Dancing Hearts Cooper James is no stranger to loss He had to hit rock bottom before making his way to the top After losing his dad Cooper has to take on the responsibility left to him He now owns his father s bar a

  • Title: Dancing Hearts
  • Author: Heather Dahlgren
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 394
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  • Cooper James is no stranger to loss He had to hit rock bottom before making his way to the top After losing his dad, Cooper has to take on the responsibility left to him He now owns his father s bar and also cares for his mom who struggles greatly with their loss He is sexy, put together and protects what he loves Listening, playing and writing music is his outlet.EmmCooper James is no stranger to loss He had to hit rock bottom before making his way to the top After losing his dad, Cooper has to take on the responsibility left to him He now owns his father s bar and also cares for his mom who struggles greatly with their loss He is sexy, put together and protects what he loves Listening, playing and writing music is his outlet.Emma Harris is a simple girl She loves country music, her friends and family She hasn t had the best of luck with men, but that doesn t hold her back She is beautiful, outgoing and full of life.When Cooper and Emma have a chance encounter at a concert, it is an instant connection They have a romantic, hot and meaningful relationship Cooper is the verse to Emma s chorus.However, what happens when tragedy strikes When lives are shattered When the music stops playing.Is it possible for their hearts to keep dancing

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    1. Heather Dahlgren

      Heather Dahlgren writes Contemporary Romance, sprinkling each book with a bit of humor, a lot of naughty and true love She self published her first book in 2014 and continues to do so today Her over active mind promises the stories are in no short supply Heather grew up and still resides at the Jersey shore She loves being so close to the Atlantic Ocean and the Pine Barrens She is surrounded by the best of both worlds.She is married to her high school sweetheart and has three kids There is nothing important in the world to her then her family When Heather isn t writing you can find her getting lost in a great book, spending time with family and helping her fellow authors Follow Heather on Facebook facebook AuthorHeatherTwitter twitter HeatherDahlgren e B00LNTFE2G author show Newsletter eepurl bdyss9

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    1. Can one concert, one chance meeting, and one magical night hold a lifetime of happiness? Heather Dahlgren’s Dancing Hearts seeks to answer those questions. Dancing Hearts is the story of Emma and Copper and their journey to find love and their happily ever after. It is the story of real people, in real life situations. It is a real life love story and it is refreshing. I could relate to this story on many different levels. I could be Emma; any of my friends could be Emma. Her girlfriends could [...]

    2. Houston we have a problemI liked this bookA LOT. I really enjoyed the characters, all of them.minus of course the crazy ex (the attack was extreme), but oh well it worked. handling the momma situation (that's been done), would have liked that to have gone down differently. NOW here's where we have the problemI am from OKLAHOMA. we DO NOT speak like robots. the dialogue from an Oklahoman's standpoint was rough. we use contractions in our speech and thoughts. we so rarely use an ing on the end of [...]

    3. Dancing Hearts will make you want Cooper James to dance away with your heart!Emma loves country music, her friends, and her job. Music is her passion though, makes her feel, makes her cry, makes her happy. Emma hasn't had the best luck with men, leaving her untrusting of men. A chance meeting at a Luke Bryan concert may just change her mind.Cooper doesn't take any time for himself. Since he's father passed away, he has struggled to care for his depressed mother and take over his father's bar. He [...]

    4. What can I say I lurved this book!!!!I connected from word go! Emma reminded me of my sister just a gorgeous girl and me I have a little bit of rowan in me lol but I just loved there friendship,Now Cooper he himself is stand alone man I love how he has a great group of mates that stand by him threw everything this young man has had to deal with, I related to the bar because I work in a small town pub and we are a family.I love how heather has written this book it's so close to how we have all go [...]

    5. I loved this book ! Cooper strong sexy and a little alpha cowboy, and Emma a strong confident little Doll,this couple loves sex i can say that and when cooper dirty talks to her its all kinds of hot, The way Cooper takes care of his mom is just wonderful.he has had to grow up quick with the passing of his dad and has wanted a girl who would stand by him while he cares for his mom and runs his dads bar and he has found that in Emma.Emma just wanted a man she could trust and someone to treat her r [...]

    6. Heather has done it again! WOW! This book was fantastic, I love Cooper and Emma! This is my favorite book from Heather, it was well written, and the storyline was solid. I love how Emma and Cooper met at the Luke Bryan concert. (I am a huge Luke Bryan fan). The chemistry between the 2 was amazing. It was real, they have some problems they have to face to be able to be together. They both work different shifts making it hard for them to see each other. But when they are together boy was it hot. [...]

    7. A wonderful book – a perfect book boyfriend, emotional connections, and conflict.I have finally found a character that I would consider to be a book boyfriend. Cooper is the perfect book boyfriend. He is perfect because he is not a goody two shoes or a knight in shining armor—a character that is so perfect he seems unreal. All the things with Cooper at the end add to his being perfect. Perfect isn't really perfect - he had issues, just like everyone else. He didn't always make the best, or r [...]

    8. DANCING HEARTSby Heather DahlgrenI loved this book the strength that Emma shows as she falls for Cooper and goes through so many ups and downs in her own life and the life she is choosing to have with Cooper. The heart and feelings Cooper goes through as his life and all that he knows gets thrown upside down and inside out. Together as they take the journey through meeting by chance to love ever after they show that the heart is strong and will always show you the way you just have to let it. Th [...]

    9. Dancing Hearts is a story of two hearts meant to come together and sing!! Cooper owns a bar and takes care of his mom since his dad passed away. He is ok with just playing the same song over and over for now. Emma is a country girl who loves her friends and music!! She isn't looking for a new song any time soon. A chance meeting at a concert has both Cooper and Emma singing a new tune!! The instant chemistry between them is intense, hot, and just meant to be!! They share a love of music and each [...]

    10. What can I say about Heather Dahlgren’s Dancing Hearts?This book was wonderfully written, witty, steamy, great strong characters, meaningful, and just a little dose of angst to make the perfect book. Cooper and Emma meet at a concert and start a friendship that leads to more. Will they make it through the first date or all the bumps life throws at them? I am not telling go grab the book! I totally fell in love with these characters. The connection and the strength of the friendship that grows [...]

    11. So I came by this book quite randomly whilst I was browsing one day. I had not previously come across Heather Dahlgren’s books, and I love finding new Indie authors. After reading the synopsis I decided to give Dancing Hearts a go. I sure am glad that I have found her now!Cooper is a man who has too many responsibilities and not enough time to let loose and have fun. Since his father died, he has taken over the running of the family bar and other than helping out with his mum, has little time [...]

    12. When a book starts with a Luke Bryan Concert you know you are on to a winner!It's no secret I love my music & I clearly I love reading so when the two combine I get really excited, this book did NOT disappoint, I urge you to check out the soundtrack too.Right on to the whole point of this The book!Dancing Hearts has it all!You will laugh, cry, swoon & scream! TISSUE WARNING! Have them handy!We have the pint sized Emma, who is smart, sassy & funny. She has been hurt but will take NO C [...]

    13. Wow, where do I beginOk I will start with Cooper because he is one sexy ass country boy. He has had to do a lot of growing up over the past few years, at 25 he has a lot on his shoulders. The two most important things in his life is his bar and his mother, well that is until Emma comes dancing her way into his life.Emma is a carefree 22 year old who likes to hang out with friends, partying, and has a passion for music, specifically country. She has had her heart broken in the past and is just wa [...]

    14. Dancing Hearts by Heather Dahlgren is an easy 5star read, a thoroughly enjoyable book, I did not want to put it down!!! I will definitely read Dancing Hearts more than once! This book has it all, love, sex, heartache, passion and happiness. Emma and Cooper met at a concert and music plays an important role throughout this book and the special moments that the couple has together. Cooper is by far one of my favorite book boyfriends, I cannot express how much I love him! He is sweet, sexy, and lov [...]

    15. I just finished Dancing Hearts and I liked it. Its a story about taking risks, who doesnt like stories like that? Cooper and Emma met up at a concert and it is an instant attraction. They both have some things in common but have different things going on in their life but it will be all about taking risks to see if they will have a future. They will have some obstacles but trust me you will want a HEA with them. Cooper is such a nice guy. With things that went on in his life, he has had to make [...]

    16. Wholehearted 4.5 StarsCooper James is a devoted son, who turned his life around to save his beloved mother. He is also a dirty, sweet and possessive man who you will fall instantly in love with because he made you feel cherished. Emma Harris had a broken heart, see her struggle with her past to build a future with Cooper. Their story made me want to be young and in-love again. A guitar has six strings and Heather made you experience feeling all six emotions throughout her story. I felt happiness [...]

    17. I really enjoyed this book, i read it in one sitting. This book follows Cooper and Emma, they meet at a concert and its insta lust for them. Cooper is a busy man, he runs his own bar, helps to look after his grief stricken mother and never takes any time for himself. Its a rare night off that he takes that puts him at the concert, he and Emma have a connection but can he move past a family tragedy and take a chance on love? Emma is a typical 22yr old, partying with her friends and enjoying life. [...]

    18. Dancing Hearts had my heart dancing with all the feels!!! Cooper and Emma's love of music is just part of their connection to each other. They can't seem to get enough of each other. Now, in all reality We all have issues, some big, some small, but it's how we deal with them that matters. You'll see what I'm talking about when Coopers world gets rocked on its axis. Though he may hurt the ones he loves when this happens. But the ones who truly love him will be back to fight this at his side, with [...]

    19. Cooper and Emma meet at a concert while they are there with friends. They can't keep their eyes or hnds off each other from the moment they meet. Cooper is a hard working sexy man who takes care of his depressed mother and runs his family bar. His father passed away and he inherited the bar. Emma is a beautiful and sweet young woman. Cooper and Emma start seeing each other as often as possible. Cooper has a crazy ex girlriend and CRAZY mother who cause problems for the new couple. Will Cooper be [...]

    20. Review by: Jennifer(4 stars)One fateful night, at a Luke Bryan concert, something struck Emma and Cooper in the heart (or their loins) whether it be love or lust; they both knew upon meeting, something about the other was special. With the instant attraction, they both are going to give this a try. Will Emma put up with the fact that Cooper has to constantly run to either the bar's needs or his mothers? Will Cooper's blast from the past succeed in messing in his life and drive Emma away?From the [...]

    21. Cooper James had to grow up quickly 4 years ago. After his dad died, he had to take over the family bar and take care of his mom.Emma Harris is a hairdresser who loves music, especially country. She is independent and carefree.Out with her friends at a concert, she meets the gorgeous and sexy Cooper. Their attraction is instantaneous.Cooper is everything Emma has ever dreamed a man to be: caring, romantic, sexy, and loves music as much as herself.Tragedy strikes and Cooper is pulled in opposite [...]

    22. This is the first book from this author that I have read. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed it.Cooper was just the kind of guy you would love as a book boyfriend. Loving, sexy, protective and HOT!Emma was a kicker. I loved how she just said what she wanted and didn't hesitate to go for it.Their love story was slow and sizzling. Although they had a few bumps in the road to get to their HEA in the end it was all worth it I really enjoyed all of the secondary characters especially Levi, Rowan, a [...]

    23. Must read!An awesome story with great characters, a dirty talking hunk, hot scenes that leave you steaming, true friends, music, love, and the pitfalls of life comes together for a story that leaves you wanting more.I loved Emma! It takes true strength to go after what you want and have faith in it after you've been hurt. Emma is a true fighter and had me from the start. It's not often I find a heroine I like this much.Cooper is also a fighter. He finds the strength to overcome his pain and his [...]

    24. what a great instant love romance. Emma hasn't had the best of luck with guys but she's not against love if it's right, so when a night out with her girls at a concert brings her to meeting Cooper it's a instant connection a feeling she's not quite sure how to explain but she doesn’t want to lose it. Cooper doesn’t go out much between running his bar and looking after his mom he really doesn't have time for much else, and taking care of his mom can DE a bit much since his dad passed away, sh [...]

    25. An ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.AhhhCooper.gh. I just loved him. He and Emma were great for each other. They meet at a concert and never expect to feel such chemistry and pull between each other. All the feels were there. It was just perfect. This is my second book by Heather Dahlgren, and I love the way she writes. The characters are real and strong. We the reader are able to feel the emotions pouring off the pages. I also the friendships that are portrayed in her stories. The [...]

    26. I was gifted for an honest review. OMG. This is such a well written book. I so loved the story of Copper and Emma. They had an instant attraction to one another, even though they both had so much going on in their lives. Copper is so hot, you can't help but fall in love with him. Emma is such a sweet heart but so strong at the same time. There is so much steam going on between these two. My panties were about to melt off. Heather Dahlgren done such an awesome job and I can't wait to read more by [...]

    27. I received this for an honest review. I have to say that I am in love with Cooper OMG. This book was one of those books that has it all OMG. It has drama, sexiness, cute couple, and the requisite stupid man. I absolutely fell in love with this book. There are parts in this book that just make your panties want to melt and parts where you wanna say "Oh NO HE DIDN'T" I just loved every bit of this book. Dancing Hearts will make your heart dance. The whole way through this book I just wanted to tur [...]

    28. This was such a good read. I needed something light to read and Dancing Hearts was Perfect! Two country music, loving people ( Cooper & Emma ) meet each other at a Luke Bryan concert.From there, their story takes off.I would describe this story as a "cute, romance read" Not too much drama. It's one of those stories where your like "ok, this is what I needed." Read it in 2 hours. Cooper owns a Bar he inherited after his father diesEmma is a hair dresser. If your in need of a light romance rea [...]

    29. Dancing Hearts will have your heart dancing, or at least Cooper will! This is very well written with lovable characters. Cooper is the one that everyone will fall in love with. Hot, sexy, and music is his life. He takes care of those he loves, and nothing is more sexy than that. Emma is immediately attracted to Cooper, and he is to her also. These two embark on a hot romance. But when tragedy strikes in the form of an ex, will these two have what it takes to make it? Or will their hearts stop da [...]

    30. So I gave this book 3.5 stars but rounded up. I loved the storyline and the characters but some of the repetitive words really got on my nerves. Between her panties always being wet (gross!) and everything was "Holy Sh*t" it kinda got on my nerves. It got better the second half of the book so that encouraged me to round up.As for the story I really liked all the country music references 'cause I'm a country girld I always have a soft spot for books that revolve around bars and tattoo shops. So y [...]

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