...]

    6. 3.5-4 Stars Very Good ConclusionI received both parts of this story complimentary of the author.I truly enjoyed this mini series. The author has great potential and with some time and growth, I can see great stuff coming from her in the future. Add a few good and solid beta readers and I think you have the potential to reach the stars!I loved all of the characters from Cooper and Savannah to Nate, Nikki, Wolf and Lily and of course, Vlad. I think the storyline was too even keel for me and someti [...]

    7. It was really nice to read a roommate romance that had a bit of spice to it.I've read soo many MMA fighter books that fall in love with their roommates and was wondering how this was going to differ from those.I loved it so much! Coopers need to be with Savannah at all costs was so sweet. When she ran away at the end of the first book I felt Coopers dispair but I could also understand why she did it.I really wasn't expecting him to find her so quickly, I was surprised when he was the one she bum [...]

    8. OkayI really enjoyed the characters but I wanted more story development. I like Cooper and Savannah but somethings were just not realistic. For example becoming a tattoo artist, it is not that easy. The storyline needed to be flushed out more. I liked the character but I wanted more.

    9. Alpha Fighter Part 2 Bk 2 – The Alpha Fighter Series – Written by Ava Ashley – Reviewed 1/29/18When are you hiding from your past do You put the man of dreams in jeopardy?Savannah Santos did the one thing most forbidden to her: she fell in love. But just after opening herself up to love and losing her virginity to MMA fighter Cooper Quin, the skeletons in her closet come knocking. Forced to make a difficult decision between life and death, both for herself and her lover, Savannah goes on t [...]

    10. This is the second book in the Alpha Fighter series. Savannah and Cooper get caught. She does the only thing she can do and run away, so Cooper doesn't get killed. With his Seals skills he tracks her down, for which she is scared out of her mind and grateful at the same time. They decided with the help of her ex finance' and her brother to face the music and meet up with her father and the leader of the other biker gang. Declaring they lover each other her father decides to forgive her for her t [...]

    11. I had received this book free as a boxed set (both parts 1 & 2) - not sure that I would have given this high of a rating if I had to read them separately. That being said, I did really enjoy this book and enjoyed how their relationship played out as well as how they resolved the betrothal issue. I did need to remind myself from time to time that the heroine was 18 and that justified some of her actions. I read for entertainment and thoroughly enjoyed this book and will seek out others by thi [...]

    12. Long winded.I liked the story line but found myself skimming g paragraphs. A little to wordy to describe situations or events. Seems a lot could have been left out. I felt like a teacher reading a student's paper and the student was trying to fill the necessary pages with filler words so she could say it was so many pages long.

    13. Savannah has left and still on the run but Cooper has to find her. He knows all about her life and can't leave her on her own. Savannah has done the one thing she tried to avoid falling in love, she knows this will mean the death or her and the one she loves. Finally deciding to end things so they can be together they confront the devil waiting for them but didn't realise that meant fighting for their lives.I enjoy reading this story and it is a well written short story.

    14. disappointed In Alpha Fighter Part One I had issues with the crazy run-on sentences and over usage of the same words. However, I really liked the storyline and the characters. I had high hopes for Part Two. Unfortunately it missed the mark for me. It had the same, if not more of the issues from book one. The storyline became so fast that it didn't make sense. The motorcycle clubs involved are more like old school mobsters not anything like an actual MC. The family that turned their backs on her [...]

    15. Cooper goes to New York get Savannah but followed by Nate. Nate is in love with Nikki and she's pregnant. Cooper plans to blackmail both motorcycle clubs for tax fraud if they don't let Savannah and Nate off the hook. Cooper gives Clad the files that will convict the club's if they don't make it out alive Savannah runs into Wolf her brother who is talking to Lily (Nates sis) she's pregnant but not showing. Finding this out they plan to left Wolf and Lily take their place for the marriage to unit [...]

    16. This novella was a good conclusion that was definitely better than the first. I'm not going to day to much because I don't want to ruin it for anyone, but this book was definitely paced better. The action was more prominent, things linked better, and overall the book was more cohesive. Things followed a better timeline and took places over a shorter timespan. Because of this I found myself skimming less and it kept the padding to a minimum.I will admit that I still found the characters hard to c [...]

    17. so I love me some MMA fighters. like in the book Fighting for Flight & the books following that one in the series. ooh that one was awesome.d is exactly why I wanted to read this one. anyway, I also just got a trial of Kindle unlimited so I got book one and two to read both straight thru. I'm so thankful I didn't pay for these books. though they are good, they seem like they are just little bits and pieces from other books that are betterwrapped up into two stories. there's a motorcycle gang [...]

    18. I just couldn't get past how far fetched this book was. I'm giving this two stars because I think the main couple were good. I liked them both. This was a case where maybe it should of been all sex and no story. It was too out there. I think the author needs to list it as fantasy. Expectations would then lower regarding reality. But there are too many MC books to try to pass off prearranged marriages, pure virginal brides, bloody sheets to be aired and lastly an impending war if bride is not ret [...]

    19. *Must read part 1*A war is already upon the Santos/Moreno motorcycle gangs due to Cooper taking Savannahs virginity. So what does Savannah do? She runs and she can no longer be associated with Cooper and hopefully save a fight. Savannah should have known that Cooper would be able to find herbut she should have known that Nate could have too. Now all 3 are in for the fight of their lives. Cooper and Savannah want to be together Nate wants Nikki (who is pregnant) and now enter Wolf, Savnnahs broth [...]

    20. TerribleIf I could rate this a zero I would. This series was awful. The first book started out ok and towards the middle it seemed so rushed. It could have been a good series but it turned childish and unrealistic. Not to mention it makes absolutely no sense why this is a series!! Kits like the author intentionally left off the very ending of the story so she could make extra money off of a 100 page "part 2" that should have been included in the 1st book. I can't believe I wasted my time on this [...]

    21. I read the first book and actually thought it was a decent read. Shortly after starting this one I just had to stop because it was destroying the characters I had come to like. The first book ends on a semi cliff hanger so this book has momentum right off the bat. The problem is that it's just barreling through situations and everything that happens is so over the top it's just disappointing. I think the real problem here was trying to split the story into two books. It screwed up the flow and f [...]

    22. Wrapping up loose ends.Finding Savanah, reconciling family & diverting a biker war gets you the privilege of potentially death in the ring for deflowering the MC princess. Double standards much.I'm sorry that Savannah's fierce independence is somewhat lost just handing it all over to Cooper to sort out. As well as instant forgiveness to her father who ignored her since mother's death, locked her into a life she didn't want & tried to kill the love of her life. Really?It probably would ha [...]

    23. The 1st book irked me about time line issues however, I finished it not hating it. Now this one- book 2 was me skipping paragraphs, because it was mostly filler, and I just wanted to get through it. Other then Cooper being a man and Savannah being a woman there was no realism. I see where the Arthur wanted to go, a happy ending with no drama. Unfortunately that leaves you with nothing but cheese. Seriously they all love each other- all problems fixed and sworn enemy's All walk side by side with [...]

    24. This one wasn't better than the first part (my personal opinion, of course)Cooper became sappy in a clingy way.Savannah turned from strong to just annoying.When they met her father? She goes from not saying a word to "Daddy, this and Daddy that"Then it became unrealistic, her dad is going to kill Cooper for her no longer being pure? How the fuck would he know if she is or not?Two enemies sitting next to one another, ready to kill a civilian over a girl's virginity? I felt like I was stuck in a b [...]

    25. BoringggggI'm sorry but this last book was boring Savannah was to oh baby oh baby n copper started to become a pain in my ass with all of the I'm ex navy sail oh Grover yourself buddy key word is ex e writer overall repeats herself and it makes u want to just put it down because the story seems to be going no whered then there's weird mentioned about ppl looking to check if she's bleeding like who does that it sounds unreal and not romantic at all.I didn't like it the 1st book was okay but this [...]

    26. I have to say, I'm with everyone else on the review side of this book. It was ok, just wasn't for me. I have read a ton of alpha, fighter and MC books, this book was lacking. It was more of a gladiator style book. Just the style of writing, the writing was justdifferent. I stopped once to check and see what year this book was written.Sojust like I said, this just wasn't the book for me.

    27. This series was okay. I thought the premise of the series was good and it was outlined well but I found the writing style and conversation kind of immature. It was kind of like a car accident to me. You want to put it down and look away but you just can't and have to see it through to the end. Don't get me wrong, it was a cute story but the characters just kept on getting more annoying and the intercourse scenes seemed forced to me but then again that's just my own opinion.

    28. By the time I got to the 2nd book it was all getting so incredibly repetitive. I found myself scanning over whole paragraphs looking for something interesting. The author wasted so much of the book on saying over and over how much they love each other. We get it! Move on! It wasn't the worst book I've ever read, but it's very predictable and cheesy. The sex scenes are well written though. They don't go on too long.

    29. I loved these books and there where great but the ending seem to drag on, idk it was great to see where they ended up and to see everyone around them getting close and what they want and that Cooper didn't have to really join the MC that he got to live out his days as a fighter and have beautiful kids and everyone got a long so well. This is a great ending to these! can't wait to see if I like some of her other book.

    30. I thoroughly enjoyed the first book in this series. I enjoyed how the chapters switched between perspective with a little bit of overlapping viewpoints. That being said, I think I made it 31% into this book before I had to just stop reading it. It was just moving so slowly. Nothing was happening and you were just so sick of the characters thinking the same things over and over. Also, no one in the world talks like these characters. I just couldn't deal with it. So cheesy. Oh well.

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