The Adventures of Baron Munchausen The restored unbowdlerized text of Raspe s slapstick travel epic featuring the classic illustrations from Strang Clark No one has journeyed to as many foreign lands as Baron von Munchausen Nor

  • Title: The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
  • Author: Rudolf Erich Raspe
  • ISBN: 9781857155181
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The restored, unbowdlerized text of Raspe s slapstick travel epic featuring the classic illustrations from Strang Clark 1895 No one has journeyed to as many foreign lands as Baron von Munchausen Nor, when it comes time to fire a cannon, will you find anyone accurate The comfort of courtly life is as natural to him as the harshest polar desert On the subjeThe restored, unbowdlerized text of Raspe s slapstick travel epic featuring the classic illustrations from Strang Clark 1895 No one has journeyed to as many foreign lands as Baron von Munchausen Nor, when it comes time to fire a cannon, will you find anyone accurate The comfort of courtly life is as natural to him as the harshest polar desert On the subject of politics and science he has no equal And all discussion of the moon must start and stop with the only man who has ever been there His feats of prowess are famed the world over Who else could leap a hedgerow with a carriage and horse on their back No one And then of course there are the bears My god the poor bears Written at a time when science was replacing religion, and explorers were mapping the globe, and in our own time made into an acclaimed movie by Terry Gilliam, The Travels and Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen unleashed the quintessential madman upon the Age of Enlightenment and it remains the tallest of tall tales to this day.

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    1. Rudolf Erich Raspe

      Rudolf Erich Raspe was a German librarian, writer and scientist, called by his biographer John Carswell a rogue He is best known for his collection of tall tales, The Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen, originally a satirical work with political aims.Raspe was born in Hanover, studied law and jurisprudence at G ttingen and Leipzig and worked as a librarian for the university of G ttingen In 1762, he became a clerk in the university library at Hanover, and in 1764 secretary to the university library at G ttingen He had become known as a versatile scholar and a student of natural history and antiquities, and he published some original poems and also translations, among the latter of Leibnitz s philosophical works and of Ossian s poems He also wrote a treatise on Thomas Percy s Reliques of Ancient English Poetry.In 1767, he was appointed professor in Cassel, and subsequently librarian He contributed in 1769 a zoological paper to the 59th volume of the Philosophical Transactions, which led to his being selected an honorary member of the Royal Society in London, and he wrote voluminously on all sorts of subjects In 1774, he started a periodical called the Cassel Spectator From 1767, he was responsible for some collections of Frederick II, Landgrave of Hesse Kassel or Hesse Cassel He had to flee to England in 1775 after having gone to Italy in 1775 to buy curios for the Landgrave He was found to have sold the Landgrave s valuables for his own profit.In London, he employed his knowledge of English and his learning to secure a living by publishing books on various subjects, and English translations of German works, and there are allusions to him as a Dutch savant in 1780 in the writings of Horace Walpole, who gave him money and helped him to publish an Essay on the Origin of Oil painting 1781 But Raspe remained poor, and the Royal Society expunged his name off its list.From 1782 to 1788, he was employed by Matthew Boulton as assay master and storekeeper in the Dolcoath mine in Cornwall At the same time, he also authored books in geology and the history of art The Trewhiddle Ingot, found in 2003, is a 150 year old lump of tungsten found at Trewhiddle Farm This may predate the earliest known smelting of the metal which requires extremely high temperatures and has led to speculation that it may have been produced during a visit by Raspe to Happy Union mine at nearby Pentewan in the late eighteenth century Raspe was also a chemist with a particular interest in tungsten Memories of his ingenuity remained to the middle of the 19th century While in Cornwall, he seems to have written the original version of M nchausen, which was subsequently elaborated by others.He also worked for the famous publisher John Nichols in several projects, among which was a descriptive catalogue he compiled of James Tassie s collection of pastes and casts of gems, in two quarto volumes 1791 of laborious industry and bibliographical rarity Raspe then went to Scotland, and in Caithness found a patron in Sir John Sinclair of Ulbster, whose mineralogical proclivities he proceeded to impose upon by pretending to discover valuable and workable veins on his estates Raspe had salted the ground himself, and on the verge of exposure, he absconded He finally moved to Ireland where he managed a copper mine on the Herbert Estate in Killarney He died in Killarney, County Kerry, of typhoid, in November 1794.The Baron M nchausen tales were made famous when they were borrowed, translated into German, and embellished somewhat by Gottfried August B rger in 1786 and have been among the favourite reading of subsequent generations, as well as the basis of several films, including Terry Gilliam s The Adventures of Baron Munchausen Today it is not known whether anyone during Raspe s lifetime was aware of his authorship of the Adventures, other than his friend

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    1. Everybody knows that to lie is bad. But Baron Munchausen used to lie with such virtuosity that his lying achieved the state-of-art quality and he is highly respected for this art all over the world.“One evening I missed a bee, and soon observed that two bears had fallen upon her to tear her to pieces for the honey she carried. I had nothing like an offensive weapon in my hands but the silver hatchet, which is the badge of the Sultan’s gardeners and farmers. I threw it at the robbers, with an [...]

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    3. “When we had reached within two days’ journey of the ship, we observed three men hanging to a tall tree by their heel; upon inquiring the case of their punishment, I found they had all been travelers & upon their return home had deceived their friends by describing places they never saw, and reciting things that never happened: this gave me no concern, as I have ever confirmed myself to facts” - Baron Munchausen‘The Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen’ is an enjoyable & s [...]

    4. After few slower books, it was nice to read something quick and just lose myself in the story. This book was perfect for that. Ireallyenjoyed reading it. I think the reason why I enjoyed reading it this much, was because of the humor. The humor in this book was right up my alley. Great short book, that I'm sure I'll re-read again more than once.

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    8. Lügen mögen kurze Beine haben, können damit aber gleichwohl kräftige Sprünge tunWas mir anfangs auch nicht klar war, den Hieronymus Carl Friedrich Freiherr von Münchhausen hat es sogar wirklich gegeben, und zwar lebte er von 1720 bis 1792. Nachdem er am Russisch-Österreichischen Türkenkrieg teilgenommen hatte – hierin lag wohl eine Quelle seiner abenteuerlichen Geschichten –, mußte er jedoch aufgrund innenpolitischer Verwerfungen am russischen Hofe erkennen, daß ihm dort keine weit [...]

    9. Free download available at Project Gutenberg.Title: Aventures de Baron de MünchausenAuthor: Rudolph Erich Raspe Gottfried August BürgerIllustrator: Gustave DoréTranslator: Théophile, fils GautierRelease Date: November 6, 2015 [EBook #50398]Language: FrenchProduced by Laura N.R. & Marc D'Hooghe at freeliterature (Images generously made available by Gallica, Bibliothèque nationale de France.)This book was proofread by Free Literature and is published by Project Gutenberg.Original files ar [...]

    10. I'm actually reading an antique copy I found at the library book sale last year, not the Dover edition. It's slow going, because the humor is rather brutal, lots of hunting and killing and maiming, not my cup of tea. Interesting artifact of an old style of tale telling, though, lots of very short, outrageous tales.I see the humor, but I don't enjoy it very much. It's one of those things I'm plowing through because I think it's important culturally, but I won't keep it, in spite of the physical b [...]

    11. If only Salvador Dalí could have illustrated this book! Or Jack Kirby! Makes Alice in Wonderland seem very 'normal'!

    12. I read this as another "palette cleanser" before returning to the unending flood of short horror fiction. Baron Munchausen is a figure much better known in Europe than here in the United States, where his equivalent might be something like Pecos Bill or Paul Bunyan, maybe? (actually, those who remember the Tennessee Tuxedo cartoon show will find the closest analog we have to The Baron in blustering, "understated" British adventurer Commander McBragg).The Baron tells stories of his amazing advent [...]

    13. Funny, charming, and ludicrous. The first chapters were hilarious, and witty and I loved re-telling these to my friends to pull them into reading this, but when I got to the later chapters (some that I believe were less inspired by Munchausen's actual tales) I was disappointed. The first stories, usually involving a hunting incident but some war stories as well, were beautifully set-up with an ironic twist at the end. The later ones were just full of ludicrous nonsense with barely any thread of [...]

    14. Барон Мюнхаузен! Базиран отчасти на реално съществувала историческа фигура, днес безсмъртният литературен персонаж на Рудолф Ерих Распе се е превърнал в истинско нарицателно за самохвалство и събирателен образ на всички разказвачи на небивалици. Но освен това се е превъ [...]

    15. Tall tales of the unbelievable exploits of Munchausen, i wonder if the Donald Trump character is based on this guy :) . This isn't great but is better than i expected. Random nonsense of this sort tends to really bore me but every time i started to lose interest something would occur to coax at least a wry smile from me. Usually stories like this are done as satires likeVoyage to Cacklogallina ,Gulliver's Travels,Niel's Klims Journey Under Ground etc. But this bares more in common withRabelais o [...]

    16. A bit biased on this one since I've just written an essay on it and don't want to read anything, ever again, ever at all ever.The first part is the best - full of silly stories, wild adventures, a great deal of masculine braggard-dom, and a pinch of political satire. The second half, not written by Raspe, is hard to get through, dull, and plain weird at times. Definitely doesn't have the same magic - and none of the Munchausen stories you might know come from it. Yaawn.Not so cool: the Baron's o [...]

    17. I've read this book numerous times when I was a kid and I enjoyed the hell out of it! It is funny, hillarious and amazing. Read it and you'll be entertained all the way through it.

    18. Fun filled, incredible, bemusing and head shaking, these stories are fabulous in the old-fashioned sense. They tell the fables of one fascinating character, based on a real-life person. The Singular Adventures of Baron Munchausen purportedly is the tale of an ex-soldier doing what veterans often do: lie about their sexual exploits and their military maneuvers. But Munchausen went further than that when entertaining his guests. He spun yarns of ludicrous and unbelievable adventures: travels to th [...]

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    21. Read this in my childhood, I clearly remember the warning my father gave me when I unwrapped this book for my 10th birthday: that I should take what was written with a big grain of salt and that I shouldn't get upset with the book when I read something impossible.I'm glad he warned me, because that's what I remember most: the sheer astonishment about how a person could have so much fantasy, make so many things up and tell them as if they were true. Interesting to see, how my reaction will be, sh [...]

    22. Easy and enjoyable to read. Tremendous fun, with myriad of ideas/images falling over each other and spilling off the page. Highly suitable for children with short attention-spans! Would've given 4 or 5 Stars if only there had been an overall story - the "bitty" anecdotal nature causing it to feel somewhat inconsequential. One of those books that can be taken down any time as a "palette cleanser" between heavier stuff.

    23. A experiencia de contar histórias tem muito mais a ver com compartilhar outras possibilidades de observar a vida, do que meramente entreter a pessoas. Munchausen tinha um modo peculiar de partilhar suas experiências, e contaminou toda uma gama de pessoas com seu estilo de prosa. E jamais será esquecido.

    24. This was one of my childhood favorites, and I wonder what it would be like to reread it now. Outrageous, decidedly-funny with zero pretense to sound factual, charming. Glad it is still available.

    25. Tämä oli melkein neljä tähteä. Paronin seikkailuja maalla (ja sen alla), meressä (ja kalojen vatsoissa) ja ilmassa (sis. avaruuden, kuun ja planeettoja). Sotaretkiä ja metsästysretkiä. Venäjän keisarinnan ja Turkin sulttaanin hovien liepeillä toimimista. Fantastista ja hölmöä. Groteskia huumoria. Oman aikansa supersankari. Paroni on ollut oikea henkilö 1700-luvulta.

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