Isolation Isolation depicts a bleak but recognizable future in which the fear of contagion reaches a fever pitch as a bacterial epidemic catapults the US into an apocalyptic crisis Touch is outlawed Mothers lik

  • Title: Isolation
  • Author: Denise R. Stephenson
  • ISBN: 9781626527607
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Paperback
  • Isolation depicts a bleak but recognizable future in which the fear of contagion reaches a fever pitch as a bacterial epidemic catapults the US into an apocalyptic crisis Touch is outlawed Mothers like Maggie bind their infants hands, terrified they might slip fingers into mouths Gary, a Sterilizer, uses robots to scour the infected, avoiding all contact with human f Isolation depicts a bleak but recognizable future in which the fear of contagion reaches a fever pitch as a bacterial epidemic catapults the US into an apocalyptic crisis Touch is outlawed Mothers like Maggie bind their infants hands, terrified they might slip fingers into mouths Gary, a Sterilizer, uses robots to scour the infected, avoiding all contact with human flesh Trevor, the Chief Enforcer, watches, eager to report any and all infractions One inadvertent touch will change all of their lives.

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    1. Denise R. Stephenson

      Denise R Stephenson resides in Oceanside, CA, but she has lived in all the remote locales of her first novel, Isolation Staying inside of boxes, forms, and genres has never been her strength She s published over 20 academic articles and book chapters, many of which stray from traditional conventions As a member of Attention Deficit Drama, she has written and produced monologs and short plays She hopes to one day see on stage, Hibakusha, her most recent play about nuclear disasters Stephenson is a book artist as well as a writer and has shown her letterpress book What She Said in several national shows.

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    1. Imagine a world where just the touch of someone could quite literally kill you. In fact the spread of contaminants and bacteria are spiraling so out of control that physical touch is banned. To prevent the spread of bacteria, you are not allowed to touch your face at all. What has become a habit is now against the law. A new motto is in effect, "Habits learned early are habits for life." In fact the world's population is now spiraling out of control as government agencies like the CDC and Homela [...]

    2. Imagine not being able to touch yourself or others for fear of punishment. Imagine a world where so many have died from bacterial infection that it’s now a law, strongly enforced, of no touching of any kind.We already see signs of this in some countries. People going out in public wearing face masks and gloves. Sanitizer stations in business entryways.The author approaches this clinically and emotionally.I couldn’t imagine not being able to kiss my babies face, hug a friend, or even wipe the [...]

    3. "Isolation" is the story about a handful of people dealing with a world I can't even begin to imagine. The story starts in kind of a lookback at how a deadly virus changed the world, and then comes to current time and how the sickness has changed the world and what it means for the survivors.A horrible sickness has broken out in the world and is spreading quickly. It's incredibly unpleasant (lots of bloody diarrhea) and deadly. The government struggles with how to contain it, especially because [...]

    4. If I could, I would give it 3 1/2 stars. I really liked the concept but it didn't quite come together for me. I liked most of the main plot points and characters, but the pacing was off me. Characters would be introduced and then disappear for long periods of time or all together. That said, I enjoyed it because it seems believable.

    5. Isolation introduces us to a world where a few unfortunate characters have contracted a very nasty and deadly bug, but each have different symptoms. Then we are transported to a seemingly near future, where people are forbidden to touch their own face, in order to avoid contamination. The book then narrates the evolution of such measures and their effects on some key characters. Negatives: - Regarding the time leap in the beginning, I could not tell when either action took place or even how long [...]

    6. Isolation by Denise R. Stephenson is highly recommended, especially because this could conceivably happen.Isolation opens with a woman cutting her finger, just a little nick, while slicing red onions. Within a day she is dead from a bacterial infection. We hear about these cases today, although death may not come quite that quickly. Perhaps there is a bacterial infection, like E. coli O157:H7, running rampant, causing severe abdominal cramps, bloody diarrhea and vomiting. Maybe the bacterial inf [...]

    7. I was really looking forward to this book and to my delight it met my expectations and even exceeded them!Firstly, this is a really intriguing but horrific story. I could actually see a future like this happening and that is what makes it so frightening. That and like a really good horror you don't totally know who the culprit is! The characters in the book realize that the problem is bacteria but from what? The fever pitch that hits the entire world is ridiculously amazing and so scary. The set [...]

    8. I feel I need to start this review by saying that I am not a huge fan of apocalyptic books of this nature. I read it as part of an obligation to the author. The book started out slow for me, bouncing every couple of pages with different POV's. I realize that when you have a shifting POV, it tends to be difficult to manage how soon to change from one character to the next. I believe the author knew what she wanted to do with this book, but I am not entirely convinced that it turned out the way th [...]

    9. This review intentionally contains no spoilers. "a novel about the dystopian future which is just around the corner "Hard hitting in its aims from the outset and certainly pulling no medical punches, Isolation is a strong atmospheric debut novel that takes on a serious issue and This is a highly researched and detailed bio novel but where no medical knowledge required from the reader. The reader's cold feeling of paranoia starts with images of where people seem to be ubiquitously wearing masks a [...]

    10. Almost daily I see news flashes about drug resistant strains of illnesses alongside that of government and corporate overreach into individual privacy. Protests against GMO’s are on the rise and an increasing number of public locations have hand sanitizer stations. All of these seemingly minor and unconnected events gain momentum and meaning in Denise Stephenson’s first novel, Isolation. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where danger exists in the most natural of human yearnings, to [...]

    11. Sadly this one was a DNF. The chapters jumped about a bit too much for me and you never got chance to be invested in the plot or the characters.

    12. I don't want to leave any kind of rating or review that isn't supportive. I'll just say this book wasn't for me but it might be right for other readers.

    13. Read the full review on Nerdophiles.Isolation by Denise R. Stephenson is one of those stories that stick with you long after you’ve finished reading it. Like how you’re now aware that you’re holding your jaw up, or your tongue is resting in your mouth, or you’re breathing manually. Suddenly, Isolation makes you aware of the health risks you take daily. The very first snapshot into a character’s life, page one, had me questioning my own habits. Then, as I read on and the fear of bacteri [...]

    14. openbooksociety/article/isBrought to you by guest reviewer Jesse J.Slight SpoilersPicture yourself in a world where so few remember. Remember the taste of cherries just picked from the field, the smell of fresh cut grass, the passionate kisses to your husband. Unfortunately, the lovely common things we take for granted are banned because highly resistant bacteria are everywhere and contaminate livestock and vegetation. With no cure, new strains of Listeria and Ecoli are killing people left and r [...]

    15. Set in the future, people start dying from what appear to be common illnesses, yet they fail to respond to the usual treatments. Various illness strains have began to combine with other strains forming super bacterias. In almost all cases, once you contract one of these illnesses, there is no cure. Agribusiness plays a big role in the spread as soon most crops have been identified as disease vectors.The human response to limiting the spread is slow. First are laws to prevent people from touching [...]

    16. Isolation by Denise R. Stephenson is featured as part of a Premier Virtual Authors Book Tours blog tour and is also a part of a Rafflecopter giveaway on the Contests and Giveaways page of this blog. The novel is set in future apocalyptic America and while it can be categorized as science fiction, the epidemic that it predicts has its roots in all too real eventsLike many good science fiction novels, Isolation poses serious questions and implications for the path that we are headed on in real lif [...]

    17. Honestly, I didn't finish this book. The concept is very interesting--what if no one could touch each other or their own faces for fear of catching a horrible disease?--but I kept waiting for something to actually HAPPEN. I held out for quite a while, hoping the action would pick up, but even halfway through the the book it seemed like there was no actual plot. We get to see how the Touch Bans are affecting the lives of several different people, but I really didn't know enough about them to actu [...]

    18. This book was such a gripping tale. It was an incredible read that kind of scared the heck out of me. The story was well paced. It was never slow, it had me gripped to the page with every turn. Just imagine living in a world where you could be arrested just for touching your face in public?!? Can you imagine that?'Isoaltion' was so well-written and extremely interesting to read. It definitely makes you think. Could a thing like this really happen? How would it be living in a world like that? The [...]

    19. Check out the full review at Kritters RamblingsA medical and political thriller all rolled up in one tight book. Broken into three different sections with the first being the onset of the "disease", the second being the government trying to figure out the plan to control the "disease" and the final part is the community living with the actions that were taken. I loved the clear distinctions in the book and the feel were each unique and added to that part in time in this world. I am not a huge me [...]

    20. Isolation is a fascinating look at how society could potentially fall apart will the spread of a mysterious illness. It’s told in vignettes and reminded me so much of the Matt Damon movie, Contagion. Isolation takes the story a step further though by progressing into a dystopian future where “face-touching” is not allowed (because of the fear of spreading disease). This book is probably better suited for those with a strong stomach though - you get some very vivid images of how the disease [...]

    21. This book freaked me out a little bit. How could I not touch my face, or my baby? Human touch is so important to infants. This is definitely a world of nature and not nurture. The enforcer was not a job that I would want. Gary, the sterilizer, has to have OCD. In fact I think that all people that live in this world would have OCD. I liked that this could really happen. Once the immune system is weakened it only takes one germ to kill. This was a great read. I am giving this book a 4/5. I was giv [...]

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