Undescribable Samantha Hall needs a fresh startBroken hearted and alone in a new city Samantha begins to build a new life for herself while working as a bartender Focusing on her new friends and rebuilding her bro

  • Title: Undescribable
  • Author: Shantel Tessier
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 184
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  • Samantha Hall needs a fresh startBroken hearted and alone in a new city, Samantha begins to build a new life for herself while working as a bartender Focusing on her new friends and rebuilding her broken life, Samantha is content Until she meets him attorney by day and a cocky, foul mouth playboy by night All girls want Slade Long, but not one has ever been able to keSamantha Hall needs a fresh startBroken hearted and alone in a new city, Samantha begins to build a new life for herself while working as a bartender Focusing on her new friends and rebuilding her broken life, Samantha is content Until she meets him attorney by day and a cocky, foul mouth playboy by night All girls want Slade Long, but not one has ever been able to keep his attention for long Having a different woman in his bed every night is how he prefers it no emotion, no connection Until he meets her an angel with the sweetest voice he has ever heard and the most enticing green eyes Samantha makes him second guess his actions and has him wanting something he didn t know existed How can a man who has never been in love, be so sure Can real love happen this fast Burned by her past, Samantha struggles to keep up with the overwhelming passion she feels for Slade She knows that he will be nothing but trouble to her already fragile heart, but how long can she continue to deny the love that she feels for him Will Samantha let Slade prove his love is real, or will she push him away She thought she knew love He thought he never wanted love Together they will show each other what they can t live without.

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    1. Shantel Tessier

      I m a Texas born girl who now lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with my high school sweetheart, and our two girls I consider myself extremely lucky to be a stay home wife and mother When I m not reading or writing, I spend my time with friends and family.

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    1. DNF at 50%I tried, really, I honestly did. Unfortunately, I had to cut my losses before I threw my kindle at the wall. I'll refrain from rating it since I never finished.Now for those that are easily offended, I recommend you avert your eyes from this review, because this might be a slight rant.You've been warned! What initially attracted me to the book was the description of Slade:attorney by day and a cocky, foul mouth playboy by night. All girls want Slade Long, but not one has ever been able [...]

    2. "I’ve come to find falling in love is easy. It’s getting the person you love to love you back just as much that’s hard because no two people love the same!”This was a really sweet and touching book written from alternate POV'sSam moves her life to be with her boyfriend Jax, a first class douche bag whom she catches cheating on her.Broken hearted Sam must move on. When she bumps in Slade, the manwhore she has no idea that she's spoken to him before.Slade is a badboy and this badboy wants [...]

    3. I had a roller coaster of emotions writing this book. It was not an easy journey, but it was WORTH it. I can't wait for the world to read Samantha and Slade's story. :) I hope that you love them as much as I do. This is just the FIRST book in the Undescribable series. They will all revolve around Slade and Samantha as the main characters. I have half of book two written and have a deadline for it to be out before Christmas. I want to thank everyone who is taking the time to read the ARC's. I am [...]

    4. I have been anxiously awaiting Undescribable for months now… Thanks to getting to know Shantel and hosting her blog tour. I have to say for a debut novel… It is on fire…like smoking, blazing, gonna take 25 firetrucks to put out those flames…and that’s putting it lightly Samantha Hall is one strong young lady, she is independent and has started fresh. What she doesn’t know is how much her life can change with someone’s wrong decisions… for the better.Slade is a lawyer by day and c [...]

    5. 4.5 stars at 24% I wanted to put this aside because I was not feeling it at all. I stuck with it and in the end I am very happy that I did. Hence the 4.5 stars. I had a hard time getting into this one in the beginning. Just could not seem to connect with the characters at all. Then about 30 % in something changed and I was connected completely with the characters and had to finish reading it to see what was going to happen with Slade and Samantha. Samantha Is broken hearted and moves to a new Ci [...]

    6. I really liked this one. I especially liked Slade--he was super HOT and super yummy! The story was told in alternating POVs between Slade and Sam (aka Angel)--which I love. I think my only real complaint about the book would be the length. I found it to be a tad bit too long and therefore about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way through I felt like things became repetitive. Sam and Slade are our heroine and hero, respectively. Sam moved to town with her bf Jax. Over the last several months, Jax started party [...]

    7. This was a good one! This is the story of Slade, playboy/lawyerHe's a handsome 29 year old, loves being a lawyer and loves women. He's very upfront with them, he's only in it for the physical aspect, makes no promises or sweet talks to get what he wants. He doesnt have to. Women knowingly flock to him for a fuck. He has a best bud named Josh and a brother Micah. This is my Samantha, aka "Angel"She's a one man woman, who just happens to have a boyfriend, Jax, who doesnt quite share that sentiment [...]

    8. Boom! Now that's how you do it! This is a great book with a HEA and no cliffhanger. What are you waiting for? Go! Read it nowThat's how you write a book! Way to go Shantel Tessier!You'll definitely want to 1-click this book and get to know Slade. He is swoon-worthy. Slade is everything I like in a playboy. He has lived his life screwing a new girl every night, weather it be in a bar bathroom, back booth, or back at his place. It's always a different girl, and never the same girl twice. That's ho [...]

    9. A great debut by author Shantel Tessier! Undescribable is a really good read. This has tons of great thing going for it in my opinion and I will try to list the top ones for me:♥ Samantha Hall: WOW! Sam is a great female character. She is so sweet and caring towards others, but at the same time she is very independent and strong. The author has very much succeeded in creating a complex female character who do not annoy the shit out of me. I understood her actions throughout the whole book and [...]

    10. Aw, loved this book, strong showing at 4.5 stars!Man whore Slade is a rich hot playboy used to getting what he wants with little to no effort. He gets his fix sexually but has never had a reason to need or want a relationship. The first several chapters of this book will have you cringing about his antics and questioning if he has any redeeming qualities. Stick with it though!Sam aka Angel, is a sassy emotionally bruised woman who meets Slade at the end of a failed relationship with Jax. She kno [...]

    11. This book made me ugly cry in the end. Like really badly ugly cry and that doesn't even make sense.I loved the story though and how beautifully written it was. I loved how the author made me go from hating Sam's mom to her being my favourite character. Slade is insanely hot and an amazing book boyfriend. I'm still kinda reeling from reading this book so can barely articulate words to describe it but it as an amazing read and journey. I strongly recommend that those of you who haven't read it yet [...]

    12. PPFF Rating: 5/5 StarsThe playboy-turned-one-woman-man and the angel."The bottom line was that he cheated, and I left."What really got me into the story early on was that I may or may not have cheated and been cheated on at some point. Let's put it this way: I personally can relate to Sam."Don’t worry, I get it, bros before hoes and all that stuff."The worst part of being cheated on for sure is the fact that other people actually know about what's going on but they don't tell you. It messes wi [...]

    13. Wow, wow, wow. I just finished this book moments before writing this review. I really didn't know how this book would play out. I was thinking sweet girl meets play boy. They jump in bed together and lots of drama. None of that, well sweet girl meets play boy did, but the rest, oh heck no. I guess there is drama, but it nothing like you would think.Samantha Hall is one of sweetest girls I think I've read about in the past year. She is more concerned for others than herself. She is beautiful and [...]

    14. 4.5 Stars here.Wow , I loved this book. I loved the heroine Sam. I loved the hero Slade. Hell, I loved the side characters. Everything about this book drew me in. The way they met, the relentlessness of the hero's pursuit, the fact the heroine didn't make him sweat too long to let him in and the fact that any angsty issues didn't get mixed up and cause unneeded strife between the two because they were not idiots! I loved the the author didn't, like so many others, make these two turn into 15 yea [...]

    15. Ok, so this review will be hard for me because yes I liked the story, yes I liked the characters, mainly Slade, and yes I liked the hotness, but i was annoyed with the constant apologizing. I wanted Slade to be the bad ass he was and not apologize for it!I also have some confusion into the directions of the story. There were times i felt like the story didnt flow. I was re-reading sections making sure i didnt miss something because I wasnt sure if the scene was important or if there was going to [...]

    16. Yep,you are not seeing things i just gave it 5 stars and im a picky SOBLet me start by saying this i love an Alpha male but you throw one that is used to screwing anything that walks and likes to fight into the picture well then you had me at Chapter 1. I usually devour a book in a day but i dragged this one out just because i loved the characters and yes i said characters because they were freaking great.Slade, Your such a self prickless asshole and i loved you the moment you tried to screw the [...]

    17. I THINK MY JUDGEMENT IS BEING AFFECTED BY THE AMOUNT OF TEARS IM SHEDDING RIGHT NOW. First few pages for me were like thisSlade was introduced and he was the typical dominant, cocky, didn't give a flipping fuck heroin and I LOVED ITThen there was the chemistry and the sexual frustrationThen everything was perfect and everyone was happyThen the last chapters for me were literally like thisALL THIS SHIT WENT DOWN AND MY HEART JUST EXPLODEDOverall, it was a great book. Easy read with lovable charac [...]

    18. 4.5 stars reading! Complete review and Blog Tour here: sexandthebooks.wordpress/2Since the very first teaser of Undescribable I read, which happened to be the first chapter that Shantel sent me, I was HOOKED!OMG, guys, Slade is a HOT male. I love his cockiness and the fact that he can be jerk-ish, but still has a heart. And what a…heart! LOLSlade doesn’t do relationships, but with Samantha, or Angel as he call her (*swoons*) , it felt only natural to be in love with her. They fight like cats [...]

    19. After a very rough start (I’m sorry but reading a book in PDF format is pure torture!) this book ALMOST had me doing an ugly cry at the end. Where do I start with this book?!? HmmHow about this book gave me my sexy alpha male, annoying and indecisive but still love her female, hard/tough love, STEAMY sex scenes and angst! Undescribable is book 1 of the Undescribable series by Mrs. Tessier. Slade Long (the sexy alpha!) is a successful lawyer by day but a true playboy and bad ass by night. Women [...]

    20. Wow!This debut novel is just break taking literally! the storyline made me experience every emotion possible and I connected with the characters instantly.The novel begins as we learn about Samatha 'Angel' Hill and her relationship of 8 months with a guy named Jax. Her relationship is suffering, Jax party's till early hours in the morning, they have no sex life and Jax doesn't communicate at all when he is home. one night Jax doesn't come home leaving Sam worrying about his safety therefore seek [...]

    21. Undescribable is one of those books that grabs you right from the beginning and never lets up causing you to miss everything and anything surrounding you. Lord I was a bad girl and started reading it at work and read all day long when I was supposed to be working but I said to hell with that I need to keep reading and that is what I did until I finished it. Have you ever loved someone only for them not to love you back the way you deserve to be?Samantha needs a new beginning in her life. She is [...]

    22. The saying goes that you should never want what someone else has unless you are willing to do and go through what that person went through to get it (ok, so not exactly said that way, but you get my point).Samantha Hall does not lead an enviously life in my eyes (at least most of it, sheesh). Her boyfriend is a grade A asshole, her father passed away and her mother wants nothing to do with her. Now, in a new city by herself Samantha is not only learning to stand on her own completely, but she is [...]

    23. A lot of drinking, sex and crying. With some drama thrown in for fun. I loved it. Cant wait to read more from this author. Josh and Courtney need their own book. Would also like to read Holly and Micah's story. Not a cliffhanger.

    24. I like it Slade is hot, the story is hot but it's kinda like reading a long (hot & sexy) love story and then it just ended abruptly maybe there's another book to follow or not still, I like it

    25. I really enjoyed this story.Once I started this story I couldn't put it down I needed to know how it was going to play out.The Story is about Samantha and Shade I found it ansty, a roller coaster of emotions, it was sweet.It starts with Sam moving with her boyfriend Jax who I didn't like. she catches him cheating and dumps him.Shade is such a Man whore and he doesn't do the whole girlfriend thing. he more a one night stand guy that is until he meets Samantha and as much as he tries he can't get [...]

    26. This book is exactly what the title says, Undescribable. Those are the feelings that I had while reading. I could not wrap my head around what I was feeling, because the feelings were that strong and crazy. This book is about overcoming your past relationships, both personal and in love and learning to move on past them. No matter what the situation was, you need to pick up your head and heart and keep moving, because what is around the corner may very well be what helps you to move on and love [...]

    27. I got one word for y'all SLADE!!!! And just so you all see I'm not biased towards Slade and his sexiness, I give you the Urban Dictionaries meaning of Slade.e we all know the Urban dictionary is LEGIT!Slade: "An extermely handsome man that is atheletic. All girls die over Slade. A Slade can get the hottest girls and keep them because he knows how to treat them. If you have an chance to date a Slade do it there wont be another like him." - Urban DictionaryI must admit when I signed up for this bl [...]

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