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  • Title: Angel
  • Author: Cyma Rizwaan Khan
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  • Page: 121
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    • ☆ Angel || í PDF Read by ☆ Cyma Rizwaan Khan
      121 Cyma Rizwaan Khan
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      I write dark fiction.

    263 thoughts on “Angel”

    1. Meh.Straight forward dark, organized crime story where Ty's hens have come home to roost. Unfortunately, Mason is the collateral damage. The odd word choice/sentence structure, over-the-top descriptions, too stupid to be professionals, and Mary Sue Mason left me less than enamored. Add on the cliffhanger ending and I'm out.

    2. 5* - 1* (due being a cliffhanger) = 4*I dislike cliffhangers, with a more satisfying ending this would have been a full 5*.~~~~ Spoilers ahead! ~~~~This is a book about the dark side of sadomasochism. I'm not talking about what you commonly get there: a tale of atrocities heaped upon each other, usually emotionless as hell, some competition in who can recount the most horrific torture of 'em all. No. This book is about the hapless person having a paraphilia, the sadist who can't change his ways [...]

    3. The author did great. She managed to rip my heart out stomp on it, put it back in and then took it out again to stabbed it couple of times just to make sure before stuffing it back again. It is still in awful pain while I am typing this. Sometimes, I do wonder why I bother reading stuff that hurts me so much. Am I a closet masochist?So, the story was good, it's gripping so it's good! I like the plot, the trepidations and tension as I read. I think you could tell from my all my status updates. LO [...]

    4. 4 Stars This story had so much potential to be a 5 star read for me but I feel a bit disappointed here.I Love Aaron/Angel, his brother Damien, Matt and even the Villain – Ty/Jason. (All my friends know that I have this sick and wicked taste for bad guys) It does have a great story line and characters.What is holding my 5th star is the fact that it all happened too fast.The book covers Angel’s life from the moment he was kidnapped at 17 and kept confined in a Private Club as a sex slave until [...]

    5. I may post more later, but off the topKids (15-18yrs old?) are being kidnapped, tortured, raped, dehumanized, sold within a sadistic "BDSM" society to their members. (The slaves are kept on site and it seems leased as opposed to actually being personally owned after purchase)This is Aaron/Angel's story. It's not particularly graphic, but it is underage slave-fic. Aaron's owner, Ty/Jason, has a sudden change of heart and decides he's not only capable of love, but has fallen in love with the boy h [...]

    6. This novel has a theme that, for some unknown reason, appeals to me, and when I saw the opportunity for a free copy, I was lucky enough to receive it - thanks Cyma!I actually have mixed feelings about this novel; the basic storyline or the bones of the book, is very good, but the execution of it was a bit hit and miss for me. There were two areas that I felt didn't always ring true. First is the dialogue; for the most part, it was believable, but there were times where I felt Angel's response wa [...]

    7. Angel is a disturbing read about a boy who was kidnapped and used as a sex slave in a private club. He's been there for years. Ty is one of the rich, screwed up men who nearly lives at the private club because he can't get his rocks off without feeling like he can completely do anything he wants to someone, especially violence. He begins to have a conscience and wants to get Angel out of this situation. Not giving this five stars because I was not totally wrapped up with these MCs and the ending [...]

    8. REVIEWING SECOND EDITION : 3.5 STARSAngel #1 is the start of a dark erotica, captive/rape/torture style fiction series, that if you're willing to go places outside of your comfort zone looks like it's going to be a pretty compelling read.The story opens with former rich kid Mason Bryant receiving a phone call about the death of his estranged father, a cold hearted man who rejected him for being gay and in a relationship with an older man, his partner Ty, whose lifestyle is worlds apart from the [...]

    9. ALERT: POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHOY~! ALSO MAN-COOTIES.I won't lie - I originally read this thinking it was going to be a straightforward BDSM dude on dude rapefiesta.Instead what I got were freakin' twists and turns, psychological mindgames and a twisted situation that, in my opinion, became worse.Suffice it to say, Ty just isn't my cup of tea. The bastard should've been dropped like a bad habit, but one never knows what is in one's heart until it comes out and sits in the living room like a white el [...]

    10. A COMPLETE REWRITE FROM THE ORIGINAL This should've been published under a new name, because it bears no resemblance to the original version referenced in the good reviews on here. This is a complete piece of crap IMHO. There's no sex - all 'fade to black' BS!! The characters are two-dimensional at best (I couldn't give two shites about any of them). There is no capture-bonding in this at all.Ends on a cliffhanger, but who cares? Maybe book 2 has the juicy bits in it still, but I won't be taking [...]

    11. I'm all kinds of confused. So theres two different versions of the story now? The one I read is different to the reviews and really different to what I thought it was going to be. ---------------------------✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️-------------------I haven't got a single clue how to get this book? None of the url works for me.I feel so stupid

    12. DNF. The story flow was very disjointed and confusing, character motivation was often obscure, and I couldn't figure out the point of this book except for the gratuitous torture porn angst.

    13. "Angel" was something that I didn't think I will see outside my own imagination. And I mean it in a good way. I had a chance to read part of it, while it was still unfinished a few weeks back; and I remember that I was amazed. I had to sit with the book for a while, to be honest, I wanted to say about it a bit more than "This is amazing and you should read it!" . But in the end this is all you really need to know. Everyone will see and feel this differently, but I was happy to meet this author a [...]

    14. This book is a spicy tale of the darker side of human nature. It is extremely well written and takes you on an adrenaline filled roller coaster ride through every emotion possible. Cyma does a fantastic job creating multilayered characters. They have so much depth and passion you cannot help but feel like they are your friends. This book was impossible to put down and when I was forced to do so I could not get the story out of my mind. Much like Jason has a hold on Aaron, Angel had a hold on me. [...]

    15. This is something I could read over again and again just for the simple fact that once I find a book I love I tend to trip over the words because I grow anxious and excited as I want to know what is next. I have never read a book of this amazing caliber but I enjoyed every bit of it. The connection between Angel and Ty is magnetic. Despite their rough start their feelings for one another is truly genuine and foreign to them and each other. Never knowing what love feels like often feels like that [...]

    16. With a good editor, this book could be fleshed out and made into something great yet as it is now, it is incomplete and was a waste of my time. The most frustrating part about this, "book" is that it actually has potential! ANGEL does contain a beginning and a partial middle yet there is certainly no ending. The main characters were interesting yet we don't get much information on either of them. There are hints about their sexual relationship yet every scene is fade to black with no explicit in [...]

    17. The first paragraph was delicious, dark, lyrical prose: “When the rotting skeleton of New York City rising all around him was nothing more than a fancy cage, a burial ground with its deception of glamorous poisons and bootlegged desires, where guilty patrons of overindulgence smiled from ear to ear like necrotic dolls covered in the filth of abomination and self-loathing. It’s abjectness that defied any purpose or morality. The only things that got ruined in its wake were people like him, pe [...]

    18. Wow! I loved this and hated it, loved the MCs and hated them. I really felt with this story, it dragged me along and shoved me in there and made inroads to my heart. This is brutal, sweet, heart warming and wrenching and the ending is well you will have to see for yourself. Outside comfort zones but what a read.

    19. This story is outside my usual reading genre, definitely not my cup of cocoa. Stockholm Syndrome with a twist of BDSM. Ms. Rizwaan Khan writes in a way that makes a dark story line interesting. Her analogies are unique, she uses the main character’s indecisiveness as a heart-wrenching back and forth drama, and she knows how to wrap up each chapter.I give it four stars for those reasons.

    20. Should I read it? I read Kol Anderson's "Prisoner" couple of years back and wasn't impressed with the story. At all. Especially with the editing. Whaddayaknow, he is an editor for somebody else now @.@ But - sure, I am a sucker for punishment. Adding this to "to-read" shelf. Hope it's not another mistake.

    21. I had been looking for this book for quite a while, so I was delighted to see it being available on again.However, It was a disappointment. Nothing really happened in this book. It was like reading a prologue, and not a particularly intriguing one at that.

    22. GAHSERIOUSLY!*need to think about this one for a bit before I decide how I want to rate it*

    23. I really want to write this review, but time and the last couple of page left me speechless with happiness.Will be back soon:))

    24. Synopsis:It doesn’t matter what his name used to be. Now he is just “Angel”.Destined to spend his life in captivity, 22-year old Angel secretly dreams of murdering his tormentors, especially Ty – the arrogant stranger who holds his reins – literally.Ty, who has consistently pushed his conscience so far back he thought it would never resurface. Enter Angel – subdued, unhappy and downright stubborn – and Ty begins to unravel in the strangest fashion.Why does he feel for Angel somethi [...]

    25. "Angel"- Warning! Not for everyone."Angel" is a LGBT adult fiction about a young man who is sold into a secret sex club as a young boy. Now 22 years of age, and held against his will, he is required to sexually serve his master, Ty. "Angel" tracks this young man's wild relationship with Ty in and out of the sex club."Angel" is raw and crude. This is not the average, sweet romance novel if you're looking for one. And quite rightly so. This is a tale of sexual exploitation and abuse. Khan successf [...]

    26. I was chosen as one of the beta readers for this story.  I am not normally a dark story person but I really enjoyed this story.  This is about Angel and Ty and an unlikely romantic story set in a background of kidnapping, slavery, and torture.  The redemption and forgiveness of this story makes it a wonderful love story that you shouldn't miss.

    27. I need to knowSo when are we going to get book two in this series? This series has lots of potential. The characters and the details the author has written are very well done. My only complaint would be the flow of the book. I felt it went from a slow steady pace to five weeks passing within a few short chapters. However, I cannot wait to see where the story leads.

    28. Eh. Meh.It's not that great. I mean, what I've read (that pathetic little sample) isn't terrible, but it's not exactly that good. And there are so many errorsI can't tell if it's weak sauce or just pedestrian.

    29. my rating is based on a book that says it was published in 2015. This is part 1. I'm assuming some form of this story was published in 2012 as some of the ratings seem to be for this book. this should be fixed as it is confusing.

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