Guardian Angel Ryan has saved Ethan s life than once Ethan thinks he must be a guardian angel But Ryan works for CHERUB a secret organisation with one key advantage even experienced criminals never suspect that chi

  • Title: Guardian Angel
  • Author: Robert Muchamore
  • ISBN: 9780340999219
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ryan has saved Ethan s life than once Ethan thinks he must be a guardian angel But Ryan works for CHERUB, a secret organisation with one key advantage even experienced criminals never suspect that children are spying on them Ethan s family runs a billion dollar criminal empire and Ryan s job is to destroy it Can Ryan complete his mission without destroying EthanRyan has saved Ethan s life than once Ethan thinks he must be a guardian angel But Ryan works for CHERUB, a secret organisation with one key advantage even experienced criminals never suspect that children are spying on them Ethan s family runs a billion dollar criminal empire and Ryan s job is to destroy it Can Ryan complete his mission without destroying Ethan as well

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      223 Robert Muchamore
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    1. Robert Muchamore

      Robert Mucha was born in Islington, London in 1972 He still lives there, and worked as a private investigator up until 2005 and the critically accepted release of Maximum Security The Hunger Games phenomenon is part of the huge YA Children s book explosion that has grown, thanks to the British Rat pack of YA authors, Anthony Horowitz, Robert Mucha, Joe Craig and Charlie Higson We owe much of the hunger games sucess to authors like Robert.Robert was inspired to create the CHERUB series by his nephews complaints about the lack of anything for them to read CHERUB The Recruit was Robert s first book and won the Red House Children s Book Award 2005 in the Older Readers Category Following the last book in the CHERUB series, it was revealed that a trilogy would be released starting from August 2011 that will focus on a new set of CHERUB agents centred upon Ryan Sharma and also involve an sixteen year old Lauren Adams The first book will be called People s Republic Check out the Hendersons Boys series.

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    1. Guardian Angel is the second book in the Aramov series by Robert Muchamore. It follows People's Republic which was released last year.I really do love the Cherub books! Even though I always feel guilty reading them (with them being aimed at boys from the age of twelve, and I being an eighteen year old girl and all!), I just can't help myself! I adored the original series with James Adams, so it was normal that I wasn't too sure about PR when I first started it. I thought there was no way that Mu [...]

    2. I thought the book Guardian Angel by Robert Muchamore was very gripping from start to finish. The storyline left me hanging each time I stopped reading. I really liked the actions and emotions shown through each character I liked the romance and fights that go in throughout the book.My favourite character would probably be Ryan because he is involved in a lot throughout the book like his love life between grace and his friendship between Ethan.i chose to read this book because in my opinion I li [...]

    3. I really, really like Robert Muchamore. And I really like the Cherub series. And I really like the Henderson's Boys series.I Am A Fan Of Robert Muchamore. I love how he writes so swiftly and surely and never quite forgets to keep the reader hooked. These are competent stylishly written books and they are GOOD.So you may gather that I was pretty excited to receive a copy of this from the publisher. Guardian Angel is part of the second wave of Cherub books. The first series focused on James and La [...]

    4. i choose to read guardian angel by Robert Muchamore because i have read all of his other books in the cherub series and i wanted to finish of the series so i read this one . when i found this book in the library it had a attractive cover that looked like the kind of book i want to read is novel fits into a book written in 2012 or 2013 because it was written in 2012 on the bingo boardis book kept me hooked through out the whole time reading from the minute i read the first page to the minute i re [...]

    5. This was a pretty good book. Not the best book from Robert Muchamore, but definitely not the worst. It got a little slow in parts, but the action is fantastic and the whole book is thrilling. This a very tough book to put down. The reader of this book will think that they can stop at the end of a chapter, but each chapter ends with a cliffhanger, making it virtually impossible to stop at the end of a chapter. An interesting part of this book, as an American, is the spellings of some words are d [...]

    6. In all due respect: Robert Muchamore's a good author. His CHERUB books are brill. However, since he started the second series of CHERUB, I'm not feeling it. With Guardian Angel being the 2nd book of the Aramov, I think it's enough. It's always great when the mission ends and you move on to a new mission briefing. But ever since People's Republic he's been dwelling on Ethan. I mean: fair enough, it continues to Guardian Angel. But the fact that it's going to go on to Black Friday is just making m [...]

    7. I had been waiting to read this book since I read the first one about a year ago and it definitely didn't disappoint. Guardian Angel is as interesting, well written and compelling as People's Republic. I read it in one sitting.

    8. This was quite good! I didn't enjoy it quite as much as the first in the series, but there was good action at the end. Still a very entertaining book, which I'd recommend to anyone who likes Muchamore's other books.

    9. Die Rezension auf meinem BlogCHERUB ist eine Spezialeinheit des britischen Geheimdienstes, die Jugendliche zu Undercover-Agenten ausbildet. Diese Jugendlichen unterwandern das Erwachsenen-Radar und sind brandgefährlich, wenn sie auf Verbrecherjagd gehen.Ryan ist einer von ihnen.Putschversuch im »Kreml«, dem Hauptquartier des Aramov-Clans in Kirgistan: Nachdem Onkel Leonid bereits Ethans Mutter töten ließ, will er nun die Clan-Herrschaft an sich reißen. Dazu fehlt ihm nur noch eines: das Ve [...]

    10. Druhý díl série CHERUB II, respektive série Aramov se nese ve znamení pokračování snahy CIA zatočit s gangem šmelinářů a pašeráků v jehož čele se nachází Irena Aramov. Zatímco si Ning užívá všech strastí základního výcviku, Ethan trpí v Kyrgyzstánu u strýčka Leonida a jediné co ho drží nad vodou je jeho kamarádka Natalka a komunikace s jeho andělem strážným - Ryanem Braskerem. To, že Ryan Brasker je ve skutečnosti Ryan Sharma, tajný agent, který s ní [...]

    11. Ryan is a member of a top secret British government agency called CHERUB. He is a spy. He is also only 14. The book takes place in England where the CHERUB headquarters is located, but he also travels around Africa with his friends on a mission. The CHERUB headquarters is full of spy training gear. There is a dojo for martial arts(a gift from the Japanese after CHERUB helped them on a mission), a training field, a paintball course, dorms for all the agents, and a state-of-the-art mission control [...]

    12. If you like action packed books where you can’t help but read to the very end. This is the book for you, this book takes place in a small agency called “Cherub”. This is a special organization that goes on missions against terrorist groups, drug groups and gangs. But these agents aren’t normal, these are children. Since terrorists wouldn’t expect a child was spying on them they have the advantage. Ryan, is the main character in this book, his friend Ethan is not aware of CHERUB and he [...]

    13. Guardian AngelRobert MuchamoreGuardian Angel is book two of a sub series of Robert Muchamore's Cherub. In the first book Ryan Sharma, a twelve year old new recruit, is sent on a mission. His mission is to befriend Ethan Amarov, the grandson of the head of a million dollar criminal organisation. After getting Ethan in and out of trouble, Ryan finally befriends him, until Ethan's world is turned upside down. His mother is assassinated and his grandmother kidnaps him to Kyrgyzstan. In this book Eth [...]

    14. Guardian Angel, written by English author Robert Muchamore is an action-packed story which zooms into California to find the story of Ethan. Ryan has saved Ethan’s life more than once, but Ethan lost this mother in the first encounter. Ever since the accident Ethan was sent to live with his grandmother in Central Asian Republic of Kyrgyzstan, where she runs a billion-dollar criminal empire. Though Ethan was sent away, he still keeps in touch with his “Guardian Angel” Ryan, but what Ethan d [...]

    15. Great book. I got it at Christmas and read it within a few weeks. I like this genre of books as the are very exciting and they make me want to keep reading. I also have read the rest of this series. The reason why i like this book is because of the way the author makes you think about serious conditions. For example; One character - Ethan - has been kidnapped and put in a barn. The way he escapes the barn is thrilling and makes you want to keep reading to see if he manages to escape the barn. Al [...]

    16. SPOILERSThis book was one of the best books I've ever read. it showed the feelings of the people in the book really well and had a lot of interesting real world situations that I have heard about. For example, illegal immigrants and drug trafficking. I can also relate to this book because my grandparents were illegal immigrants and so were many of the characters in the book such as Ning and Ingrid. Robert Muchamore was very good at describing the emotions of the characters and I there were times [...]

    17. Defiently not one of my favorites in this series, but still a good book, I would place it in the middle of his other books. However it is defiently worth the read, especially if you have read the previous books and plan on continuing to read the rest of the series. It isnt something that you feel you have to slog through, but isnt a grand final either. It is instead an intergral part in the character advancment as Muchamore continues to expand this series, and this character. He embodies the cha [...]

    18. Guardian Angel was a good continuation of Muchamore’s second Cherub series, but it did not have the level of excitement that other Cherub books have. The story was still interesting, but it didn't have that factor, I’m not exactly sure what, that makes some of the Cherub books amazing. The book did finish in a great way to set up for a continuation of the series. Being the second book in the series, you already knows most of the characters, but this story continues the growth of the characte [...]

    19. I like this book because it adds more excitement into the Cherub series. In the book I had lots of question but the question that puzzles me the most is why does the author get Ryan and grace together if Ryan stills her poster. I thought of this question because the author gets them together but then he does something that could harm there relationship so I don't know why someone would do that. In the book I had a lot of visualising of when Ryan was getting beaten up because in my life I got bul [...]

    20. This book is about 14 year old Ryan. He has contacts in side the criminal organisation the Aramov clan, who has dangerous business all over the world. Ethan is the grand son of head of the clan called Irena Aramov. She sends Ethan on boarding school but his uncle hijacks his plane and sends him to Africa. Here Ethan is nearly killed. He gets rescued by some relatives and flown to Dubai. Here Ethan tries to get the money that his uncle stole from his grandma. Except the CIA also want the money fr [...]

    21. Ah, Robert Muchamore, you've done it again. I love how there's something about any series he writes that makes me want to keep reading. It might be the promise of things to come or the hinting at bigger things happening but whatever it is, it makes any of his books hard to put down. I especially like the way his characters act their age because it just makes it easier to remember that they're kids. I always look forward to reading these books, they're just that good.

    22. I think this book is good like its predecessor. This book is a follow on to peoples republic. I like the way the author writes his books as the have a good pace and they explain a lot of things with out slowing the book down or making it boring. The story ends with the CIA given control of the clan and Ethan and the rest of his immediate family moving to America. I also feel that this book is one of those books that you can read many times without getting bored.

    23. People who liked the first cherub series will hands down love the book Guardian Angel by Robert Munchmore. This book is perfect for readers aged 10-15 and is a great choice. It has all the qualities a great book needs such as specific characters, interesting story, and of course enough action and suspense to make you want to savor the rest. If your looking for a nice series with a great story line this is the book for you.

    24. My first of the CHERUB series. This is the new series and I thought it was great. The agents/spies are kids but the author manages to keep them as kids in an adult world, rather than just giving them the same roles as adults. The plot is tense and fast-paced and you really empathise with the characters. The storyline is quite strong, dealing with forced labour, illegal immigrants and the sleazy underworld character who run it all.

    25. 1. I decided to read this book because this book is the second book to the series i read for my last review and i wanted to continue reading the story.2.My favorite character in this book is Ethan. He is very easily manipulated in many ways and is also easily fooled by anyone for example his evil uncle.3.There are no quotes i have currently identified that i like.4.I have learnt that no one but yourself can help you with your troubles not even your family can help much.

    26. Despite being above the target demographic of Robert Muchamore's books (I'm a 22-year-old guy), I still really enjoy all of his books. I actually have to get these books abroad because they aren't available where I'm from (Philippines). Every book is just action-packed and exciting with lovable and funny characters you just have to root for, and this book is no exception.

    27. This was a decent book with an interesting plot, although a bit hard to grasp if you have not read the previous books in the series.The author moved well between the two different perspectives in the story, while preventing the reader becoming confused between them.

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