Scris pe trup Un roman frumos ca o scrisoare de dragoste in care protagonistii se cauta se gasesc intr o noapte ploioasa se iubesc nebuneste si in cele din urma ratacesc iremediabil drumul unul spre celalalt Pe

  • Title: Scris pe trup
  • Author: Jeanette Winterson Vali Florescu
  • ISBN: 9789735017736
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Paperback
  • Un roman frumos ca o scrisoare de dragoste, in care protagonistii se cauta, se gasesc intr o noapte ploioasa, se iubesc nebuneste si in cele din urma ratacesc iremediabil drumul unul spre celalalt Pe ea o cheam Louise Are par prerafaelit si pielea alba ca laptele Dar persoana pe care o iubeste si care i asterne pe hartie povestea n are nici nume, nici chip, nici sex IUn roman frumos ca o scrisoare de dragoste, in care protagonistii se cauta, se gasesc intr o noapte ploioasa, se iubesc nebuneste si in cele din urma ratacesc iremediabil drumul unul spre celalalt Pe ea o cheam Louise Are par prerafaelit si pielea alba ca laptele Dar persoana pe care o iubeste si care i asterne pe hartie povestea n are nici nume, nici chip, nici sex In fond dragostea nu cunoaste astfel de ingradiri E, asa cum descopera protagonistii, un drog care se consuma febril, cu disperare, si care lasa urme vizibile si invizibile scrise pe trup.

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    1. Jeanette Winterson Vali Florescu

      Novelist Jeanette Winterson was born in Manchester, England in 1959 She was adopted and brought up in Accrington, Lancashire, in the north of England Her strict Pentecostal Evangelist upbringing provides the background to her acclaimed first novel, Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit, published in 1985 She graduated from St Catherine s College, Oxford, and moved to London where she worked as an assistant editor at Pandora Press.One of the most original voices in British fiction to emerge during the 1980s, Jeanette Winterson was named as one of the 20 Best of Young British Writers in a promotion run jointly between the literary magazine Granta and the Book Marketing Council Her novels include Boating for Beginners 1985 , published shortly after Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit and described by the author as a comic book with pictures The Passion 1987 , twin narratives following the adventures of the web footed daughter of a Venetian gondolier and Napoleon s chicken chef Sexing the Cherry 1989 , an invented world set during the English Civil War featuring the fabulous Dog Woman and the orphan she raises and three books exploring triangular relationships, gender and formal experimentation Written on the Body 1992 , Art and Lies 1994 and Gut Symmetries 1997 She is also the author of a collection of short stories, The World and Other Places 1998 , and a book of essays about art and culture, Art Objects, published in 1995 Her novel The PowerBook 2000 she adapted for the National Theatre in 2002 Jeanette Winterson s work is published in 28 countries Her latest novel is The Battle of the Sun 2009 She has also edited Midsummer Nights 2009 , a collection of stories inspired by opera, by contemporary writers, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Glyndebourne Festival of Opera She adapted Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit for BBC television in 1990, and also wrote Great Moments in Aviation, a television screenplay directed by Beeban Kidron for BBC2 in 1994 She is also editor of a series of new editions of novels by Virginia Woolf published in the UK by Vintage She is a regular contributor of reviews and articles to many newspapers and journals and has a regular column published in The Guardian Her radio drama includes the play Text Message, broadcast by BBC Radio in November 2001 The King of Capri 2003 and Tanglewreck 2006 are children s stories Lighthousekeeping 2004 , centres on the orphaned heroine Silver, taken in by the keeper of the Cape Wrath lighthouse, Mr Pew, whose stories of love and loss, passion and longing, are interwoven in the narrative Her most recent book is The Battle of the Sun 2009 Jeanette Winterson lives in Gloucestershire and London In 2006, she was awarded an OBE.

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    1. You know how it is when your friends fall madly in love with someone (a new girlfriend), or something (Guitar Hero, Battlestar Galactica), and wear you out during the honeymoon phase babbling on about his/her/its awesomeness, sometimes in excruciating detail? If you're not in a similar situation, or worse, wish you were, it's damn near unendurable. For God's sake, don't read this book unless you can stand to read about sheer, uninhibited passion, often in graphic detail. The pointedly genderless [...]

    2. It is hard to review Jeanette Winterson. Every single one of her short novels is a work of art, beautiful and painfully true while magically exploring the limits of reality.I read The Passion and thought I would not like it, because I don't do historical fiction. It was breath-taking, unbelievable, eye-opening. The recurring theme accompanies me ever since: "Somewhere between fear and sex, passion is."I read Sexing the Cherry and thought I could not possibly like it more, because The Passion mad [...]

    3. Jeanette Winterson impressed me last year when I read her magical tale of historical fiction, The Passion. Her poetic, interior style really resonated with me. Her work lays deep in the physical heart while also sparkling on an ethereal plane.This book knocked me out. Her sheer artistry had me in admiration. A bit slack-jawed, actually. For example, the main character is not only nameless (I've seen that before) but is an 'every-person': Winterson doesn't tell us if they are male or female. Quit [...]

    4. ****************************Listen along (please): youtube/watch?v=y7JPH-****************************When you fall in love with someone, I mean really fall, you become obsessed with the things that are written on the body. The scar on her elbow from when she tripped over the curb, the chip in his tooth from when he fell from his skateboard… that tiny birthmark behind her knee. Each mark tells a story. Knowing the story brings you closer. The burn mark on her hand from when she touched the hot [...]

    5. I was reading thru some of the reviews for this book. I'll just say that it's beautifully written. This book moved me. I cried with about twenty pages to go. My heart expanded and ached a little bit. I felt for the narrator (who we have to guess woman or man?) and for Louise. I love the narrator. This book is about love, relationships, loss, and is a bit hope filled at the end. The opening sentence: Why is the measure of love loss? and the book takes you from there. I finished it in a day. Not a [...]

    6. Her artistry makes my mouth drop open. The most poetic, passionate, erotic book, it sits on my shelf with Duras' The Lover and Rikki Ducornet's The Word Desire and Anne Carson's The Beauty of the Husband. But it could also be shelved with Proust's Swann's Way for the sensual cling of memory and Chekhov's Lady with the Lapdog for its sadness. The poetry of its prose is incomparable. A meditation on sensual life and the meaning of love. As Carson said, 'Beauty is what makes sex, sex." A lover of u [...]

    7. Can love have texture? It is palpable to me, the feeling between us, I weight it in my hands the way I weight your head in my hands. It gives me a loose-limbed confidence to know you'll be there. I'm expected.There's continuum. There's freedom.Written On The Body is more than a book, more than a story, more than anything even remotely quantifiable. Written on the Body is an accurate study on the power of consequences, a retrospection on pure and unconditionate love, written with the passion of a [...]

    8. I tried really hard to like Jeanette Winterson, because most of the women I respect think she is amazing. But I just think she is fumbling and kind of incompetent. And for me her charisma, great passion, and several devastating one-liners don't compensate for her imprecision, scattered incoherence, or the clamminess of her authorial 'I.'Can't do it.(Wait, don't leave! I like Anais Nin. Seriously)

    9. "Love demands expression. It will not stay still, stay silent, be good, be modest, be seen and not heard, no. It will break out in tongues of praise, the high note that smashes the glass and spills the liquid""Written on the body" is a captivating and beautifully written story of all the pleasure and the heartache, loving someone can cause. The way Winterson writes, is actually almost magical. Her words are almost like silk, but they are at the same time, so, so powerful.I have to admit, this wo [...]

    10. This was an amazing book. It starts out as a story of an affair, but the second half is more of a memory about or a lovestory to the lover's body. It's impossible to tell whether the storyteller is a man or woman, but this is so well written - sad, reflective, happy, joyful - it works through every emotion. I will have to buy it for myself.A few quotes that were meaningful to me:"I will taste you if only through your cooking.""When I say 'I will be true to you' I am drawing a quiet space beyond [...]

    11. I don't believe I've ever read anyone who writes quite like Jeanette Winterson. She writes with a kind of sensuality that leaps over the conventional, making it arousing and painfully sad at the same time. It is incredible how she has managed to write a book in which you know not even the gender of the main character, but you know their emotions as intimately as if they were your own. After a single reading of this book, it became one of my favorites; not because the story is tragic (and it is), [...]

    12. Gah -- I found this insufferably narcissistic and eye-rolling to read, devoid of any sympathetic characters save the zoo-lady Jacqueline, and incredibly unsatisfying in every way. The only reason I gave it two stars is because Winterson obviously has talent -- there were a few places where the imagery was striking enough to pierce my annoyance -- and clearly this is a matter of taste and preference. It's technically and emotionally proficient, but just doesn't resonate with me personally.

    13. Very intimate. The protagonist is sexless, a human in full capacity of the senses--& it is quite a feat to have a plot-less book revolving around sex and love. All of Winterson's novels are unique & original. This one is the least magical and least memorable--but still pretty damn remarkable.

    14. Once you've brained your mortality, salivated about an affair, or lost a loved one, Written on the Body I believe goes from 4 to 5 star worthy, climbs from a tawdry tale to a lovingly wrought prose poem. More contemporary than Graham Greene's The End of the Affair this narrative questions the responsibility of lovers to one another. At the beginning one is certain the narrator female, but by midway testosterone seems to bitterly flavor the advance. However you take this tender sexless narrator ( [...]

    15. Ricevete un regalo.Aprite il cofanetto.All'interno di esso, una collana di lavorazione sublime, di perle splendenti.Mentre la mirate e rimirate, sbadatamente la vostra collana vi cade dalle mani il moschettone si rompe e le perle fuggono via, inseguendosi o forse sfuggendosi, comunque andando via da voi.Voi cercate di raccoglierle, ma son tutte belle, addirittura forse ci sono perle più belle, più lucide che vorreste raccogliere più di altre. Perché è la perdita la misura dell'amore? Questa [...]

    16. This is the second book now that I've read by Jeanette Winterson and I just want to keep reading her. Her stories are familiar, as in I can recognize that each is written by Winterson, because she has a way with words that not many authors can manage even if they wanted to. It's distinctly Winterson, and that's refreshing.In this book, we have a genderless narrator. What does that mean? The narrator may in fact have a gender, but the point is that we, as the readers, do not have any idea. Is the [...]

    17. "Written on the Body" is an extremely thoughtful, poetic and emotionally authentic novel about the fictional narrator's love affairs with women. I am amazed I somewhat liked it. Not only is it a novel of intense and analyzed descriptions of emotional and physical love in romantic sexual relationships, woman after woman (I HATE the Romance genre generally, with few exceptions), but the book struck me at first that it might be written in a type of literary writing which I usually find unappealing. [...]

    18. This was a very provocative read for me. There were challenges to what is left of my sense of right and wrong in relationships, there is again that great question of what makes life meaningful and whether one needs another for there to be real meaning in life. Actually, maybe that is not the question the author struggles with - it may be more that real passion in life comes with relationship with another and that respecting that is the real ethic in living. The book ends with several pages of re [...]

    19. Looking over my shelves, I came across this book again and I can't believe I had rated it only three stars, barely categorized it, and went about my merry way. No. I remember reading this in one night, after crashing at a friend's house, after idly picking it up and suddenly dedicating the next however many hours of the night into the sickly morning to going all the way. All the way in it. Submerged. All the way to the bitter fucking end.I think I wrote a long, detiled, passionate review of this [...]

    20. Una agradable experiencia de lectura. Se trata de una novela con una estructura muy original y con una prosa fluida que describe de manera exaltada una gran pasión de amor y desamor. Me parece que esta narración puede caer dentro de la literatura un tanto experimental, también podría calificarla como una novela postmoderna. El peso de la novela lo lleva la introspección que lleva a cabo la narradora (¿el narrador? Nunca queda claro si es hombre o mujer, pero para fines prácticos y porque [...]

    21. This book contains one of my favorite passages of all time; here's a little excerpt:"When I say 'I will be true to you' I am drawing a quiet space beyond the reach of other desires. No-one can legislate love; it cannot be given orders or cajoled into service. Love belongs to itself, deaf to pleading and unmoved by violence. Love is not something you can negotiate. Love is the one thing stronger than desire and the only proper reason to resist temptation. When I say 'I will be true to you' I must [...]

    22. Simply put, this is the story of someone (man or woman, who knows? My guess is man, but it doesn't really matter) who is in love with a woman named Louise. They have to overcome a series of hurdles, such as their relationships with other people and a terminal disease.It's a very quick read - I blazed through this in about 2-3 days of reading on the subway. A quick reader could probably finish in one day of dedicated reading. However, despite how easy it is to read, it's also a little overwhelmin [...]

    23. This book was my first introduction to Jeanette Winterson's work. I read it in college for a class on contemporary fiction. I have to admit, I was blown away by her writing style, it is so unique. This book moved me to no end. I didn't care if the narrator was male or female, it really didn't matter. The way Jeanette was able to craft the words on paper to make me feel what the narrator was feeling and experiencing was what made this book memorable to me. Now I'm totally hooked.

    24. I was less than two pages into this book before I found a sentence that so utterly took my breath away that I sat staring at the page, and eventually had to walk up the stairs so I could show it to my husband. This was merely the first time - every couple of pages collections of words that were like a punch in the gut kept coming, and each time, I fell a little more in love with this book.Note: The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in policy and enforcement. You can read [...]

    25. Books read at an impressionable age always leave you astounded. You cannot get more of them. You reread them at various stages in life and if it manages to evoke similar feelings in you, like the first time, then the book maybe is meant for you. Few books fit into this category. Fewer books make it there from the hundreds and thousands of books we read in a lifetime. It is almost like a personal treasure – this small collection that touches you every time you pick any book from it. For me, a l [...]

    26. Ne valeva la pena. L'amore ne vale la pena.L'amore magari sì, ma questo libro penso proprio di no. Personalmente, sono sempre stata del parere che per apprezzare appieno un libro bisogna anche leggerlo nel momento giusto della propria vita. Questo per me non è stato affatto il momento giusto per "Scritto sul corpo". Pensate di me ciò che volete, definitemi insensibile, disattenta o tutto quello che vi passa per la testa, ma io tra queste pagine ho trovato solo una miriade di questi famosi cli [...]

    27. Escrito en el cuerpo es una novela sobre la pasión y el deseo. El personaje que nos narra todo, de quien desconocemos de quién se trata, se enamora perdidamente de Louise, una mujer pelirroja y casada que pronto decide dejar a su esposo para entregarse por completo a una relación con el/la narrador/narradora. Winterson juega con el lenguaje para nunca dejar claro el género del narrador, quien mientras revive la historia con Louise, también recuerda sus diferentes parejas: hombres y mujeres. [...]

    28. "I segni delle tue mani li ho impressi su tutto il corpo. La tua carne è la mia carne. Mi hai decifrato e adesso sono un libro aperto. Il messaggio è semplice: il mio amore per te. Voglio che tu viva. Perdona i miei sbagli. Perdonami."Un romanzo sull'amore, viscerale e trascendente. Quando si parla di "Scritto sul corpo" si fa sempre riferimento all'ambiguo io-narrante, non si sa mai se si tratta di un uomo o di una donna. L'autrice ha fatto questa scelta perché, davvero, non le importa: non [...]

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