Fall From NY Times and USA Today Bestselling author Cora Brent comes a new epic crossover novel JennyI was a lost girl a child bride Now to most people I appear to be just an average college student They

  • Title: Fall
  • Author: Cora Brent
  • ISBN: 9781507638989
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Paperback
  • From NY Times and USA Today Bestselling author Cora Brent comes a new epic crossover novel.JennyI was a lost girl, a child bride.Now, to most people I appear to be just an average college student They would never guess my strange history But secretly I m still held down by my past I cannot bring myself to trust men.So why do I find myself drawn to the most dangerousFrom NY Times and USA Today Bestselling author Cora Brent comes a new epic crossover novel.JennyI was a lost girl, a child bride.Now, to most people I appear to be just an average college student They would never guess my strange history But secretly I m still held down by my past I cannot bring myself to trust men.So why do I find myself drawn to the most dangerous one of all Oversexed, foul mouthed and ten years my senior, he should have been my nightmare.Instead, he s my fantasy.DeckHow many women have I ruined Hell if there s any point in counting Only once did I ever do something unforgivable and the consequence crushed my soul Maybe that s why I remain here, in the barren desert wasteland occupied by the worst of my degenerate family.This is a prison I ve inflicted on myself.Into my purgatory walks Jenny feisty, beautiful, but little than a girl.No one decent should want a thing to do with me.I told her that.She didn t listen.Note Fall is a crossover between the Gentry Boys series and the Defiant MC series Characters from the Gentry Boys as well as the book Promise Me figure prominently However, Fall was written as a stand alone and it is not necessary to have read either series Warning This book is intended for mature audiences over the age of 18 It contains explicit language, sexual situations, and violence that may be upsetting to some.

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    1. Cora Brent

      I love wild romantic stories, grunge era flannel, my vintage Ken sewing machine, embroidered dishcloths and absolutely everything that has to do with 1980s pop culture i.e leg warmers, scrunchies, big hair, early Madonna, boom boxes, wood paneled walls, stonewash jeans, etc.If you believe in Happily Ever After and the unique magic of a John Hughes film, chances are I ll love you too Email corabrentwrites yahoo

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    1. 4 FALL in love with Deck Gentry Stars!How I felt when I remembered there was a new Gentry Boys book available -Don't scoff I know I was not alone in my fangirlish excitement when I found Deck had his own book. In fact I am pretty sure if you listened closely you probably could have heard the sound of women's panties being dropped all over the world as soon as the book became available. because let's face it, Deck is that hot!.Fall tells the story of the Gentry triplets older gorgeous, tough, mot [...]

    2. While it was great to catch up with the Gentry boys this was not nearly as good as the first three books in the series. I liked Declan and Jenny. But Dec was too caught up in his past and Jenny was just too young. Not a lot happened in the book. No really huge drama. More happens with the triplets than the MCs. So it is worth the read as a continuation of the series but I am not sure about it as a standalone.

    3. 5 Falling Stars!Review by Natasha Gentile So for those of you that don’t know this-I am in love with these Gentry boys. In Draw, Risk and Game we fell in love with the triplet brothers, but we also got to see a glimpse of their big bad cousin Deck. Deck oh DeckBe still my heart. Last month Cora asked me who my favorite Gentry was and I couldn’t really chose between brothers, but I can without a doubt say Deck Gentry is my favorite. I know, I know, stop the madness….Here is my journey with [...]

    4. Love love love the Gentry triplets and finally a book for their oh so sexy bad boy biker cousin Declan or Deck. I have been waiting for this book. Deck is a few years older than the triplets and tried to look out for them as they grew up with their sadistically evil father Benton Gentry. Deck takes care of people. The h is Jenny who is from another Cora Brent series. Jenny, younger sister of Promise from the book Promise Me, is a young girl rescued from a religious cult after being married to a [...]

    5. I was really looking forward to this one, but sadly it didn't quite measure up and a feel a tad but let down. When I pick up a book that is labelled as a romance, that's what I expect and that's what I want. There was very little romance in this book, in fact they didn't really get together in a romantic way until way after halfway through the story. So much so they didn't even spend much time together to even develop any sort of relationship until more than halway through. Instead we got a lot [...]

    6. This is definitely one of my favorite series!! Each book better than the next. I loved Cord, Creed, and Chase but I think that Dec is my favorite. Such a great series that I will continue to reread. ;)

    7. I was very excited to read this 4th book in the Gentry Boys series. Declan's story- The Gentry brother's cousin.The ironic thing, is that this book has a TON more back story of the Gentrys than the first three books combined. A good thing and a bad thing. I have to say the most hated character-has got to be Benton- Cord, Creed & Chase's dad. Whoa- NO redeeming qualities AT ALL. Very realistic-I unfortunately know that there are people out there like him. I just didn't want SO much of this bo [...]

    8. Declan Gentry is one he'll of man. He's all man no boy!! He also has been around if you know what I mean. I never thought Dec would have thing for Jenny. She just seemed to innocent for Dec. But what Dec wants Dec gets. And Jenny surprised me as well she has a little wild side to her they make an awesome team.

    9. Hero needed to make his mind up, he gets her naked and to the point of putting a condom on, then just stops and hands her her clothes back, uggh!!Hero and heroine are apart for most of the book, just couldn't connect with either character.

    10. He may be a Gentry pervert (meant in a good way to the Mrs.) but I would still worship the ground he walks on.

    11. It has pretty much gotten to the point where I will happily read ANYTHING Cora Brent writese speaks to my heart as a woman and as someone who likes to really get the "feels" when I dive into a book and into someone else's story.We first met Jenny in Promise Me (Defiant MC book #2) when she was rescued from the cult and brought to her sister for safe keeping. Jenny was only 16 in that book and was sent to live with her brother in California where she went to school and was given a chance to somew [...]

    12. I am really waffling between 3 and 4 stars for this one. Let's just call it 3.5.I read it immediately following Game and I thought it was better than Game but maybe not quite as good as the first two. This book brings together characters from two separate series. Although I've only read the Gentry Boys series I never felt lost in the plot. I think it would work the other way around too. If you've only read the Jericho series you wouldn't be lost in this one. In fact, the author did such a good j [...]

    13. Deck and Jenny. What a pair. It was so hard not to love Deck. He was good-hearted and just the way he took care of the Gentry triplets made me love him even more! Jenny's story was so unique. Escaping from her own hell on Earth, she was determined to overcome all and find a real life for herself. Great storyline! Loving this series!Oh and I messed up, that status review below should have been on the next book, Hold!

    14. Declan's StoryCora Brent has continued her "Gentry Boy's" series and written about their cousin Declan Gentry. Declan is your typical damaged tough guy on the outside with a big soft heart on the inside. While his past haunts himhe doesn't much think about a futureuntil he meets Jenny. A great story with a HEA and plenty of The Gentry triplets w/their girls. Check out this great continuation

    15. Awe Declan gentry I've been waiting for your book and it did not disappoint! Declan is the cousin of the triplets, the one who tried to keep them safe and tried to help them as much as possible with their neglected and abusive parents. Deck' s book shines more light on how far he went to keep the boys safe then and now. Declan was an Amazing character and I was happy to see him get his HEA. All the characters are back in this book and some HEA all around. Recommend this series to anyone who love [...]

    16. Declan Fall is cousin Declan book and him finding Jenny his one. Another hot and exciting book in this series and it was Declan turn to Fall.

    17. I liked reading this book, but it was more average than anything for me. There wasn't anything huge that bothered me at all, it was just kind of blah. I liked Jenny and Deck but I didn't love them like Truly and Creed, I didn't like them as much as Chase and Stephanie. To me, and I hate to say it because I did like the book but they were just bland. I didn't see Jenny as a once child bride. Maybe that's because she had already adapted to society outside of their commune but she still showed more [...]

    18. 4+++ Stars for Declan and Jennetta! This book had me laughing, swooning, and crying more times than I expected.*Disclaimer* I'm usually not a fan of books when the female main character is under 20 and the male character is mid-20s and up. This is just a quirk of mine. *shrugs* But this book, like Kill Devil Hills by Sarah Darlington it just worked for me.Declan "Deck" Gentry, is the older cousin to the Gentry Boy triplets. He's been their protector since they were born, and 23 years later he is [...]

    19. DeclanOooooh Declan his story was so different for me I absolutely loved the insight of his young life and the lives of the triplets, no matter how heartbreaking it was to hear. Only thing that I didn't like was there was still no justice with the sad excuse of a father Benton Gentry He's the worst possible human being and he's still living a miserable life with Declan giving him money to stay away That doesn't seem fair.I can't even feel sorry for Maggie, her "sickness" is all on her and she de [...]

    20. I was given an opportunity to do an arc for honest review by author and this is my opinion, the way the book affected me.Deck is a Gentry, worst of the worst as far as Emblem is concerned. But no one is brave enough to cross him there. Everyone even respects him. He is brave, stands up for those he loves and definately keeps the women of Emblem happy. And loves his aunt Maggie even though she has hurt his 3 cousins and sticks by his uncle Bennet whom he despises. Jenny is a survivor of the worst [...]

    21. I think this was a solid 3.5 stars for me. It was rather luke warm. It was a very everyday life read with two people who are not rich or poor but and pasts they're trying to move on from. Which is what they truly aimed to do. Some reads with characters that are stuck in their past can be drawn out and tedious. But after some push and pull, I really enjoyed seeing them move forward together and laying out their pasts at once so there isn't any confusion. Declan was actually very sweet and sentime [...]

    22. More Gentry Boys.While I absolutely loved 'Draw' and 'Risk' I didn't finish 'Game' it just wasn't working for me at all I think that was mainly down to Stephanie, so after several tries I gave up. Despite this I still love those Gentry boys and from the first time he was mentioned I've wanted more of Declan I always hoped he would get his own book and now he has.I knew this would be a different read since the strength of 'Draw' and 'Risk' came not only from the characters but the relationship an [...]

    23. I struggled with rating this book - ultimately 2.5-3 stars is all I can give.What worked:Overall it was well written, and flowed well as the 4th Installment to the Gentry boys story.Lots of updates on Cord, Creed and Chase moving their stories along.More insights into the trash that is Emblem, AZ and Benton and Maggie Gentry What didn't work:Jenny's actions were not believable to me based on her past.Jenny is 19 to Decks 28 - and his protests of "she's too young" a million times in the beginning [...]

    24. **This book was won from first reads giveaway**I loved this book. The first book by Cora Brent that I have read was Draw. I loved every word of that book. There is something about those Gentry boys. They're crude,sexy but have a soft side to them. This book was no different. This story follows the gentry boy Declan. Out of the military and wallowing in his own misery he stumbled into Jenny, a girl who's young and fighting her own battles while trying to overcome her own rough Life. Together the [...]

    25. For those who love a slow-burning romance, this book by Cora Brent is just the thing. To put it simply, Deck is a Bad-Boy, while Jenny seemed more than a girl (but not yet a woman) who personifies what most of us want to imagine we are - beautiful and innocent yet quite capable to take on the task of taming that-kind-of-guy. This story is like unto the almost-empty bottle of ketchup you want to beat the bottom for a climax to their love making! To be honest, however, the drizzle is still pretty [...]

    26. I love the Gentry boys (Team Cord) and was excited to read Declan's story. Declan handles so much behind the scenes for his cousins and has his own demons to battle. I know he wants to protect them but I felt he could have shared the burden and kept them in the loop. Declan is such a delicious specimen I wanted a little more alpha from him but I could appreciate his reluctance with Jenny because of her past. I found Jenny to be a strong enough character for Declan and thought the story started o [...]

    27. 5+++++ FANTASTIC FALL STARSThis whole series about the Gentry Boys has been fantastic and the final book about Deck and Jenny is probably my most favourite. Every page had me hooked, read it all in one day ( housework be damned!!) and can't stop thinking about it since. Deck is just an all round cool, alpha, badass, HOT, loyal beautiful guy with just the right balance of edginess and OMG factor!Jenny is awesome and so very easy to like. She doesn't whine or do stupid stuff. She makes you want to [...]

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