Here I Stay Andrea Torgesen is certain that hard work is exactly what her younger brother Jim needs to help him recover from the trauma of a serious car accident and turning a decrepit old mansion into a beautifu

  • Title: Here I Stay
  • Author: Barbara Michaels
  • ISBN: 9780060878184
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Paperback
  • Andrea Torgesen is certain that hard work is exactly what her younger brother Jim needs to help him recover from the trauma of a serious car accident and turning a decrepit old mansion into a beautiful country inn seems to be the perfect project But unearthly voices and eerie visions haunt Jim from almost the first instant he sets foot in the dreary old house And his strAndrea Torgesen is certain that hard work is exactly what her younger brother Jim needs to help him recover from the trauma of a serious car accident and turning a decrepit old mansion into a beautiful country inn seems to be the perfect project But unearthly voices and eerie visions haunt Jim from almost the first instant he sets foot in the dreary old house And his strange obsession with a long neglected graveyard is most troubling to his concerned sibling There is evil in this place where the unthinkable is possible a terrifying force that Andrea and Jim must confront or forfeit their lives.

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    1. Barbara Michaels

      Barbara Michaels was a pen name of Barbara Mertz She also wrote as Elizabeth Peters, as well as under her own name She was born in Canton, Illinois and has written over fifty books including some in Egyptology Dr Mertz also holds a Ph.D from the University of Chicago in Egyptology.

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    1. This spooky story is about a woman who will do anything to care for her younger brother. Andrea has been in charge of her younger brother Jim since their parents' deaths when Andrea was 19 and Jim was 7. The parents left nothing and it has been a major struggle for Andrea. She became hyper-focused on creating a good life for them. When Jim is in a car accident and almost dies, Andrea pulls him back. Then she throws herself into turning an old house that she inherited from a great aunt into a bed [...]

    2. I wasn't too fond of this Barbara Michaels book. Other reviewers have mentioned disliking the female protagonist for obvious reasons--she has an unhealthy, smothering relationship with her younger brother that would drive anyone nuts.But by the end, I actually found myself disliking the younger brother even more. I found myself thinking yes, clearly you notice your sister's waiting on you hand and foot when it feels controlling or smothering, or when you're blaming her for surviving an accident, [...]

    3. I haven't read many books by Barbara Michaels, but I have read a couple I remember. They were ghost stories, that kept you up, made you keep on reading until the end of the book.This wasn't so much like that. I didn't care for the story. The main character, is controlling, rather selfish, and although hard working is over protective of her brother, a man that is very capable to do many things even with an injury. I never could get to a point where I cared about any of the characters, whether the [...]

    4. Here I Stay by Barbara Michaels (Elizabeth Peters) is certainly not up to the standard set by the novels published under the name Elizabeth Peters--although I had heard many people claim the Barbara Michaels novels are good too. (I probably just accidentally picked two poor ones). The protagonist, Andrea Torgesen, is a smothering middle aged woman who is not letting her handicapped brother, Jim, live his own life. He lets her dominate him, using only sarcasm and absence to affirm himself. Both a [...]

    5. I am visiting the USA and saw this in the bookshop, and bought it in memory of the much-missed Barbara Michaels/Elizabeth Peters. I probably first read it in the 80s, when I went through a Barbara Michaels phase and read all I could of her books, but I didn't remember it and I enjoyed re-reading it enormously. It is a ghost story but a rational one, as most of her horror books were. Stephen King she was not! Like many of her gothic books it is set in the Maryland area. I've never visited that pa [...]

    6. A story populated with realistic characters placed in an old house with an unhappy history. Not really a ghost story, I don't know how to categorize this. But, it was a great read by the author of "Ammie Come Home." Highly recommend it.

    7. This is the most ridiculous book I've read this year. The main character spends the entire book denying ghosts and then, in the critical moment where her beloved brother is in danger, she just decides to accept it and finds peace. I HATED this book.

    8. Well, where do I start? I'm not going to be nice in this review sorryThis is the very first book by Barbara Michaels that I've ever read.I am not a published author or an editor; however, I am an aspiring author. And because of so, I have some very strong feelings about books. Be forewarned!I didn't care for this book at all. I did finish it, but I don't know why. Sorry to the writer, but this one really fell flat.I couldn't stand Andrea. She smothered that poor kid almost to death! Calling him [...]

    9. Andrea tem sua vida direcionada inteiramente para o irmão, Jim, que criou desde a morte do pai e da madrasta, há 10 anos. Aos 19 anos Jim sofre um terrível acidente, quase perde a vida e tem uma das pernas amputada. Na esperança de despertar o interesse do irmão (ele fica profundamente deprimido após o acidente) Andrea decide transformar a casa que haviam herdado de uma tia em uma pousada.O inicio do livro mostra a protagonista no hospital e sua decisão de não permitir que o irmão morra [...]

    10. Overall, this is probably my least favorite Barbara Michaels book, even though it had all the same elements that I expect and enjoy in her books.There were many things I liked about Here I Stay . I loved the cranky old black cat, Satan, which sounds like a twin to my own cat and may have possibly been an immortal creature. The ghost story was very good here too and I liked the concept of the spirits having an effect on the moods and personalities of the characters. Last but not least, I always l [...]

    11. I was so disappointed in this book, it was my first Barbara Michaels and I was expecting a lot more, after things I had heard about her.I found the main character thoroughly unlikeable, and even knowing about what she had been through did not help me feel any more sympathetic towards her - and her character did not grow during the book, just become more annoying.I kept wading through this book waiting for something to happen, but it never did. Oh well, I guess something did at the end, but not w [...]

    12. Oh this one made me cry! On the other hand, having multiple siblings, I could really feel for the main character. Andrea has had sole custody of her younger brother since her father died tragically ten years before. When her brother, now nineteen, is involved in a terrible car accident, she pushes, begs, manipulates and does everything she possibly can to encourage him along including sinking all of her life savings into converting a house she inherited into a bed and breakfast. When her brother [...]

    13. 3.5 stars. Young woman inherits old house from deceased relative she kinda knew. Young woman is the overbearing older sister who raised her much younger brother after they were orphaned. House is haunted. Lots of full circle stuff. Seriously, Andrea is the worst sibling/parent. She may not be physically abusive, but she is manipulative and emotionally abusive. She controls her younger brother with an iron fist and smothers and stifles him and when confronted with her abuses, refuses to admit her [...]

    14. I first read this book ages ago, I was still a teenager and into romantic, gothic novels. Now that I'm older and jaded, I find I don't like the female lead character that much. It's creepy how she's possessive of her younger brother when she has proven her independence in raising him. I don't find it so believable that the boy would also easily defer to his sister when previously he seemed to be such a popular, independent person as well. I'm also confused as to why some characters turn out to b [...]

    15. When Andie inherits a house from an elderly cousin, she isn't sure what to do with it, that is until her brother Jim's near-fatal accident spurs her to turn the place into a bed and breakfast. When some of the guests remark on the welcoming presence they feel, however, and when friends start refusing to enter the house, Andie starts wondering what is going on. When it is finally brought to her attention that her brother is not adjusting well to his new life, Andie does not know quite how to reac [...]

    16. I must say that I rather enjoyed this book, my first read by this author. The word I would use to best describe it would be *cozy*. It's about a 30ish-year-old woman who, along with her younger brother, moves into an old mansion in a small town after inheriting the property from a distant relative. She fixes the place up and turns it into a bed-and-breakfast. I really liked this character - she's feisty and easily exasperated, which I found kind of humorous. The book has some mystery, some spook [...]

    17. The story was great, however I have to say I didn't care much for Andrea, the protagonist. Although I know it was critical to the plot, her smothering of her brother, Jim drove me mad.I don't think I would call this a terrifying tale of ghosts, but the creep factor is there for sure. The story drug on a bit. There were things I felt could have been left out without any cause of interrupt in the story. Although I am a bit critical of this book, I still enjoyed it. The ending tugged at my heart a [...]

    18. Ostensibly, this is supposed to be a paranormal-suspense thriller. But in reality, it's a story about a woman who has an unhealthy possessive love (no incest is involved) for her younger brother. The hauntings and the romantic interest are just supporting elements. Andrea has raised Jim since he was 8 and has an us-versus-them mentality. Anything and anyone that interests Jim is automatically bad in Andrea's mind. She's not a particularly likable character. This story is about Jim trying to free [...]

    19. This is the weakest Barbara Michaels book, in my opinion. Martin was the only likable character, the supernatural stuff was very low key, and the climax of the action was boring and quick, and there wasn't anything I liked about the ending. This book also shared a lot of similarities with other Barbara Michaels books (restoring an old house with an author, mysteries graveyard, roses as an important theme, etc.)

    20. Years ago this was a book that I chose to have autographed by Barbara Michaels. I hadn't reread it for 30 years, so it was again fresh. As I get older, I appreciate "non-perfect" love interests -- this romance seemed very plausible. I wish we'd had a glimpse of these characters in another book, just to confirm their happy ending. I'm very glad I got this on Kindle so my fragile old paperback will continue to survive.

    21. This was so hard to read at the end. Michaels rises above the genre of gothic mystery quite often, and this book is really quite touching and profound. It made me think and left me unsettled. Don't miss this one. I think it's one of my favorites by her this one and 'Someone in the House.' I will have to reread some of her others to remember which ones are the best! :)

    22. There are a few elements to Michaels's books I can always count on and that's light touches of humor, strong heroines, and fantastic side characters. Andrea doesn't disappoint as a heroine, she's a little more uptight than I'm used to coming from Michaels, but you understood why she was that way. If you like gothic mysteries you'll enjoy this.

    23. Not really a mystery but a character story. Surprise ending. Interesting characters in a Maryland country setting-probably similar to where Michaels lived. Shared with another fellow traveler who liked the book.

    24. Love the sister-brother commeradery in this novel and the way it is a bit "old fashion gothic" to boot.Ms. Michaels never fails to impress with her eye for details and little terrifying episodes of subplot.

    25. I didn't like the main character but liked the story. it was a spooky book and the ending was not what I expected.

    26. Here I stayHere I staywonderful book as I expect all Barbara Michaels novels to be. She never disappoints me. I highly recommend this book.

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