Ashes For the past four years Cassie has only known vampires as her enemy With the revelation of Devon s true nature she must come to terms with the fact that not everything she knows is right especially w

  • Title: Ashes
  • Author: Erica Stevens
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • For the past four years Cassie has only known vampires as her enemy With the revelation of Devon s true nature she must come to terms with the fact that not everything she knows is right, especially when the source of her Hunter powers is revealed Slowly, Cassie begins to unravel the mystery that enshrouds Devon as the bond between them grows and intensifies It s not unFor the past four years Cassie has only known vampires as her enemy With the revelation of Devon s true nature she must come to terms with the fact that not everything she knows is right, especially when the source of her Hunter powers is revealed Slowly, Cassie begins to unravel the mystery that enshrouds Devon as the bond between them grows and intensifies It s not until a woman from his past walks into their present, that Cassie realizes there are far layers to Devon than she ever realized Layers that may very well destroy her, and everyone that she loves Thrown off by the new arrival in their town, and struggling to survive, Cassie is not prepared for the devastating blow that leaves the world she knows nothing but a pile of rubble and ashes Ashes that may very well give rise to something else inside of her, something that s not entirely human.Note This is a young adult fictional story that includes some language, violence, and mild sexual situations Recommended for ages fifteen and up.

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    691 thoughts on “Ashes”

    1. Really enjoying this seriesI'm really enjoying this series of books, the characters are great and the story is great. Looking forward to reading the next one xx

    2. MysteriousLots of questions that need answers. I'm very curious about the turn the story has made. The next book is already out. Yay!

    3. It started with action but soon dragged on. I was not so much into the story as before and it shows as it took five days to finish. I do not think I will purchase the last installment.

    4. I read this one as soon as I finished Kindred, the first book in the series. I was completely drawn into Cassie and Devon's story and couldn't wait to see what happened next. Like the first book, this was an enjoyable read and action packed. As soon as I finished, I started the next book

    5. Having bought the other four books in the series as soon as I finished book one, I was anxious to dig into this one. Ashes picked up where Kindred left off, with Devon rushing Cassie to the hospital. The intensity was ramped up right from the beginning and didn't disappoint. In his stress for her to survive, Devon healed the worst of Cassie's injuries before they got to the emergency room. Now faced with questions from doctors that shouldn't be answered, he has to use powers he'd rather not on u [...]

    6. After the cliffhanger ending of Kindred, I simply had to read this, there was no question about it! This book takes off minutes after the first left off, with Devon :SPOILER FOR FIRST BOOK: rushing the wounded Cassie to the emergency room. :SPOILER OVER: As I said before, I read the first four books of this series in a four day marathon, downing one after the other because I was having too much fun.The plot:Characteristic of Stevens’ writing, the plot is fast and doesn’t disappoint. It read [...]

    7. I am the type of person who buys all the books in a series just so I can find out how it ends and this series was no exception. This book picked up right where Kindred had ended. Devon had healed the worst of Cassie’s injuries but it still wasn’t enough so he rushed her to the hospital. Since there were many questions from the doctors about what happened and how she has survived, Devon needed to use his mind control to change what they saw.Once Cassie’s friends all arrive, it hits them wha [...]

    8. When I first read this series I thought it was good but I didn't get that super excited feeling, the strong feeling to read the next book soon, so I waited. I realized that my library had the next book as an ebook so I download the book and OMG!Ashes is the second book in the Kindred series by Erica Stevens and it was so good. The story picks up right where the first book left off. Cassie as been attacked by Julian and Devon is desperately trying to save her. He has been exposed as a vampire to [...]

    9. “Ashes” picks up right where “Kindred” left off. Cassie is in the hospital recovering from the accident. Devon’s love for Cassie is stronger than ever and he feels the need to protect her and give her whatever she wants. As their love grows and their relationship develops the threat grows stronger and stronger. Julian is a threat and they know he will show up sooner rather than later but who everyone and no one is safe; not Cassie, Melissa or Chris. Devon will try his best to protect t [...]

    10. Once I read the first book, I bought the next one and the next one as I could not wait to find out how Cassie was dealing with the fact that she was in love with the enemy. Despite the facts about where her powers come from, she was struggling with Devon's past and the lack of information she had almost like he was too ashamed to divulge his secrets. Ancient evil was stalking her and she knew that the hunters were not strong enough to fight and overcome the vampires and they needed Devon to keep [...]

    11. You can read the rest of Kailei's review, as well as some other awesome ones, on theCommonBookSense Blog !Okkkaaayyyy, so, I can honestly say that I am quite disappointed in myself. Lemme tell you why; I read this series probably more than two years ago, and I couldn't, for the life of me, remember what they were about. So, on my quest for some trashy romance, I kept scrolling through the kindle (which I recently discovered houses over 550 books). Now, with over 550 books right at my fingertips, [...]

    12. Couldn't make it through, but for a reason I wasn't expecting.The bane of my existence is second book love triangles. We never want them, but always get them. I expected that to be this book's problem because it was already hinted at in the first, but surprisingly it wasn't the characters or plot. Sure, the whole love-bird honey-moon things Cassie and Devon have going on was a little nauseatingly sweet at times, but mostly I loved them and their sweetness. I was genuinely curious about the Hunte [...]

    13. Librarian's note: Alternate cover edition of B0089PT4UK. For the past four years Cassie has only known vampires as her enemy. With the revelation of Devon’s true nature she must come to terms with the fact that not everything she knows is right, especially when the source of her Hunter powers is revealed. Slowly, Cassie begins to unravel the mystery that enshrouds Devon as the bond between them grows and intensifies. It’s not until a woman from his past walks into their present, that Cassie [...]

    14. While I still really enjoy this author and this series, this book was a little trying for me.Firstly I found Cassie to be annoying in this one. Secondly, while we got some much appreciated answers, bigger even more tantalising questions were raised. I found myself trying to read as fast as I could to get some answers - to the detriment of getting into the story - I had the urge to skim it. The puzzle pieces started to fall into place and it was seductive. I needed more and I felt like this book [...]

    15. The infatuation with this series is still in full effect!Cassie is back, with her two hunter buddies Chris and Melissa. She is still struggling a little with the knowledge of her heritage and who she has to become in life.But that is made A LOT easier with Devon by her side. Even though she knows he is a vampire now, she doesn't care. Their love seems like it could withstand anything that was thrown at them. Or can itSome crazy things begin to unravel in book two. New characters are introduces, [...]

    16. All of these books rank the same star level (4 stars). I found the concept of each book awesome. Too me, it was unique and an excellent idea. There were a few points I didn’t like about each book, but that was to be expected. Overall, each book built upon the one before it, creating a world with vampires and hunters that I didn’t want to see come to an end. I can only hope that Erica Stevens’ other books are as good as these were – and maybe we even visit the same worlds with new charact [...]

    17. Cassie and devon are still battleing julian and now add isla a past fling things get deadlier. Isla is mad for devons love for cassie and together her and julian go after the only family she has left. Fulled by rage she blames devon and bans him from the house and she is pushing her friends away the only family she has left. Devon and luther are determined to bring cassie back to herself by figuring out what happened to hunters who had no abilities. Devon is frightened by what be saw in her eyes [...]

    18. Much better than the first book! The story is just getting good and well moreJULIAN! I can't wait to get to Julian's books, but right now he is so awesome for Cassie! Yes, I desperately miss Devon and Cassie's relationship in the end of this book, but Julian is my favorite! I really see the writing getting better from Erica in this book as well, there's more depth that was missing in the first book.

    19. Marginally better than the first one but still nothing much happened. It was build up upon build up that didn't amount to anything really. The writting gets tedious since there was an over abundance of uncessary words/wording and endless internal diatribe that this book can be so much better without.

    20. This is the second book of the five book series. This one picks up right where the first left off. There is a lot more action in this story than the first one. We get to watch Cassie and Devon fall even more in love, and find out a lot about Devon's past. There is some happy times in this and some very sad times. Really good series! Starting the next book now.

    21. I triedI really tried to give this book a chance but it just turned out to be more overwriting of a subpar plot and underdeveloped characters and back stories. My biggest proven was the writing style of Stevens telling us what's going on rather than showing us and allowing the reader to create a picture in their head

    22. WowzaAnother stunning chapter in the life of our young hunters. Just when I though I had things figured out Erica A Stevens throws a curve ball. I love Devon and his amazing pure love he has for Cassie and my heart breaks for them both at the end of the book. Cannot wait for number 3!!

    23. As I said in my review of the first book this book is amazing. I think that if people read this book series before the other vampire series by this author it would feel better to them as this book series is a warm up to the next This author is very talented and just has a way with words and mesmerizes us with her characters.

    24. dding a review for this as I've rated it without a review.A lot of things have happened since. 2014 Was a very hard year for myself so all the reviews are showing up on the same date. I can't explain why they are, if the ratings are justice or accurate I can also not say when I truly read these. I'm just going to say 2014 on the same day added just to keep the year right if not the month

    25. The book was amazing.There was so much love between cassie and devon.My heart really broke when cassie's grandmother lily died.I was really worried about what will happen in the third book because cassie had pushed away all her loved ones including devon.There was so much of rage and self-hatred consuming her.I was really relieved when everything fell into place in the next book.

    26. 3.5, rounded up.In my opinion, this book was better than the first. We could have used more dialogue, but it was good. Editing issues are within this book.I will read on to the next because this one left enough to make me want to know what's going to happen. I see many reviews saying it's like Buffyexactly but I never watched Buffy, so I cannot give an opinion on that.

    27. i didn't really enjoyr one reason! Devon is obsessive! i found it way too creepy. i understand it cannot be realistic but for a girl grown up with no one and suddenly wants to die for ampire. it didn't really make sense, other than that yes it was a good book just not for me !

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