Outcast Filled with riveting adventure and heartrending scenes Outcast is another thrilling story of friendship survival and the powerful need to belong

  • Title: Outcast
  • Author: Michelle Paver
  • ISBN: 9780060728342
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Filled with riveting adventure and heartrending scenes, Outcast is another thrilling story of friendship, survival, and the powerful need to belong.

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    1. Michelle Paver

      Michelle Paver was born in Central Africa, but came to England as a child After gaining a degree in Biochemistry from Oxford University, she became a partner in a City law firm, but eventually gave that up to write full time.The hugely successful Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series arose from Michelle s lifelong passion for animals, anthropology and the distant past as as well as an encounter with a large bear in a remote valley in southern California To research the books, Michelle has traveled to Finland, Greenland, Sweden, Norway, Arctic Canada and the Carpathian Mountains She has slept on reindeer skins, swum with wild orca killer whales , and got nose to nose with polar bears and, of course, wolves.

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    1. Yes! Michelle Paver does it again with this splendid entry in her Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series. Torak is alone and soul sick and we wonder whether Seshru, the Soul Eater and Viper Mage will get the fire opal and conquer him or whether Bale and Renn will save him in time. And WolfAs always, we are spellbound with the vivid evocation of this world long ago and the wonder of discovery and friendship of the characters. There are painful revelations here as we pass the summit of the story an [...]

    2. This series just keeps getting better and better! Outcast was a non-stop thrilling adventure! I couldn’t put it down for one second.Outcast really defined Torak and Renn’s character. I loved how we got to know more about Renn here. To be honest, Torak and Renn aren’t really that different from each other. Even though Renn lived with her clan, she is different from her clan because of her ability to do Magecraft. I just love the parallel between Torak and Renn. Also we got to see more of Ba [...]

    3. I loved this ever so much more on the reread. I never actually realized how deliciously creepy this book was. Soul sickness, possession, magecraft. All those three things make for a creepy but amazing middle grade novelIS MIGHT BE MY FAVORITE FROM THE SERIES. So far at least. I'll have to wait and see what I think when I read 5 and 6. But this book was so goddamn awesome. Glad I reread it before going on to the 5th book. Here's a concise list of brilliant things about this series: Wonderful worl [...]

    4. Tyler, 8yrs, said it was very dramatic and very good. He really likes this series.Update 3/17/13 - my review:Now I know what Tyler meant by dramatic. This book tore my heart out. It was so hard to watch Torak go through so many painful experiences - becoming an outcast and watching him suffer from soul-sickness. He begins to make choices that are against the laws of the Forest and clans. I found myself shocked and fearing for him. The pain that wolf feels as he is rebuffed by Torak and finding h [...]

    5. I have found with series, the further you delve, the sooner you'll find a book that disappoints. Not so with the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness. "Outcast" is the fourth in the series and as captivating, well-written and engaging as the three previous books.Michelle Paver's series was written for children but appeals to people of all ages. (I have been hooked since the first word in "Wolf Brother"!)Whilst completely engaged in the story, heart-pounding as the circumstances Torak, Renn and Wolf of [...]

    6. "Outcast" was much darker and more chaotic than the rest of the books in this series so far. However, the outcasting posed an interesting problem that developed into an engaging, fast-moving plot. The dark and chaotic feeling of this book turned me off only a bit, but I think it's because of that (and that alone) I give it four stars instead of five. The thing with Seshru and Renn also annoyed me a bit it just felt cliche, but it certainly did provide an interesting twist. I felt really bad for [...]

    7. Although I read a lot of series, I find that I lose interest after just 2 or 3 books. Often the plot becomes predictable and the writing more haphazard. Not so with Michelle Paver's Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series.Outcast is the fourth in the series and my favorite so far.The story picks up right whereSoul Eater left off without any annoying recap. Torak is quickly outcast from the clans because he bears the mark of the Soul Eaters. Being an outcast is worse than it sounds, by law anyone w [...]

    8. So here is the summary:The characters in the story were the wolf pack themselves, Torak, Renn, and Wolf. The wolves had black hair cut to shoulder legnth, a fringe, tusks at their necks, and a stiff mantle. The other pack, The Willows had strips sewn in spirals in jenkins, black leaved tatoos, and a permanent frown. During to story, in the forest, there was Torak, who was separated from his best friend, Renn. They were both separated through the the agonizing journey of finding each other, and t [...]

    9. I think this was the most emotional book of the series so far. I might have shed a tear a few times.The story's still as captivating and doesn't let down. Everything falls into place, and it's one of those series where you feel like the author knew where it was going from the beginning and you wonder how they knew to leave these little details that would come in handy later. It's full of plot twists too! Renn's secret? I think that was the most shocking twist so far.Renn's character keeps being [...]

    10. Outcast, by Michelle Paver, is the fourth book in the Chronicles Of Ancient Darkness series. Set six thousand years ago, this spellbinding story tells of the time when fourteen year-old Torak is banished from the Raven clan, his only 'family' since his mother and Fa died. Torak becomes outcast because of the terrible secret he has kept hidden for two whole moons. He bears a tattoo of the three pronged fork for snaring souls on his chest. Unfortunately, being an Outcast means that danger is aroun [...]

    11. I feel like I should be enjoying this series more than I actually am. Everyone raves about the series, but I'm always slogging through the pages, trying to figure out why I'm not more invested in the story. Exciting things are happening, but I can't get myself to care. Maybe it's because of the nonstop barrage of suffering heaped on Torak. He never gets a break, but his misfortunes don't make me sympathize with him, they just feel excessive. With each book that goes by, Torak annoys me more and [...]

    12. Outcast follows Soul Eater, and is as dark as its predecessor. Picking up two months later, Torak's Soul-Eater tattoo is discovered during a brawl, and he is outcast by the clans, his only allies Renn and his Seal-Clan cousin Bale. Out of all the novels, it's the most painful to read. Both Torak and Renn go through the meat-grinder in this one, physically and psychologically. I preferred Soul Eater to this one, probably because Outcast is so tragic a read. Alone, without Wolf, and becoming sicke [...]

    13. "I am your pack, Torak said."Paver does it again. These books are really quite incredible and I absolutely love them. I cannot wait to read the last two in the series. I have been taking my time with these and they are just so enjoyable. Torak, Wolf, Renn and Bale make up this adventure…and an adventure it is! The growing relationship between Torak and Renn is starting to make me nuts haha…but I'm loving it, I'm hopeful Paver will continue to develop these two. This time we find Torak being [...]

    14. Torak menjadi buangan ketika tato pemakan arwah yang dipasang paksa diketahui para pemimpin klan. Hidup menyendiri, bahkan tanpa Serigala, membuat roh Torak sakit. Dukun Klan Ular, Sessru, salah satu pemakan arwah, adalah sosok dibalik kegilaan Torak. Usaha Sessru memanfaatkan kemampuan klanaroh Torak demi membunuh Renn ternyata memiliki rahasia terselubung. Selain itu, Sessru juga ingin mendapatkan batu Baiduri terakhir yang ternyata selama ini tanpa sadar berada di dekat Torak.Sedih baca seri [...]

    15. Titler: OutcastAuthor: Michelle PaverGenre: Historical fiction/fantasyRating: *****With the mark of the Soul Eaters imprinted on his chest. Torak, is made an outcast by the Raven Clan and must fend for himself. Struggling to survive and fight of the soul-sickness Torak and Wolf journey through the forest to prove his innocence. With all the clans, that vow to hunt Torak down and kill him, will Torak and the help of with of his best friends Renn and Bale later on in the book, succeed in vanquishi [...]

    16. Outcast. I think this might be one of my favourite book in the series.Throughout my reading, I had been surprised more than once by the sudden twist created by the author.All of it were unpredictable.The story continue as Torak was being stamped as one of the soul eaters,to the mark embedded on his skin over the past few months.As a result of this, he was forced to hide for his life.His chance to show the true him was a bit slim as he was appeared to be clanless as his father didn`t really abide [...]

    17. This is the fourth book in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series and, although its premise is much darker and heart-wrenching than the previous three, I still found it to be exceptionally well-written and engaging. Torak is outcast and falls prey to the soul sickness. He is mercilessly hunted by the other clans and forced to elude them while at the same time trying to find the Soul Eaters. Ms. Paver's descriptions of his struggles to survive are so vivid and stark, you can feel his pain and [...]

    18. Just when I was beginning to think that I read every twist Ms.Paver had she came out with this. I was pleased by this book- it wasn’t too sad or bittersweetI actually found myself relaxed and appeased by the end. even throughout the book the entire feeling was an exciting mystery that kept me reading until I finishedyou are pulled into the book because it is so well written that you find yourself empathizing with each and every character in one way or another (for the sake of not spoiling the [...]

    19. Semakin cinta sama Serigala. Kenapa yak selama ini banyak buku anak-anak yang menempatkan serigala sebagai karakter antagonis. Klo menurut buku ini sih, Serigala itu pintar, setia, anggun dan kadang kala lugu he he he namanya juga binatang, tetep aja kalah ama manusia. Setiap baca serial ini, aku jadi pengin bisa ngobrol ama serigala. Tapi untuk itu masak aku harus jadi anak serigala dulu, wew!Secara keseluruhan, ceritanya seru. Sayang, pengungkapan fakta soal Renn kok kurang bikin "HAH?" gitu y [...]

    20. MP certainly has a unique and endearing style to her writings and she brings her work to life in the pages.I listened to the series on audiobook and i enjoyed all of them. I would recommend listening to them, if you have only read the book.

    21. I had forgotten how much I liked these books!Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I haven't been able to read in a while, or the feelings this book takes up - but I don't like them! I LOVE them! I lost count of how many times I started crying, because even though it's a completely different time people still experience the same feelings and some of the same fears. The series is set to the Stone Age, and the humans live WITH nature and paint a very good picture of what that is about. T [...]

    22. Paver, Michelle Outcast, 336 pgs.Harper Collins-Katherine Tegen Books; Language~G, Sexual Content~G; Violence~PGWhen readers last saw Torak, he had been branded as a Soul Eater. He must keep this tattoo hidden or he will become an Outcast. After a heated argument with a member of the Boar Clan, Torak’s tattoo is revealed. Now as an Outcast anyone of any tribe that comes across Torak, must kill him. He attempts to remove the tattoo, but the remaining three Soul Eaters are still after him. Torak [...]

    23. Dziwne, że książka jest skategoryzowana na biblionetce jako fantasy a nie jako literatura dziecięca/młodzieżowa. Moim zdaniem to zdecydowanie książka dla młodzieży, początkującej z fantasy. Rzecz się dzieje zaraz po epoce lodowcowej, co jest dość ciekawym zabiegiem, jako że większość znanych mi fantasy to raczej klimaty około-średniowieczne. Jeden wątek, kilku narratorów, niewielu bohaterów. Nie oznacza to, że książka jest słaba, przeciwnie - jest naprawdę dobra. Jed [...]

    24. I was pre-reading these for the young adults in my life. The first one in the series, Wolf Brother, was good. I like the parts of the story that are told from the POV of the wolf. However, the rest of the series seems to be getting progressively darker, and darker, and I can't recommend these for the ten and eleven-year-olds in my life. I just think the gruesomeness is too much as they continue.

    25. This book turned out exactly how i wanted it to, again this is an amazing series and it brought me satisfaction in the end. I am one to get really into a book that i like and this series has kept me reading since i open the book until i close it at the end.

    26. I really liked this book because it had so much adventure in it and it gave you a lot of information about Torak´s past. This book is fantasy and it has some violence but over all it is not too intense. I would recremend this book too anyone who is in to dark spirits and some voilence.

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