The Dark on the Other Side Everywhere she turns Linda Randolph hears voices from empty dark corners and lonely rooms But it is the house itself that speaks the loudest telling Linda to run for her life Her husband Gordon th

  • Title: The Dark on the Other Side
  • Author: Barbara Michaels
  • ISBN: 9780060745110
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Paperback
  • Everywhere she turns, Linda Randolph hears voices from empty dark corners and lonely rooms But it is the house itself that speaks the loudest, telling Linda to run for her life Her husband, Gordon, the noted statesman and scholar, suggests she s losing her mind Linda almost hopes it s true, because the alternate explanation is too terrible to contemplate that Gordon iEverywhere she turns, Linda Randolph hears voices from empty dark corners and lonely rooms But it is the house itself that speaks the loudest, telling Linda to run for her life Her husband, Gordon, the noted statesman and scholar, suggests she s losing her mind Linda almost hopes it s true, because the alternate explanation is too terrible to contemplate that Gordon is intimately involved with dark, diabolical forces beyond the scope of the natural and rational Either Linda Randolph is half mad or her husband is pure evil.

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    1. Barbara Michaels

      Barbara Michaels was a pen name of Barbara Mertz She also wrote as Elizabeth Peters, as well as under her own name She was born in Canton, Illinois and has written over fifty books including some in Egyptology Dr Mertz also holds a Ph.D from the University of Chicago in Egyptology.

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    1. My second re-read of Barbara Michaels this year.It had the potential to rock a lot more than it did - it would have made a brilliant little novella. Instead, the middle sagged and slowed so much it became dull. The beginning was interesting, if not misleading into making the main seem completely unlikeable. The end was great, though, as is Michael's trademark. I do wish a page or two was more fleshed out for finale though. Looks like there are more things in heaven and earth after allCharacteriz [...]

    2. What an excellent book! I don't understand the negative reviews on here; they seem to have read a different book than I did. My attention was caught from the first chapter and I found the story absolutely mesmerizing. This is by far the most interesting, most atmospheric, and the best executed of the Barbara Michaels novels I've read. I'm a gothic romantic snob - most of them are too cliche and the heroines too damsel in distress for me. (And I won't even go into my opinion on the heroes.) But t [...]

    3. The Dark on the Other Side is a bit darker — if you’ll forbid the term — than the usual fare from Barbara Michaels (one of the pseudonyms used by Barbara Mertz). Pretty much all that the other reviews have said is true: The plot really drags in the middle, and the alley cat Napoleon is the most interesting character in the entire novel. Deus ex machina abound, and you can see the ending coming a mile away — which is why I didn’t bother waiting for it. Did not finish.Barbara Michaels ca [...]

    4. This, hands down, is perhaps the strangest read of the entire Michaels set for me purely on the grounds that it spends almost more time in the hero's POV than it does in the heroine's. This is unusual for Michaels books--and for the Peters ones as well, with the notable exceptions of the large stretches from Ramses' POV in the Amelia Peabodies. And as of the time this book was written, I'm not entirely convinced that Michaels had the knack of writing from a male POV down. The scenes from Michael [...]

    5. Normally I love Barbara Michaels' books, as well as her alter ego, Elizabeth Peters. I have to say, however, that this is not one of her stronger books. Written in 1970, it appears she is capitalizing on a renewed (still present?) interest in witchcraft, popular in American culture at that time, and subsequently has written a book around this phenonmenon. In attempting to build suspense at the beginning, all she does is prolong the story from taking hold. I would think she is trying to keep the [...]

    6. This is not your usual Michaels' book and that's a good thing. We don't have the happy heroine slowly drawn into the toils of evil. We start out with a demon-haunted woman and a loving husband who cannot imagine why his beloved wife has so turned against him that she's drinking herself to death *and* occasionally attempting his life. Slowly the story's suspense builds as we are drawn, page by page, into a web of darknessYes, it's dated, having been written in 1970. Sometimes there are too many c [...]

    7. One of the things that's always fun about Barbara Michaels books is that dated quality they have--earlier ones especially tend to have some discussion about women wearing slacks, for instance, and this one is no question. A writer interviews the would-be subject of his next biography and becomes enthralled by his very very beautiful but troubled young wife. Is she crazy, or is the husband? It wasn't scary, but it did have a nicely weird ending that was pretty fun. Is the whole thing psychologica [...]

    8. Oh my, where to start? This one was very spooky and gave me nightmares. I think it is because the novel is really about trust and misplaced trust. It is about manipulation and emotional abuse. The occult trappings are just a way to explore those themes.The novel is certainly a product of the times. Originally written in 1970, this book pulls upon the culture of the time. During that time period, more than one author used occult themes. Given the abilities of Barbara Michaels, it isn't surprising [...]

    9. I greatly prefer the books that this author writes as Elizabeth Peters, but her Barbara Michaels books are quick and entertaining reads. I enjoyed this book a lot for the first half, but the second half of the book was a bit much. The possibility of the supernatural was a bit dramatic in the context of the rest of the story, but I do understand the purpose of it. My biggest issue was that the relationship between the two main characters developed out of nowhere - all of the sudden they just love [...]

    10. Not a mystery per se-more gothic but not horror. Interesting sometimes engrossing but sometimes far fetched scenarios- like the instant attraction of Michael to Linda and the murder attempt in Michael's apartment. It was hard to get a fix on Michael's character-could have been developed more. Loved the cat Napoleon. Could have beefed up Andrea's character to let the reader know her better.

    11. I remember liking this book when I was much, much younger, and far more earnestly romantic!Unrelieved by even the faintest glimmer of humor, this was a bit of a slog. Leaden dialogue. Sadly lacking in women characters, too. Besides the beautiful heroine, there's a strange old white witch, and a few walk-ons, like a vapid maid and a "like, fer sure" hippy girl. Also weirdly without setting; so strange, considering how much fun Michaels / Peters has with her novels (set firmly in Maryland! or Egyp [...]

    12. I truly enjoyed this! It was the type of book where I'd put it down to go do something, and when I'd come back, I'd think, 'now what was I watching before I got up? What movie? What show?' and then I'd realize that it hadn't been a show at all, but this book. An interesting beginning (I can say that now that I've finished) where you truly do not like the female protagonist. An interesting move on Barbara's part, maybe portraying her to us as she appeared to Michael at that first meeting, giving [...]

    13. The copy I got from the library had "Not worth the read" on the inside front cover. I don't appreciate anonymous critiques or those who deface books, so I read it anyway. Mistake! Full of black magic, demons, Satanic services, etc. Really quite a disturbing volume. Definitely don't read it at night, on a dark time of the moon. Not one of her better efforts, I'm afraid.

    14. I read to Chapter 5 -pg. 82 and just decided I have other things I want to read more. It just wasnt keeping my attention especially after reading The Winter People which was an excellent "ghost" story. I may pick it up later but for now Im moving on.

    15. this just droned on and on and never really got scary. I gave up about 3/4 through it. This is very unusual for me. Usually, if I get through the first 4 chapters, I finish it. But I just could not stay interested in this.

    16. This is one that I have to like for the philosophical content alone. :) And the ending line makes the novel as well. It comes down to this: psychological problems or Satanism-- which is the true issue with the antagonist of the novel? hehehe.

    17. A little slow to grab you, but as with all her books as soon as it does, you can't put it down. I went from being a little bored to totally wrapped up. I am really glad I continued (although I never could give up on a book). The slow start kept it from receiving the 5 stars.

    18. REALLY like Barbara Michaels/Elizabeth Peters!!!! Can't really remember when I 1st read this title.but '75 is close enough!!

    19. A scary book. A lot of Barbara Michaels books are rather creepy but not actually scary, but about ten of them are genuninely frightening at some point, and this is one, IMHO, at least.

    20. I have read all of Barbara Michaels and I've started the reread and this has to be one of the worst. A lot of make believe and witchcraft.

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