A Half Forgotten Song England In the village of Blacknowle on the Dorset coast thirteen year old Mitzy Hatcher has endured a wild and lonely upbringing Shunned by her neighbours the arrival of renowned artist Charl

  • Title: A Half Forgotten Song
  • Author: Katherine Webb
  • ISBN: 9781409135890
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Paperback
  • England, 1935 In the village of Blacknowle on the Dorset coast, thirteen year old Mitzy Hatcher has endured a wild and lonely upbringing Shunned by her neighbours, the arrival of renowned artist Charles Aubrey, along with his exotic mistress and their two daughters, is like a breath of fresh air for Mitzy Over the course of three summers, Mitzy develops a deep and abidiEngland, 1935 In the village of Blacknowle on the Dorset coast, thirteen year old Mitzy Hatcher has endured a wild and lonely upbringing Shunned by her neighbours, the arrival of renowned artist Charles Aubrey, along with his exotic mistress and their two daughters, is like a breath of fresh air for Mitzy Over the course of three summers, Mitzy develops a deep and abiding bond with the Aubrey household, gradually becoming Charles s muse Slowly, Mitzy begins to perceive a future she had never thought possible and a powerful love is kindled in her A love that will grow as she does from innocence to obsession from childish infatuation to something far dangerous Moving from the wilds of the Dorset coast to the intoxicating heat of a Moroccan summer, A HALF FORGOTTEN SONG explores the quixotic nature of memory and the perils of obsessive love A sweeping and powerful tale that will leave you captivated.

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    1. Katherine Webb

      I was born in Kent in 1977 and grew up in rural Hampshire before reading History at Durham University History remains a passion, and I write character led mystery dramas, often with historical settings I love to explore the way past events can reverberate in the present, and I m fascinated by the vast grey areas in human morality and behaviour.My debut novel The Legacy was voted viewers choice for Best Summer Read on the Channel 4 TV Book Club in 2010, and was nominated for Best New Writer at the National Book Awards in the same year Subsequently, The Unseen , A Half Forgotten Song and The Misbegotten were all Sunday Times Top Ten bestsellers, and my books have been translated into 24 languages around the world.

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    1. It took me a while to get into this story, although once I did, the mystery of it kept me turning the pages. However, I didn't actually like some of the characters, just couldn't relate to them, so can't say it was one of my favourites.

    2. I am not quite sure how to rate this book and I'm not sure how to review it either. It is a well-written book, and the narrator in the audio version is quite good. I can appreciate the handiwork, and the way the mystery is spun, but I really did not like the book at all. The book is full of despicable and unlikable characters. Firstly there is Dimity. She is supposed to be driven by love and is depicted as a simple, poor girl from the countryside. She was half-interesting at first, but as the st [...]

    3. Ooh, there's lots of you out there that are just going to love this one - Katherine Webb just gets better and better. I still feel a little bereft at leaving Mitzy's story behind, a wonderful story of her obsessional love for artist Charles Aubrey and the extremes it drives her to. Zach and Hannah's modern story is equally strong, and the narrative moves backwards and forwards in time quite seamlessly with none of that wrenching away that sometimes happens in dual time stories, with the threads [...]

    4. KATHERINE WEBB "PAMIRŠTA DAINA"Tikriausiai vienas didžiausių skaitytojo malonumų - atrasti gerą, ne banalų, nenuspėjamą ir įtraukiantį romaną. Mano pažintis su Katherine ir prasidėjo nuo tokių ieškojimų. Aprašymai, recenzijos, komentarai tai žadėjo, o autorė su kaupu pildė šiuos pažadus. Vis perskaitau naują Webb knygą ir sakau - "Šita tikrai jos geriausia!". Vos perskaičius kitą jos knygą- sakau tą patį, ir taip pasaka be galo. Taigi ir vėl pasikartosiu: "Pamirš [...]

    5. This is the third novel I've read by Katherine Webb. I really enjoyed 'The Unseen' which was new last year. The characters Webb created in that novel were life-like and engaging, and I felt invested in finding out what happened to them because I liked them. I also thought the story was interesting and the writing very good. If you are interested in reading a novel by Katherine Webb I would recommend it.Unfortunately 'A Half Forgotten Song' was full of half-formed unlikeable and less than sympath [...]

    6. There's a really good story in this book, but it's hidden under a heap of unnecessary padding.In the late 1930s, artist Charles Aubrey and his mistress and daughters holiday in Dorset for the summer. Long-since neglected by her mother, local teenager Mitzy befriends the girls and is flattered when Charles makes a series of sketches of her. Unsurprisingly she develops a crush on him and is bereft when the family leave. They return the following year, and over the next two summers Mitzy's crush tu [...]

    7. This book completely wrecked me, as only a great book can do. As I finished the last page, I felt the tears on my face. It was just so heartbreakingly well written. If anyone who has read it is interested, I would LOVE to discuss some things with them. There are so many words in my head! I need to share thoughts and feelings. OH THE FEELINGS.On another note:Mitzy is introduced as a sheltered 14 year old country girl with a lonely upbringing, devoid of any real human connections to show her love [...]

    8. Finally! My faith in Katherine Webb has finally paid off. When I received an advance copy of A Half Forgotten Song I wondered if this would be the one, the book to finally push me past that "meh" feeling I always get at the end of Webb's novels and it pushed me and then some.I love a good, dark, gothic, love-lost story. The setting in A Half Forgotten Song immediately set the pace for the tale: a rotting cottage on a cliff in the windy, cloudy coastal area of England. The characters: a wrecked f [...]

    9. Жутковатый триллер, который сначала мило прикидывается книжкой про любовь.

    10. This wasn't a novel that caught me right away; the prose felt languid and dreamlike in the beginning, in keeping with the slow-to-change pacing of daily life in the seaside community in Dorset where it's set. After the first hundred pages or so, though, I found myself caught in its web and put it down only with difficulty. A Half Forgotten Song tells two intertwining stories spaced over 70 years apart, and the seamless transitions heighten the sense that the past still exerts a strong hold on th [...]

    11. Three and a half stars. While I enjoyed this story in some ways, I felt it got lost at times among unnecessary wordage. I found myself skipping bits of description. The story concerns the artist Charles Aubrey, his Moroccan mistress and their two children Delphine and Elodie when they come for a holiday to the village of Blacknowle in Dorset. In the same town lives Dimity, otherwise known as Mitzy. Abused by her mother, with a father who is absent and rejected by most of her peers, she is a prim [...]

    12. Katherine Webb never fails to entertain me and I love each of her books. But with an author like that, do you ever get anxious, wondering if this will be the book that might break that spell they have over you?No worries! This one was over the moon for me! I loved Mitzy to pieces!! At first, I always despise going back and forth trying to figure out who is talking and frankly what year we are in! I loved Mitzi! I couldn't get enough of her. Her younger self, I cried. Literally. Her mom, ugh. Cra [...]

    13. Kontraversiška knyga, kadangi negali vienareikšmiškai pasakyti, jog buvo puiki, bet ir neįmanoma vertinti kaip prastos. Toks pramaišiui balansavimas ir bangavimas nuo visiškai įtraukiančio siužeto iki visiško nuslūgimo ir vakumo, kuomet tas nuolatinis žoliavimo ir jūros mūšos aprašymas tęsiasi kaip guma, iki begalybės. Ir nors istorija apie Čarlzą Obrėjų visgi įtraukia ir net pradedi goglinti, kad pamatytum ir pabandytum surasti galbūt tikrai egzistavusio dailininko kūri [...]

    14. 3,75 Początkowo trudno mi się czytało i bardzo przypominała mi "Muzę". Ale ostatecznie okazała się świetna :)

    15. Katherine Webb has made a name for herself with her charming, Gothic novels that have a very rustic, nostalgic feel to them. In A Half Forgotten Song, she tries to replicate this and ultimately ends up failing. The otherworldly, Gothic element is there but too easily and too quickly explained, and therefore loses any impact almost from the very beginning. That pastoral and sentimental component is also forced, as it is not so much a hint but an actual setting. Half of the novel is told in flashb [...]

    16. I enjoyed other books by this author, so I had high hopes. Still well written, but about 100 pages too long. I didn't love or hate the story. There were too many smaller stories that took away from time that could've been spent developing some of the characters better. As long as it was, I know no one in the end except Dimity & she was just frustrating. Seemed like a lot of work to finish!

    17. Well, where do I begin with this? I was pleasantly surprised about this book, that I enjoyed it. It has become clear to me that I mainly enjoy historical fiction written by a female author with a female lead character. Therefore, it is not surprising that many of my favourite stories have these things in common, and they are all getting muddled up in my head now. The story was told from two different angles. My favourite, the memories of Dimity Hatcher, who is now an old lady reliving her childh [...]

    18. I originally heard about Katherine Webb when I was looking for authors similar to Kate Morton. I read and enjoyed her first novel, The Legacy, so reading this one was a no brainer for me. I was so thrilled to win a review copy from LibraryThing.I’m going to start things off a bit differently for this review. I have to mention this cover at the start. It is beautiful and perfectly captures the feeling of the story. I smiled each time I saw this book on my nightstand.Okay, anyone who had read ev [...]

    19. 4.5 Stars'A Half-Forgotten Song' is a work of literary fiction that chronicles the life of Mitzy Hatcher during the summer of 1937 when renowned artist Charles Aubrey brings his daughters and his mistress to the small town that Mitzy lives in with her family. That summer and the following three summers, will forever change Mitzy's life, along with the lives of those who were involved in Aubrey's life. Scandal turns to obsession, secrets, heartache, and love.Webb did an impeccable job with her no [...]

    20. Dimity/Mitzy is an unreliable narrator but I don’t think it is in a mean spirited way, I believe it is her story completely from her point of view, even though that view is skewed, compared to how other people remember it. She never knew any kindness in this world so of course she would fall in love with the first person that showed it to her.The back and forth in time worked very well, as Zach tries to find out the truth about artist Charles Aubrey but what he finds in Mitzy is not what he ex [...]

    21. It has been a long time since I read a book that could go on my favourites list, let alone my all time favourites. I had been craving this kind of read, so was very pleased to finally find it. The synopsis and cover really drew me in, and I was prepared to set aside the fact that I wasn't over whelmed by Katherine Webb's other novel: The Misbegotten, but knew from this that her writing style was beautiful and that she was one to do her research and really know what she writes about. Well, I am g [...]

    22. I loved this book! I have started to write these reviews for myself - more to remember but it's also hard to write a summery and not give away the story.So -- this is about a famous artist named Charles Aubrey in the 30s who spends his summers in a small coastal village in England. He draws women and women love him. When he first arrives with his mistress and two daughters, the local girl Mitzy is completely enamored. Charles starts to draw Mitzy, and Mitzy falls in love with Charles. However - [...]

    23. This book was an entertaining read. I say entertaining because the book drew me in and kept my attention. I didn't feel that there were unnecessary tangential anecdotes and therefore chapters that were skippable. I was able to read the book in a day or so. Any book that I'm unable to put down or put down and run back to is a good one.YetI wasn't able to give it more than three stars. On paper it seems to check off all the right boxes: fast-paced, historical-mystery, well-written prose, tormented [...]

    24. In Blacknowle, a village on the Dorset coast, in 1937 fourteen-year-old Mitzy Hatcher has had a wild and lonely upbringing until the arrival of renowned artist Charles Aubrey, his exotic mistress and their two daughters. This changes everything as Mitzy becomes involved with the family. Charles draws her and for a time she becomes his muse. Switch to the present and Zach, a not very successful artist and failed gallery owner, comes to Blacknowle to research a book he is writing about Charles. He [...]

    25. A HALF FORGOTTEN GARDENKatherine WebbThis is an excellent book following a young woman’s single minded devotion and obsession into her older years. Again, as in other books some editing would have made it even better.In 1937 in a small village on the Dorset coast, renowned artist, Charles Aubrey spends three summers, and meets fourteen year old Mitzy Hatcher who becomes his muse. Mitzy’s love for Charles grows from innocence to obsession, from childish infatuation to something more dangerous [...]

    26. Set on the Dorset coast of England in a tiny village, the story revolves around Dimity, the main character, and her fascination with visiting artist, Charles Aubrey. Her life becomes entangled with his family and Dimity and Aubrey develop an unusual relationship. The tale is reluctantly told by an elderly Dimity, who relates her story to an author who visits her town needing a fresh angle on his biography of Aubrey.Skillfully plotted, the suspense is built through mystery slowly revealed. Dimity [...]

    27. Zach is writing a book on late artist Charles Aubrey, and when his research takes him to the Dorset village that Charles used to holiday at with his family, he meets Mitzy, a reclusive local living in a rundown cottage who has a remarkable story to tell about herself and Charles. Living with ghosts from her past, Mitzy gradually begins to reveal details of her life growing up, with some shocking revelations that I didn't anticipate.Although the book is a little overlong, it still managed to grip [...]

    28. This author was new to me when I found her book. I was drawn to it partly because it's set in Dorset - where I once lived - and partly because I felt the title to be very evocative. Beneath the title are the words 'The ghosts of the past have jealous hearts' - again, a draw for me!I haven't quite finished the book yet, but am now over half-way through and am enjoying it more and more. The reason I've given it 'only' four stars is that during the first half I was for some reason in no hurry to pi [...]

    29. I don't know how I feel about this book. There are a few moments where it's beautiful to read, despite the dark, somewhat disturbing story. There are also moments when it doesn't make any sense. If this book had 100 less pages, I might have enjoyed it more. I think there are times where the story gets lost in itself with long descriptions and bits that don't add much to it.Once I got to the final pages, I was expecting something surprising to happen, but it never did. We get to learn what happen [...]

    30. I am a HUGE Katherine Webb fan. So much so that i pre-ordered this book months before it was released without even having read the blurb. I don't know if i just wasn't in the right frame of mind for this book, but i found it painfully slow. The characters didn't grow on me as much as the characters in The Legacy and The Unseen did. The story with Zach and Hannah did nothing for me, and if I hadn't been reading this book on the Kindle, I could easily have found myself skipping pages.I did, howeve [...]

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